Monday, December 31, 2012

kittens inspired by kittens.

Seems like I just wrote you! Let's see if I can muster up some good stories to tell.

On Wednesday I met a gypsy..wish I could tell you more of the story, but we didn't get to talk long. She said she was really glad I came to talk to her and "happy Jesus' birthday!"

We've also just started teaching this family Gloria and Hope. Hna Acevedo taught them a year ago when she was in silver, and we just picked them up again, and they are amazing. We taught the restoration with an object lesson that Hna Acevedo taught me (so I knew she had done it on them) and they kept lighting up and saying, "I remember this!". Gloria, the mom, looked like she was about to cry during the first vision...and everything was clicking. I loved being in there, and feeling that "familiar" spirit

We also had a lesson with Lynn last night. Remember her? She's been saying forever that she wants to get baptized, but that she just can't pick when yet. Well last night, after talking about Joseph Smith and the authority she finally decided on a date to get baptized. We had a member with us, and his testimony and support helped so much. He told us later that he was baptized 25 years ago just because his wife wanted to, but then he became inactive. But then the past few years as he's been going out with the missionaries, he was truly converted...and now he's on fire!

The Hamiltons have also been doing fantastic. Bro Hamilton has been reading every reading assignment we've been giving him, and he'll probably be blazing through the bom in no time. His wife is sold, now all we need to do is to get Walmart to give him a different shift at work so he can start coming to church.
oh, and sister hamilton bought me a giant kitten blanket. Now everytime I walk into my room I just bust up laughing.

Cody went to the temple to do baptisms and got his Patriarchal blessing last night. I was SO stoaked. I kept asking him during church how excited he was. Pretty sure I was getting more excited than him.

Also the Mowers (some members) are the coolest people I've met. just a random fact for you.

my zone leaders just told me to say:
:" I have the studliest zone leaders in the whole mission" here's my little food for thought from Jesus The Christ. (kelsey, READ THIS BOOK)

"It is well to know that prayer is not compounded of words, words that may fail to express what one desires to say, words that so often cloak inconsistencies, words that may have no deeper source than the inconsistencies  words that may have no deeper source than the physical organs of speech, words that may be spoken to impress mortal ears. The dumb may pray, and that too with the eloquence that prevails in heaven. Prayer is made up of heart throbs and the righteous yearnings of the soul, of supplication based on the realization of need, of contrition and pure desire. If there lives a man who has never really prayed, that man is a being apart from the order of the divine in human nature, a stranger in the family of God's children. Prayer is for the uplifting of the suppliant. God without our prayers would be God; but we without prayer cannot be admitted to the kingdom of God."

Remember to keep all our prayers sincere, and remember that through that we have the absolute most direct form on communication with our Heavenly Father. We can do anything with that.
love you all, have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

con amor
-hermana aguas

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

22 & christmas.

She's alive!

Feliz Navidad!
I'm having another food coma, so if I sound a bit incoherant, blame that.
I may or may not have had five full christmas dinners yesterday.
dessert at every single one of them.
and that was only dinner.
I was close to loosing it at a few of them.
Singing at the rest home was also awesome. It reminded me of when you used to take me to there to play violin. good times.
I forgot to tell you, on Christmas eve we acted out the nativity. The dad was the donkey, their little kids were all the characters, I was the sheep. When their youngest one came out as the wise man, he jumped out from behind the door doing air guitar and sang/yelled "WISE MAN!"
but before we even started, we were all "backstage" aka the kitchen and we go up to their son Tommy and say, "man, you're shepherd costume is great"...he freaks out and says, "I'm JOSEPH! I have the BROWN...can't you see? I"m JOSEPH!"...then he started pacing around the kitchen "mentally preparing himself to get into character".
then we had a howdown. it was great
a few stories, since we didn't have time yesterday.
Lynn is one of our investigators for first ward. she's in her 50s, and has had a real rough past. We get a long great, and she just adores Hermana Sanchez and I. There was a baptism on Saturday, so we invited her to see it, because she's working on getting baptized. The elders sit infront of us, and they were showing her around and introducing her to people. They gave a short lesson on the restoration while the little girl was getting dressed. I explained to her that those were the elders, and they are the boy version of us. She then says to me, "man...they set you up with good looking boys!"...I just start laughing and tell her that we don't do that. We are missionaries. She had gotten it into her mind that we go off on missions, then they pair us up to get married. I kept telling her that's not what we do, and she kept saying, "well you should... and if not now, at least when you end your mission."
She also said elder tanner has a real good head of hair, nice and healthy and shiny. She may or may not have a small crush on both of them.
But the good news is, she LOVED the baptism. She fell in love with "I am a Child of God", and when the girl got baptized, she started crying saying, "how beautiful! that's perfect". I haven't seen her that happy in awhile, and she got so excited when she saw the a lot of prayers is to help her.
wanna hear a weird story? so..the other day we were driving home, and the winds were REALLY strong. and we ran out of gas. the elders come and bail us out...and they told us about how some other missionaries had done the same thing, but they decided to fill up their tank with water, and say a prayer to turn it into gasoline., it didn't work. actually destroyed the car....
but at least you know that your daughter DID NOT do that.
I loved the temple.
Christmas conference was fantastic. it was so good to see a bunch of my friends again, and then to talk all about the birth and life of Jesus Christ.
We read parts of the christmas story (the part that is my mission scripture) and we talked about how the shepherds were visited...they were the lowly of low at the time, but also the wise men. part of the higher class...showing that he came for everyone
christmas eve was a blast
and christmas was a bit overwhelming with food, but it was super special, and it ended perfectly
and of course I loved talking to all of you--too bad it couldn't have been longer
but mostly, it was amazing to realize how every person we saw has been blessed by Christ. That His birth did make a difference,and that He makes everything worth it. He's the reason we can be together forever. I'm so grateful for that...and I hope we all remember some of the most important words from the story of Christ, "Fear Not...I give you good tidings of Great Joy."
because of Him, we don't need to fear. Everything will be alright, with Him.
love you all, and talk to you soon!

Monday, November 26, 2012

"Do you believe in Reincarnation?...because I wanna come back a thigh master"

Uhm, first of all....I'm freaking out. I've been waiting all week to finally be able to snag a computer and hear from Kelsey. I basically ran to bed last night, just so I could wake up earlier and the entire walk up to campus I was like, "i need to record my reaction. i'm gonna freak out. I'm not allowed to scream in libraries right...oh gosh. oh gosh. oh gosh."
I may or may not have skipped over President's email...just so I could check kelseys.

BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIJOLE!!!!
I'm so stinking excited. We both got states with "A" was meant to be :P haha. Also, I've already told Kels this, but she has successfully made me cry. Which is a challenge. Thats only the 4th time in 11 1/2 months. and the third was this week with Cody. Man, I must be loosing it or something. (smiley face)

also, I already apologize if this email suddenly halts. I'm talking to kelsey now, and my little fingers just can't type as I my brain is going.

alright... other things


one breakfast appointment
"cocktail hour" --non members...we drank gatorade
THREE thanksgiving dinners
three desserts

I had a coma/ thanksgiving hangover all friday.
it was bad.

buckle up sister...those southerners are gonna deep fry everything.
deep fried twinkies anyone?

After all the festivities we had this amazing lesson with Cody. We were talking all about the priesthood, and some other awesome personal things. There was this moment in the lesson where none of us were saying anything, and this line from my blessing popped into my head..and then I felt, "you thought you were here to save them...but some, like him, are here to save you"
it was...incredible. to say the least. I can't even describe what went on in that lesson, but I can't deny that spirit. Or how much Christ loves us...or how He will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to take care of us.

We woke up at 4 am...drove 4 hours to Tucson. had a 3 hour training. drove 4 hours back, and still miraculously made it back in time for our dinner appointments and splits. loooooooooooooooooong day.
doing it again tomorrow.

We got in touch with this girl Whitney, my age. We all instantly clicked. She's been hanging around the institute for about three years, and is friends with all the ysa members. Tons of missionaries have talked to her, but she's only let 2 teach her. They never got past a second lesson..and nothing has really happened from it. She came to institute where Elder Brubaker had us to an impromptu Plan of Salvation lesson. She came up after and asked if she could have a lesson.
We taught her Saturday, and while talking to her we asked if amongst all the missionaries if anyone had given her the book of mormon. They had, but after talking we found out no one had explained what it is. We taught her all about it, and she got super into it...and then somehow it turned into a law of chastity lesson (on a first...say what?!) and she loved all of it. She actually said, "oh i'm so excited!"... ding.
she told us that she's going to start reading the book of mormon (which she has never done) and that she'll text us summaries. then she asked if we could teach her again.
We taught her last night about the restoration and she agreed with it...and was getting excited too. it all made sense. She has to leave for a few weeks, and we were really sad to see her leave for a bit. In this past week we've gotten really close. but she said, "we can have lessons on the phone. and you can text me scriptures to read"..we told her if she found a chapel out where she's at we will :)
I adore that girl. instant friends.

oh, another thing that made my week. We ran into a guy the other day on the street, named Jesse. We asked if he was excited for thanksgiving, and he just got this sad look on his face and said it wasn't going to be a good one cause of things going on with his family. I asked if we could bring something over and he's like "yeah! yeah I would like that"
We made all the food you sent me, potatoes, corn bread and pumpkin bars and brought them over to his house. His mom answered the door and she's like, "are you the nuns from the bus?" we just started laughing and she said, "jesse has been talking non stop about you you're so pretty..and the nicest people he has met. he was hoping you would really show up...and you did. he's going to be so excited". so we had an awesome talk with his family. They invited us to have thanksigiving dinner with them, which we totally would have...if we didn't already have three set up. But it made my whole day-- and yeah, we finally cleared it up to them that we weren't nuns.

well. life sounds super exciting at home! keep all the updates coming. love you dad keep going strong.
loved the pics you sent of my little Grady..and i'm excited about Mrs. Clause. I tell people here. no big deal.
I live in a christmas snowglobe anyways.

love you all! HAPPY DECEMBER!
hermana aguas


Monday, November 19, 2012

"you hang out with the guys in the black suits right?" "ya!" "you mean like the Vulturi off twilight?!"

basically i'm gonna give blips cause I've been having major comp issues.
we had a training in Benson Arizona on Wedesnday where Elder Bradley Foster of the 70 gave us a training. It was awesome, and we ended up talking about how personal our relationship with our Heavenly Father is. Some of the best parts (besides the spiritual stuff) was driving 3 hours with the elders, trying to throw/dodge sunflower seeds we threw at each others cars, they sang happy birthday to me at the meeting, and I got to see my buds Elder Maughn and Elder Densley again!! oh, it's been too long
We saw Cleophus the other day, aka rafiki. He was asking me when I get to see you all again and I said in July. He said, "really? that's too're super funny and have a warm personality, and I bet they miss you a lot." Then we started talking about his birthday this upcoming week and he said that he wasn't born in a hospital and so nobody really knows how old he is. He could really be 5 years younger or older than he is. And then when he came to the states they told him they didn't have a birthday, so he just picked one! He just fell over laughing saying, "I don't even know my own birthday! and my passport says a different day, so I'm a little confused".
I also asked what he wanted me to make him for his birthday and he said, "i don't know. I want to eat like an american. so uh..maybe ice cream and boofalo (buffalo) wings"
so to add more of the new mexico experience. there are parts that are straight out of little house on the prarie. Really, you just walk into some peoples places and they have those campling tin utensils as their normal things, with a blazing fire, and we eat sloppy joes out of a dutch oven. pretty sure it was their own cow as well. oh the stories that were told in that little cabin. We're spending christmas there :P
Ps, no mom we're not spending thanksgiving at the mission home. we live 4 hours away. the members/ysa take care of we already have 2 thanksgiving dinners set up, and all the food you sent me, we are making and taking it to this guy Jesse who I met on the street the other day who can't afford thanksgiving. He's super sweet and I thought he was gonna cry when I told him I wanted to come visit him on Thanksgiving.
remind me to tell you about the dog who ate a mans finger, and the deer hanging out of little metro car.
all people say to me is, "welcome to silver city"
it is nuts here. so funny.
have a very very very lovely thanksgiving. i'm heading over to northern tucson tuesday (look for me kayci rae) but then heading back to nm that night. i'm excited, and remember everything we're grateful for. especially the restored gospel, which makes it possible for us to receive revelation and be sealed to our families forever in holy temples.
man, the gospel is so cool.
also, i've decided they should make the book of mormon into a movie. everyone would watch it and love it.
just sayin
love you!!!
good luck friday dad!

Monday, November 12, 2012

we're going to baptize the sin out of this city. it's a dirty job, but someone has to do it

Where to even start with this week?

Well it snowed! I never thought I would say that on my mission. It didn't stay, but we did have a little layer on our jeep when we woke up, so I was pretty excited.

So last Monday we had an fhe with the YSA. Cody (i'll have to tell you stories on him later) was in charge and we did a walk of faith. We had a lesson and then we all had candles, and had to walk this path that he told us to by ourselves with only a candle (light of christ) while carrying a large rock to represent our trials. This woman came out of her house as Hermana Sanchez and I walked by and she's like "what is going on? I was sitting in my house, and I just felt this amazing feeling/spirit come over me, and I looked out and saw all these moving lights!"
We talked to her for a little, and we're going back to teach her.

This girl Erica came that night, she's been coming to a few of the activities, and she came up to me and started asking me questions about the church. After I had basically answered all her questions just with the Restoration, she told me that she had found a book of mormon somewhere and that she's been wanting to read it, but didn't know where to start.  We've been seeing her quite a bit, and she is the sweetest girl in the world. There was a camping trip for the YSA on friday that she couldn't go to, but she made a "survival kit" for everyone that went, and hand picked scriptures for everyone and wrote them on each of their kits. She is so cool.

And then, there is Cleophus. He LOVED the faith walk. He wouldn't even blow out his candle afterwards, because he still wanted "the light". He came to church on Sunday and I was a little nervous because all the classes were about tithing and food storage, but he loved it. especially tithing! I asked him how he liked church and he said in his super thick kenyan accent, "it was awesome!"
We got Brit, Cody and Sean to all come have a lesson with us after and we talked all about the book of mormon. We talked about them sailing across the "great waters"..and he asked if that's what I was named after...but at the end, everyone talked about how they feel the spirit differently and we extended baptism again. He thought for a minute and he said, "yes. yes I want to!" So now he's preparing to get baptized in December, right after my birthday.

what else? ohhh goodness, remind me to tell you all about Holly sometime... that was an adventure. Let's just say after talking to her for 10 minutes she looked at me and said, "you look really scared. are you ok?"...i'm handing her off as a spirit world referral.

so the other day Hermana Sanchez and I were making cupcakes for this kids birthday. We haven't used the oven yet, because members feed us everyday. I walk into the kitchen after a few minutes and its all smokey and smells really really bad. I open the oven and its on fire! The elders before us had made a pizza, dropped it in there, and didn't clean it out. So we clean it all up, put in the cupcakes again and call it good. It smelled bad again, so I open it again, and there's another fire. I was crackin up. Hermana Sanchez wasn't too happy. And it took all day to desmoke our house, but it was great. I laugh a little bit more each day with what I find out here in Silver.

Well, I guess I'll just have to tell some other stories later. It's super windy here...anyone up for flying kites across state borders? sounds good

have a good week. I'm praying for you dad
love you!
hermana kaitlyn aguas

p.s. I saw a dog that looked just like Sirius Black and cody saw a mountain lion the other day. not a big deal.

Monday, November 5, 2012

"Everyone wants to be on the Jesus Team"

Dear Family,

I have some very important news. My investigator, Cleophus, sounds like Rafiki. 


We had an AWESOME day the other day. So we had an appointment with Cleophus for Saturday and he cancelled on us Friday night because he had a commitment come up. I was super bummed because he said that he's been praying about whether he needs to be baptized again (he's catholic). Well, Saturday morning we go walking towards campus and Hermana Sanchez just yells "CLEOPHUS! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"...and there he was, just chillin!
We set up another appointment for an hour later at the institute. We got there, and we forgot the keys, so we just went and had our lesson on a bench under all the trees. We were talking for just a little bit and he turns and asks, "How do you baptize?"
We pulled out a picture/pamphlet of Jesus Christ being baptized, and we explained it a little more. He was really quiet and he started reading the pamphlet. He went over "Why do I need to be baptized?" and "What is the Gift of the Holy Ghost"...then by divine intervention it turned strait to, "How can I know?". He then read a part that said, "when you are baptized with the proper authority, all your sins can be washed away"...he asked "what is the proper authority?" We brought it back to Joseph Smith and he asked if he could be baptized again, and how long it would take to prepare. We extended another baptismal date and he said he needed to pray about it. I asked if we could pray right then, and so he said a the middle of all those trees...asking to know where the Lord's kingdom is once again..and the spirit was SO strong. He said amen, and said that he felt better and less confused.
oh I loved it.

We also have this other kid named Robert, who we've been trying to teach...but just have never been able to meet up with him cause he is super busy with the football team. When he's not playing, he's either working out for football or watching football. Last night we were at the institute and we're like, "we really want to meet up with Robert" but his football game was going on, and he just couldn't get himself to leave. after a few minutes his friend had given up and was saying that he wasn't coming. Then Hna Sanchez and I, almost at the same time said, "what about halftime?". We took preston's phone and called him, just asked him to come over for a few minutes. AND HE SHOWED UP. and we started talking, they played a little bit of pool as we were talking, and he stayed. Then Cleophus showed up and started listening/playing too. With both of them, Robert decided to miss the game he was watching (big deal for him). And he's coming back!

I love the YSA

as for other events, the leadership conference was cool. looooooooooong drive to tucson, but we had four sisters in our jeep so that was fun, and then we had a giant sleepover with six of us. Makes me kinda nervous to go back to college, not sure living with 6 girls is my forte. but then I got to see a bunch of my friends at the training, so it was worth it.

halloween was good too. Hermana Sanchez and I dressed up as Elders for the halloween party. What made it better, was that was the first time the ward saw us--broke the ice real quickly :)    The members are spoiling us here..its pretty great.

yep. life is good. How is everyone back at home? can't believe brett is done with soccer! tell everyone I say hi!
love you...have a LOVELY november!!
hermana aguas

Monday, October 29, 2012

"Que Paso" "that sounds like pasta"

Hey familia!

 As for how the new age is affecting the mission.'s gonna be going crazy. President told me when he asked me to train that, "we're training those who are going to be training the young missionaries. so train them right, and quickly". The way we do training, is a trainer trains for 12 weeks (two transfers) and by the end of the 12 weeks, the new missionary, if asked...should be able to train. That's the program I used with Hermana Hallett, and now I'm doing it with Hermana Sanchez.
Our compliment (aka, how many missionaries we are supposed to have) is 190. I think we currently have 178 missionaries. by January, we are supposed to have 210...most of those being sisters. But they just told us two days ago it was bumped up again to 250! Which means we have to open up 72 new areas! I don't know how we're going to do it..but we are!
President just invited me to go to this big leadership conference and training for a few of us missionaries, just so we can get all ready. so I'm actually heading back to Arizona this week (just for a day or two) and then back to NM. 
needless to say, it is CRAZY awesome.

We've been trying to do a lot of work on Campus. WNMU reminds me a lot of Snow, except its a University. The President of the school gave us full access to everything, so we get to hang out with the students wherever, and then contact at most of the activities. The institute is this really tight knit group of kids, like a family, and they've already welcomed us in. And they are so excited about doing missionary work- so I've really been trying to "train" them into finding/ teaching machines...and convert that whole campus. It's going well so far, and a few of them have talked to me about wanting to go on missions and what they need to do to prepare.

I'm teaching this guy named Cleophus. He's from Kenya, and he is a STUD. We were teaching the restoration, and hermana Sanchez was talking about how Christ came to the earth and while here, established a church. Before she could go on he interrupted, turned to me and said, "I have a question. How can I KNOW which is Christ's true, original church?"
I got the biggest smile on my face and I said, "well we're going to tell you!" Hermana Sanchez then shared the first vision and we talked about the book of mormon. He was super accepting to all of it, and now he's praying to see if he needs to be baptized.

What else. What else. I love New Mexico. The weather is SO much better, the leaves change color, and the people here are SO friendly. Just a small town where everyone knows each other. Worlds different than Tucson. I still have the crazies. Tons of people have been telling me its hippie town and lots of people do, that should be an adventure. We've heard a couple crazy stories from the people here and the elders. Homeless people also like coming up to us, then when they find out we dont have money start yelling at us. I ran into one of them later and gave him a hot dog, and he wouldn't look at me. I kind of laughed on the inside. Also...I'm like the ghost of Silver City. Almost everyone I've met has said, "I've seen/met you before"...and then when I explain that I just moved here a week ago they say, "that's so odd..because I know I've seen you". I'm now using it to my advantage and leading it into a Plan of Salvation lesson :)

But really, I feel so good here. I've loved my other areas, so much...but this place I've gotten the feeling over and over again, that THIS is the place that I was meant to go. This is the place that I'm supposed to be. It's a little bit of a bummer that I don't get to speak spanish all day, but we're still finding some...and so help me, I'm gonna teach Elder Chamberlain spanish by the end of this transfer! I don't know. I can't describe it- but I know there are people here that I'm supposed to meet--and I better be doing all I can so that I can find them.

Tell Heather Pack she was the first person I thought of when I heard New Mexico. What town is she from?

Also, this is a random favor, but could you send me a blank personal progress book? I was explaining it to Hermana Hallett because she's a convert, and she said she would love to do it, so I wanted to surprise her and give it to her at Thanksgiving.

well love you! have a good halloween!

-hermana aguas

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

lack of communication

So...sorry about the whole not emailing till wednesday thing.

but surprise

We were waiting Sunday night to hear if we were being transferred. All night. Hermana Hallett and I both wanted to stay because we have had crazy success lately and really wanted to stay with our people. Usually we get calls NO later than 10:15. if you dont get a call it's a good thing. 10:30 rolls around, and nothing. We started celebrating that we got to stay together, and stay in El Dorado.

10:45 comes around (remember we're supposed to be sleeping at 10:30) and we get a call. Elder Johnson said Sis Hallett was leaving. (we thought if it was anyone, it would be me cause I've been here longer). We talked for a minute, they said I was staying, and we hung up. I hurried and called Elder Banner, my district leader, to tell him the news and the APs call us again. I answer and Elder Johnson said, "Sister're gonna hate me,'re moving too."


but it gets better.
he said, "Sister Waters, President needs you out in New Mexico, to pink wash (take over an elders area), and to train again. Also, you're going to be over an english ward, a young single adult branch, and a spanish group"

So, here I am! I'm with Hermana Sanchez. She's from St. George and I really like her. There were no sister missionaries at all in New Mexico, so...we're opening it up. And the closest sisters are AT LEAST four hours away.  I'm in this little snow globe of a town called Silver City. Just this little college town in the middle of nowhere. The stop lights are turned side ways, so they look like sixlets candies, you can walk on a street, feeling like it's flat and then two minutes later you'll look down overlooking the town. The people are super quirkey and I feel like I'm in an episode of the twilight zone. and I LOVE it.
We don't really know anything that's going on, but HEY...we'll figure it out. also, I have a hunch that i'm not going to trust the post service that much, so mail may take longer than the usual. Just as a heads up.
I'm so stoaked though. It's nice to be on campus again, and I get to do a lot of work with the institute. (YSA AND still doing spanish? what could be better?)

Sadly, I'm really really going to miss El Dorado. We've been teaching the most incredible people-- which sadly I haven't written too much about because of lack of time.
but a quick recap on some of the best.
Jesus- we met him in the parking lot and he's like 'MORMONS! COME TEACH ME!". we taught him, the next day he came to a baptism, came to church and LOVED it...wants to keep coming, bring his family. He's been reading the book of mormon, and said he knows it's all correct and wants to be baptized. (this is all within a week!) he is THE FUNNIEST person I have ever met, and he's kind of a spaz. but I love it. when he found out I was moving he's like "BUT WHAT AM I GONNA DO?! who is gonna baptize me?!"
so great

Bella- has the most beautiful spirit I have ever met. She has this relationship with God that is absolutely incredible. As soon as I gave her a book of mormon, she just started beaming, and she's like "hold on". She ran to her book case, and there she pulled out three copies of the book of mormon and a triple! She said they were her old boyfriends and she's always wondered what they were, and as soon as she saw us she wanted to hear more. She loves the fact that we have continued revelation and modern prophets. She has a 9 year old boy who is extremely gifted and when she was talking about raising him as a single mom, she was basically quoted from the family proclamation for what she wants. she is perfect.

and then there is dear, dear mexican cowboy Marcelino. He was the hardest to leave, although it was a close race between him and Victor. When I found him, he had no relationship with God...and now, he loves the plan of Salvation and he's growing in his faith like crazy. He says that he hardly ever talks to people, but he feels really good talking to us. He didn't know we were leaving, but when we went over to say goodbye he said, "wait, before  you say anything..I have a present for you." he pulled out of his sleeve these straw weaved flowers that his mom made for us in mexico. I really didn't want to leave then. Right as we were heading out he said, "by the way...I love your book"

ahhh...and so many more, but I just don't have time.

well I love you fam. oktoberfest looked awesome!
enjoy halloween!
-hermana waters

p.s. MOM IT'S COLD in, it actually feels like fall. AND some, not a lot, but some trees change color. I hear we may even get snow in december!!!! YES! peace out tucson, i'm in New Mexico now!

Monday, October 15, 2012

"Apostacy is a not strength" "'s a weakness?"

no time. fail.
BUT my mission is doing a super cool challenge, which I think you should all do too.
Joseph Smith took roughly about 65 working days to write the book of mormon. isn't that nuts?
and so, on october 20th, we are all reading the book of mormon in 65 days.
ending on december 23rd, joseph smith's birthday.
you all should do it.
especially you kelsey.
also...a quick thought on prayer.
The first vision came because a 14  year old decided to pray.
The Atonement, especially in the Garden of Gethsemane was a prayer to the Father, to take away all our sins and cover our pains.
So if that's how powerful prayer is, what are your prayers capable of doing?
love you all!
hermana Waters

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

save my lambs

So remember that one time that I thought a temple would be coming to Tucson? And do you also remember when the prophet of the Lord got up to a pulpit and announced to the entire world that
MY MISSION IS GETTING A TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
all of us in the stake center gasped and the cheered. We were all freaking out with fist pumps in the air and acting a bit too giddy. We didn't even hear the other temple announced
In fact, it's a wonder that we even heard the second announcement.
and KELSEY soon as they said 19, I turned to Hermana Hallett and I said, "my sister. My sister is going on a mission! she's gonna be out at the same time as me. THIS IS PERFECT!"
oh man, i'm still so stoaked. All I could think about was the impact this is going to make. perfect timing too.
I know without a doubt, that this is the time that I WAS supposed to serve, but now so many others will get to serve too. aw man. yep, definitely can't convey my excitement.
so stoaked.
conference was beautiful. Anyone who didn't watch Saturday Morning...uhm, go watch it. Now.
Kelsey, pay special attention to Russell M. Nelson's talk. He describes the restoration and the basic truths perfectly.
and loved it.
okay. okay. I loved all of them. You just see them all up there and you KNOW that they are men of God.
needless to say, I have a bit of a love affair with general conference, and someone better find me some tickets for the next october!
and as always I was blown away by Jeffrey R. Holland.  It was something that I've been working on the most here lately. I've been striving to know my Savior more personally. And then he came out with that and gave us all a spiritual slap. "Have I been so long with thee and ye still have not known me?"
"The unbelievable was true, He was crucified, His mortal ministry was over, His struggling little church seemed doomed" and they returned to how they were.
All those miracles, and experiences, teaching, and changed lives, didn't seem to change them enough.
"[Peter], do you love me more than you love all of this?"
"Yea, Lord. Thou knowest I love thee."
"[Peter], do you love me?"
"Yea Lord, thou knowest I love thee"
"[PETER] me?"
"yea Lord, though knowest that I love thee."
and yet we stay the same
“I need someone to feed my sheep and save my lambs. I need someone to preach my gospel and defend my faith. I need someone who loves me, truly, truly loves me, and loves what our Father in Heaven has commissioned me to do. ... It is the work of the Almighty and it is to change the world…So we have neighbors to bless, children to protect, the poor to lift up and the truth to defend. We have wrongs to make right, truths to share and good to do. In short, we have a life of devoted discipleship to give in demonstrating our love of the Lord. We can't quit and we can't go back.” me?
and then when he said, "every missionary who has ever stood in that baptismal font and raised their hand to the square saying 'having been commissioned of Jesus Christ'  that commission was to change your convert, but more importantly to change YOU forever."
"Kaitlyn, do you love me more than you love all this?"
"Yea, Lord. Thou knowest I love thee."
"Kaitlyn, do you love me?"
"Yea Lord, thou knowest I love thee"
" you. LOVE. me?"
Yea Lord. I love thee.
So perfect.
I want you all to know, I love the Lord.
and He loves all of us.
not everyone knows that. or remembers that.
but we should.
and we should love Him too.
love you all!
hermana waters

Monday, October 1, 2012

can you see the luna?

Hey family-
favorite line of the week:
Adrian "sorry my mom isn't here, she's trading icecream with another lady..."
me, "oh, that's okay."
Adrian, "I thought ice cream trading was illegal!"
Sounds like everything is getting busy, getting ready for the trip! Enjoy California for me, and tell Brett to send some love from Phoenix (or wherever he is going)
I can't believe it's already October! From the looks of it down here, you could have fooled me. The only reason I know it's close is because people are stocking up on costumes, candy, and pumpkins are popping up. They don't have as many here though. I've only seen a few small piles at the grocery store.
To be completely honest, I don't even remember what happened this week. I do know that lots of good things happened, but Sister Hallett and I both can't remember what on earth went on.
The relief Societ broadcast was incredible.
We had a relief society fiesta with the stake beforehand. It made me laugh a little because everyone was trying to say "hola" as much as possible, quickly followed by, "I don't really speak spanish". But that wasn't the good part. I loved how everyone talked about the Atonement and what we are capable of doing with and through it. Sister Reeves especially got to me. When it showed the video of Christ, speaking about how He Wept--I was just speechless. It reminded me of an experience I had a little go, where all you have to do is remember that you are not alone. That the Savior will take his time to hold onto you, because you are His.
"But, behold, Zion hat said: The Lord hath forsaken me, and my Lord hath forgotten me-but he will show that he hath not. For can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? Yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee, O house of Israel. Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me."
Anyways, everyone should watch her talk. and then watch these videos. they are all  incredible, unfortunately they don't have all of them up, but some of my favorites are up. Especially the "Go and sin no more"
anyways. gotta go.
love you
xoxo hermana waters

Monday, September 24, 2012

This message has been approved by the manager of the wisconsin cheese new hamshire

A couple of the Elders and I were studying grace  and the atonement the other day, and I thought I'd share a little tidbit.
"The main idea of the word [grace] is divine means of help or strength, given through the bounteous mercy and love of Jesus Christ. It it through the grace of the Lord Jesus, made possible by his atoning sacrifice, that mankind will be raised in immortality, every person receiving his body from the grace in a condition of everlasting life. It is likewise through the grace of the Lord that individuals, through faith in the atonement of Jesus Christ and repentance of their sins, receive strength and assistance to do good works that they otherwise would not be able to maintain if left to their own means. This grace is an enabling power that allows men and women to lay hold on eternal life and exaltation after they have expended their own best efforts."
Alma 31:31 "O Lord, my heart is exceedingly sorrowful; wilt thou comfort my soul in Christ. O Lord, wilt thou grant unto me that I may have strength, that I may suffer with patience these afflictions which shall come upon me, because of the iniquity of this people."
It is through the Atonement that grace is made possible. And it is through the Atonement that we can receive strength. However, sometimes we ask the Lord, "Please take away this burden" "Make everything get better" "heal him, bring him back, stop this from happening" etc.
Miracles do exist, and that can happen. But we are given trials for a purpose. The whole reason why we are on this earth is to progress and become more like God. If He were to simply take it away, He is taking away our opportunity to become Godlike. And so, maybe, to practice humility and patience, instead of praying for things to automatically be healed, we can just pray for the STRENGTH to handle what comes our way.
just my thoughts of this past week.
Also, the spirit is the coolest thing ever. It can cause us to do things, that we probably don't think has ANY significance, but really it can affect people so much. If you recieve a promting, thought, random motive to do something {and it's good} it is of God. Even if it is randomly making cupcakes for someone, sending someone a text, saying hi, sharing a scripture, inviting someone to church.
It all makes a difference.
because it did for me.
I love you all and hope you have an awesome week. enjoy the rest of September!! (and make sure you all get ready for General Conference!!!)
hermana kaitlyn waters

Monday, September 17, 2012

today my gps told me to drive on the right side of the road.

Let's talk miracles.
So on thursday, Lindsey (one of the members) was driving us to a lesson. We see a car driving a little infront of us that was a little beat up, clearly in some sort of accident and we said, "wow, we we're definitely keeping our distance from that one". A few blocks later we pull up to a stop light, about to turn left. We are right behind the car that was mentioned earlier. We were all talking about the lesson and whatnot waiting for a green arrow, and then I hear the this loud crash followed by everyone in the car gasping. We look across the intersection and watch the car infront of us had t-bonean suv. The SUV went airborne, doing 5 flips in the intersection, crossed 2 lanes of traffic, over a median and landed directly behind our car upside down, infront of a bus. Lindsey yelled, "get out of the car! get out of the car!" We all jump out and run to the capsized vehicle, where we see a man miraculously crawl out of the passengers side door. I wasn't so worried about that side, as I was about the driver, because that part was completely crushed in. A few nurses ran on site and we said, "the driver! where's the driver". The guy who had crawled out said, "it's me. I'm the only one. I was the only one in that car!"
This guy somehow went across all lanes of traffic without hitting ANY cars...went over a median, landed perfectly in our lane behind us...and nuzzled perfectly between us and the bus. Not touching either of us. The man crawled out of the car with only a few cuts on his hands from the glass (from crawling out the window).
No one was hurt. Absolutely No one. We all sat there as we talked to the cops, and just talked about the miracle that just happened.
needless to say thursday was a little nuts.
Then friday we met Elder Ballard. As soon as he walked in the room the spirit came in like crazy. And it was an interesting spirit, not one that would make you cry or anything like that, but pure joy. being in the room with 200 missionaries and Elder Ballard singing called to serve, behold a royal army and our mission song (original version of i'll go where you want me to go and armies of helaman) was the coolest feeling ever.
He spoke all about missionary work, and let us ask questions, but something I was really impressed by was he talked all about light. And how light can edify. When we edify ourselves together, we will also rejoice together. And grow together to make the light brighter and brighter till the perfect day.  That which is of light is of God, that which doth not edify is not of God. We cannot go by and miss any opportunity, because we are apathetic or not listening, because the spirit is waiting to introduce us and our glorious message. You can radiate that glad message
"Some of you, I have seen your face, because I may have helped select where you were to serve. We feel the power or heaven of where you ought to go. In that moment, YOU were connected with heaven. So always remember "I"ll go where you want me to go, Dear Lord. I'll be what you need me to be" 
and my favorite
" You're getting aquainted with Him (your savior), and he's getting aquainted with you"
It was an awesome reminder, and getting me super excited for conference.
Hope everyone had a great week. Thanks for the package mum--I loved the picture you sent. Funny that you sent that one, cause that's actually the photo I put on my planner. Love you all and talk to you soon!
-hermana kait waters 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


So once again, i'm left with ten minutes to tell a 45 minute story.
first off. didn't get transferred. still with hermana hallett. temple was amazing.
So this week, I've been praying a lot. And let me tell you this, the power of revelation is real. And the Atonement can do all. My friend described the atonement as "being thrown through everything, being torn apart, and hung out to dry thinking that you don't have anything else and nowhere to go...and then the atonement takes it all away, and puts you in a place better than you realized you were capable of going."
The Atonement is the enabling power, that allows us to progress. We are placed with certain people to mold us for the next step, and then realize we need to progress more as a new spiritual being. The moment we stop progressing, the moment we stop becoming Godly.
and (like I said, 45 minute story in about 45 words)
but I have felt the spirit more in the past few days than I have my entire mission.
and I can't even describe how badly I want people to feel that.
doesn't matter who you are. bring all unto christ.
everyone is in your life for a reason. every one. and most don't even realize it.
hermana waters

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

can mexicans be mormons?

So, the other night around 9 we were driving home. Hermana Hallett was looking out the window and said jokingly, "hey that guy walking by in and out looks like he speaks spanish, we could talk to him".
I just look at her and say "ok!". I cross all lanes of traffic and drive across three parking lots (illegally. what?) just so we could "conveniently" get out and pretend like we were walking the other way to walk into him. Because, you know, we are creepy/stalkers at all.
Right as we park he walks infront of our car, we jump out and yell "HEY DO YOU SPEAK SPANISH?". oh so discrete.
He's like "no, but my family does".
"well where do they live?"-hermana hallett
by this time, we are hitting exhausted hyper and being complete spazzes. It was great. We start talking a little, and he says, "I have a strange question, but can mexicans be mormon?"
I just start laughing and say, "YA! THEY ARE MY BEST FRIENDS".
I'm not awkward.
I gave him a card with our number. quick contact. goodnight.
the next day we get a call. I answer in spanish and he's like "Uhmm...this is the guy who you talked to last night"
"ya. so I was wondering...are you like, hard core mormons?"
We talked for a little bit, and I expained what missionaries do. He said, "I've never really been religeous, but lately I've really been thinking about looking into it. Then I ran into you two..and I was wondering if maybe I could learn more?"
*cue happy dance*
I did have to explain that we only speak in spanish, but he could meet with other missionaries. We had a few appointments set up, but he was never there. We were kinda thinking that it would turn out to be a dud...but he called the other day and said, "hey, I'm so sorry for all the things that have happened (insert his story). But I would love to hear more. can you meet right now?" we were at a baptism, so we invited him. As soon as he got there, we passed him over to the elders, and they taught him the Restoration. As elder Maughn started to say at the very end "Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ?" he immediately responded, "yes!"...
" baptized?"
he still ended up saying yes :P
oh it's been good. he's a stud. and I feel super lucky to be even part of that story. hopefully this is just a "to be continued"
well, there's your story for the week. I have more, but I"m outta time.
head to the temple on thursday...then some awesome stuff going on this weekend. I'll fill you in later!
praying for you all...
hermana aguas
ps congrats Jessi!