Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I'm going to try and make this letter shorter because i only have 25 minutes left of P day (well until i actually have to do stuff) so i'll try and whip stuff out. Mostly answering questions.

MTC choir: no mom, it's not in spanish. It's for everyone who wants to join in the MTC, so it's in english. I actually really like it, despite my singing abilities, but they haven't kicked me out yet, so I figure i'm good! As in where i stand, not good at singing. I'm convinced that if they added a few instruments, that's what heaven sounds like.

My branch presidency. My Branch President is Pres. Claybaugh-He's great and his wife reminds me of you. Then we have the Menloves and the Wasburns. The wives adore us (because there are only 4 of us sisters in our branch) I think both of them used to live in Pleasant Grove a long time ago. So we chat about how great it is, how we joke that they need to smuggle in Taco Amigo.

I laughed when you said you drove by or near the MTC because Hna Spencer's family did the same things. When I was walking to the temple I actually saw a car that looked like ours, but i knew it wasn't you guys. I actually talked to a family at the temple on Sunday. And they used to live in Arizona so they told me a few things and they said I would love it.

Shoot- I forgot I have to get ready for the devotional. Maybe i'll write after. If not, love you!

Love, Hna Aquas.


how is the spanish coming? well keep me in your prayers that i can retain everything i'm learning, thats the biggest struggle... but i know i can do it eventually.

going into my 3rd week!

spiritual thought from devotional:

"your patriarchal blessing is like your own personal section of the doctrine and covenants"

"you may not have only been called to serve your mission because of the area, but you may have been called there because of your mission president."
-willian r. walker of the 70


This week. I´ll give a run down. to finish the 12 days of christmas it went

On the 12 days of christmas my mission gave to me
(one of the) 12 apostles speaking
11 missionaries in my district
10:30 bedtimes
9 hours of studying (at least)
8 doctine fundamentals
7...well...you read the other ones last time
and the perfect companion for the mtc

this past week we taught Fernando almost everyday. Hna Spencer and I gave him a book of mormon, and after a few visits we committed him to baptism! He said He had been thinking about it for awhile, and if he recieved his answer that it was true..that he would be baptized on Dec 30th. He then prayed for us, and it was the most beautiful prayer I have ever heard. And even though it was in spanish, I understood it perfectly. He said He was grateful for the scriptures and the guidance it has brought to his life, and he wants the Lord to bless him to find an answer. He said he was grateful for the missionaries and to bless our families. It was such a sweet sweet prayer. but then, the next day...they told us we weren´t teaching Fernando anymore, because...well. He is our teacher. (big shocker...good thing we found that out BEFORE we even taught him) When he came in and started teaching in ENGLISH, hna spencer and I just couldn´t stop giggling because it was SO weird to see him actually speaking to us. He served in Nashville Tennessee, and when he found out I was going to Arizona, he came up to me (mind you, I´m still thinking of our super reserved, timid investigator) he made the rock sign and in a fake rock out type voice he´s like ´´STATESIDE SPANISH!!!!´´ it was hilarious. He has actually taught me a lot...so I feel a little more at peace about this whole thing. I still can´t speak a ton of spanish, but I can understand a lot, and he told me that he always felt the spirit in our lessons, which is why he committed to getting baptised. For others, he wouldn´t even pray. which reminds me, we did a door approach yesterday with another teacher, and we got in immediately. He told us after that he was planning on being super hard on us and not letting us in. and that we would have to keep knocking until we got in, but hna spencer and I were just laughing the whole time because we kept speaking spanglish...and our laughter is what got us in. He said ´´i just couldn´t look at you two smiling and being happy without wanting to hear what else you were going to say´´lesson learned. all I have to do is laugh on my mission and i´ll get in doors.not really...but I thought it was funny. Also, someone told me, I might just get in because of my blonde hair and blue eyes. they said I would have for sure gotten in if I had gone anywhere in south america.

what else what else. We had some incredible devotionals this week. i´ll probably have to write you letters about those though, because heaven knows I can go on forever about all of that stuff. but one of the speakers was a producer of Mr. Krugers Christmas, and he also helped put together preach my gospel. I was laughing during his entire talk...and the whole time I was thinking THIS IS THE GUY WHO PUT TOGETHER PMG...God really does have a sense of humor.
So Christmas eve.Everyone was super happy. We ran around yelling Feliz Navidad to everyone. It was a super relaxed day. Still had classes and whatnot, but a lot of things were closed, because everyone wanted to be home with their family, so we had a lot of time to just study. We went to a workshop where we learned about personal revelation, and the whole time the teacher played christmas and instrumental music. It calmed my soul like none other...because, we can´t listen to music here on our own. however, i may or may not have found out a way to listen to church music during online study. hopefully its not breaking any rules. Because otherwise I would fall asleep during online study. grammer...not my favorite.
we then had a christmas fireside where they had a musical nativity. I´m sure it wasn´t meant to be comical, but you have to realize missionaries were acting it out, and it just came off really funny. Like Mary walked out...and when it said she gave birth to Christ she pulled him out from under her chair...who does that-. it was beautiful though. then we watched a christmas carol. The international missionaries were sitting behind us, and all the asian sisters had NO idea what was going on with the ghosts, so they had their eyes covered, and all the missionaries from mexico were going up behind them saying ´´oooohhhhooohhhhohhh´´ like a ghost. What a great sense of humor they have. I can´t wait to meet more down in AZ. then we got gormet popcorn, the really sweet stuff. and one of them from mexico turned and said ´´this is your popcorn. in my country it is buttery and salty.´´ INSTANT laughter. Note to self watching movies in a room with 2120 people ages 19 to 20 something...is probably the funniest thing you can ever do. then we opened one present and had a nativity acted out on our floor. everyone dressed up in sheets and odd costumes...humorous. and super ghetto. loved it.
hna spencer and I also hijacked a violin and played for awhile. I never realized how much I missed it until I got here. I hope I can track down some in the field, otherwise I might explode.

I figured since my last email was mostly spiritual stuff, i would give you more of the humorous side. Let me tell you, it would take 5 hours to write all the funny stuff...so ill just write you or have you read my journal sometime. thanks for the letters...keep em coming! I love hearing everything. mum i´ll hopefully remember all your questions and answer them in my letter today.
oh, i am getting kicked off.
te amo!
hermana aguas.
p.s. tell dad I wanna see him doing the dance game when i get back.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Feliz Navidad mi familia!

Guess what?! it's a Christmas miracle and they let are giving us 30 minutes to email on Christmas!

Just so I don't waste time, I'm only going to tell you what went on today (Christmas) because it's been such a unique and incredible experience. (and it's only 1:00 in the afternoon! still plenty of time for Christmas miracles)

But before I start, I have a funny story. Last night as we were saying district prayer, Elder Labaron said "Nuestros Quierido Padre Celestial. Feliz Navidad! amen."

For those of you who don't know spanish, the translation is "Our Dear Heavenly Father, Happy Christmas! Amen."

He meant to say please bless us to have a happy christmas, but he got mixed up. It took everything in my soul to not burst out in laughter during it. It's alright though, I act dignified mum.

That is, until we sang "once there was a snowman" for the closing song. Then all bets were off.

So this morning. The four of us Hermanas woke up and opened up our presents while eating your orange rolls (thanks mum! they were fantastic...and don't worry about them not being as sweet as normal. you wouldn't believe how muany treats we have. it's disgusting) Anyways...I'll probably give more details on this on tuesday because everything else is so much cooler.

 Well, this morning after opening presents, we were able to watch motab music and the spoken word and partake of the Sacrament with a General Authority.....drum roll please. ELDER BEDNAR.

They kept it super secret, and we didn't know who was coming to visit us until right before he came out. We all stood as he walked in, and everyone was so excited. We took the sacrament, all 2,140 of us. It took about 40 Elders to pass it. Then his wife spoke and said Ï am with ye always even to the end of the world

(just got kicked off the computer by an elder, now i´m on a slow one that is in spanish again. so we will see how this goes.)

Elder Bednar.  Today, he was so different than normal. Today he was relaxed, relateable and SO funny. I was laughing so hard at som of the things he was saying and the voices he made. Ya, he made voices like the cookie monster. It´s applicable to the gospel, I promise. But anyways, he was so incredibly heart felt in his talk today and it was directed so specifically at us that I can´t even describe to you how it felt in that chapel. None of these words or feelings witll do any justice. But I have never felt so at peace or at  home...than I did then. Not home, as in pleasant grove with you guys. But at home, in the heavenly sense, other than the temple. 

He explained when he comes to the mtc he does a question answer session. But that today was different. That we were in a place of the Lord, on the Sabbath, on the day that we celebrate Christ´s birth. So he was going to testify of ¨He who has sent you´

Neal A Maxwell said that there would be no atoning sacrifice without the character of Christ. Elder bednar said that that involves accepting God exists. Correct understanding of the character attributes and perfections of Christ. and the actual knowledge that what we are doing and the path we are on is part of Gods will.

He stressed how much we need to desire to find more OF him. not about him. OF  him and his character.
I hope I can get these stories out, but He spoke of a story in Matthew about the Savior, when he fasted for 40 days. Satan then came and tempted him. In the scriptures it speaks of creating food, and other means. But the only TRUE tempation was Satan asking Him to deny that he was the Son of God. Satan was asking Christ to deny who He was and His divine nature. Christ then said to depart, and when satan left the scripture speaks of the angels coming unto Him and ministering.

Bednar then pointed something out to us. He said Christ fasted for 40 days, he was tempted and He was spiritually exhausted. I think He could have been justified needing that spiritual upliftment from angels. However, if you look at the Joseph Smith Translation it says that he sent the angels to JOHN who was in Prison. When Christ could have felt sorry for himself, when anyone else would have asked for sympathy...He looked towards others.

When He was about to be crucified He went to the garden, and asked for His apostles Peter, James and John to stay awake with him, for just an housr so He didn´t have to be alone. When he returned they were asleep. I´m sure he was a little let down. Then He was betrayed by a kiss from another one of His apostles. He wrestled with every agony of eternity. Any mortal would have died, but He is the Son of God. He was able to withstand death, but was in so much pain that it made him sweat blood from every pore. When He could have felt sorry for himself, when He could have become angry or asked for people to feel sorry for him He didn´t. He healed the guard´s ear. He did missionary work telling the thieves they would join each other in heaven, He was concerned about His mother and made sure she was taken care of. And then He was lifted upon the Cross and prayed for US.

We cannot rely on testimony enough. Conversion is necessary. But only with Christ can conversion happen. My conversion must be to the Lord, and my witness of the Savior. Anything regarding the people, the callings or the organization should not negatively affect my conversion to Christ because He is why we are here. When you don´t think you can do this...you are right. You can´t. But through the Lord, we can.

His final words are what touched me the most, because of an experience I had yesterday. But basically he left us with this. He said "I want to leave with you all a blessing. A blessing for all of you who were willing enough to forget yourselves and choose to serve the Lord, and be away on Christmas away from family and gifts. I bestow upon you a blessing, that all your desires and diligence be towards finding the Character of Christ. I promise you and bless you with this,  and you will NEVER fall away."

p.s. everything above are his words. I just stopped using quotes. The spirit was EMACULATE in there. Truly, so many of the promptings and things said were that ÿou are in the right place at the right time. The Lord is absolutely proud of who you are. I could not have asked for a better Christmas, and I´m so happy that I am able to have this opportunity to be in here. I know Jared said I could have planned it better so I would only miss one, but honestly, this is the only place I could imagine myself in right now, on this day. I´m supposed to be here, and I can´t wait for what else lies in store.

I love you all and I hope you have a very very Merry Christmas full of love, but mostly of CHRIST. It´s how it should be.

Before I go I just want to leave with you something in honor of Christ's birth. "When God wants a great work done in the world or a great wrong righted, he goes about it in a very unusual way. He doesn't stir up his earthquakes or send forth his thunderbolts. Instead he has a helpless baby born, perhaps in a simple home and of some obscure mother. And then God, puts the idea into the mother's heart and she puts it into the baby's mnid and then God waits. The greatest forces in the world are not the earthquakes and the thunderbolts. The greatest forces in the world are babies" -E.T. Sullivan

Christ was that miracle. Through Him we can do great things. Love you! I´ll rwite more on Tuesday.  P.s mum. you know to email me at THIS email address right because I haven´t gotten any emails from you.

hermana kaitlyn waters. aka hermana aguas

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

i Mi Familia !

Hola. Como esta?

I'll just go in order of journal entries.

As soon as you dropped me off I got my tag (where i saw Sister Melic.. she also said my farewell talk was the best farewell she has ever been to.. I think she was just trying to make me feel good.) And I ran into some other ladies you know mum. I put my suitcase in my room and they said "this is your roommate Hermana Spencer". We both gasped and said we went to High School together.

*pre story*
The night before, Nate Jensen said "Anna Spencer is going to the MTC-wouldn't it be funny if you were comps?"

When i got my books I found out where we were! Weight lifted off my shoulders.

Then I went straight to class (I had been at the MTC for 15 minutes) and it was all in spanish. None of this half english half spanish business. No. All in spanish. It was so crazy.

Orientation we sang Army of Helaman. But they changed the words so it said:
"And we are now the Lord's missionaries to bring the world His truth"


That night we had 3 investigators (spoke english - thank goodness) we taught in groups of 30 so it was more like a workshop. They were never resolved but it was really cool to see and listen.

Longest day of my life. 3 hours of spanish. Brain exploding. Investigator preview. Exhausted. Met branch Pres. hilarious Elders. So tired. Can't comprehend time here. Headaches = working hard. So tired. spanish. spanish. spanish. I was completely overwhelmed and frustrated. I was counting my blessings when that day was over.

*Funny story. So we got a video introducing us to our investigator Fernando. They gave us the impression that he was really an investigator and could speak no english (as well as other things regarding religion, family and past)

Hna spencer and I were walking around and i saw him. I sad "Hna Spencer, is that Fernando? She said she thought it was. We went  up to him and asked in spanish what his name was. He turned and we saw a teacher badge and he said "Brother Baker" in English. We said "no, usted priemera es fernando?" (Is your first name fernando?) He turned bright red and said no. Then we wet him- and it was the same guy! Everyone and i mean everyone is trying to convince us he's really and investigator, especially my teacher, who is my age. I'm like "NO! HE SPEAKS ENGLISH! HE'S A TEACHER HERE! WHEN HE RAISED HIS HAND WE SAW HIS GARMENTS!"

Can't get anyhing past Hernama Spencer and I :)

Speaking of that. Its her birthday today.

Service. Spanish. Spanish. Spanish. Taught Fernando. Tanked.

Went to buy a lanyard but the morning before, an elder smacked an elder in the eye and had to get stitches, so they are banned from selling them here now. Also, did you know we aren't allowed to listen to music here at the MTC? Major bummer.


4 square is the celestial sport here. It's one of the only sports the sisters can play with the Elders. It gets super competitive. By the end of 9 weeks i'll be pro.

The Elders and I had an awesome conversation and basicaly I learned that God needs me to speak spanish. Even if I only teach one person in spanish - I need to have that skill so i can do it. It's probably the only thought that keeps me going through language study. It's just not sticking yet.

Had an awesome visit with Fernando where we gave him the B.O.M. the spirit was strong and I understood most of what he said. I just can't say it back to him yet.
Oh, language barriers.
But Hna Spencer and i were litterally skipping down the sidewalk after.

Oh! And we got a paper christmas tree hanging in our room!

The answer to my prayers. Finally I was able to slow down and breathe. We went to sacrament. The prayers and talks were in spansih, except for when the Branch President and his wife spoke and I was amazed how uch i could understand. Also, I counted 42 Elders and 4 Hermanas. Ya. (I'm one of the 4_ and that's all there will be for awhile. I'm ok with that. The Branch Presidency Wives spoil us and always give us "hugs from mom" i love it.

Then we watched music in the spoken word christmas special. The spirit was so strong during it and i saw a ton of people I recognized performing in it.

Relief Society at the MTC is fantastic. If it was like that in singles ward - more people would go.

Then we were able to leave and go on a temple walk. Glory Hallelujah. Freedom. I'm sad we can't go inside because it's closed right now- but the walks are great. More class..Online.

I joined the MTC choir! NEver thought i would say that, but I did. They may have me play violin here too-so mom could you maybe send me the music to "how great thou art?" (Oh! and the choir director was a session director at EFY one week-so we talked for awhile)

Then more study and devotional! It was all about feelings and emotion in conversion. I took 5 pages of notes. That's how much i loved it.

anyway- i live for sundays. because now things are becoming incredible.

It's gotten to the point where i have only cried twice, and it's from laughing so hard. I love the people around me.

My brach Presidency rocks. 2 of them used to live in PG. I tell them to smuggle me Taco Amigo, but they can be released if they do - though, they eat in honor of us.

Tell McKay good job on scoring 8 goals! (but he could get more if he starts playing to feet and stops trying to make only pretty goals. ugly goals still count)

I'm glad you saw the Robinsons. Ryan wrote me the best letter! It's actually the first one i got and it helped me get through my toughest day.

Also. The MTC really is hogwarts. My key would never open the doors. (luckily I have a companion) So I started saying "Alohamora" and it has worked every.single.time! Also, you can only walk in the buildings if you have church clothes, so on P day when you can wear sweats/jeans... to get to laundry and such you take tunnels! Hogwarts I tell you.

Te amo!
love, hermana aguas


Here is my attempt in trying to give you as much information as possible.
I don´t know if you know this, but the 12 days of christmas started the day I came in. So here is our clever little song so far.
on the 7th day of Christmas the mtc gave to me

7 crazy elders
6 christmas pictures
5 minutes to breathe!
4 square competitions
3 straight hours of spanish (at least)
2 missionary tags
and the perfect companion for the MTC

or CCM in spanish
first things first. My companion...(make sure you tell Nate Jensen this) is Hermana Spencer. As in, Anna Spencer. Mum, you might not know the significance of this..but long story short...we went to high school together and played violin together. I ADORE her. I was super nervous about getting a companion, since you are ALWAYS with them, but when I found out it was her I literally praised the heavens. Pretty sure the entire MTC heard me yelling. It´s okay, I had a dork dot so they understood. Also, that has magical powers. It makes everyone 70000 times nicer to you. We keep it on the back of our tags in case we want extra slack. But yes, we laugh so hard together. We probably could write a book about all the inside jokes and stories that have happened already. My roommates are fantastic as well. There are only 4 of us, and it shouldn´t be legal how much fun we have in that little room of ours.

There are 11 missionaries in my district. 7 elders and 4 hermanas. 4 of them are leaving in 2 weeks though for the Guatemala MTC.  I´ll for sure miss them, because we are already super tight...

The days are jam packed. I think the thing I was most surprised was that most of it you are teaching to yourself. Let me explain. I thought we would CONSTANTLY have teachers with language and doctine and stuff. But in reality we only have a 3 hour class of straight instruction (usually of spanish) and the rest is up to us. Which really means we need to be diligent. For the most part we work really really hard, but sometimes, like last night all motivation was gone and we just told stories and read scriptures to each other. It dawned on me that our purpose is to invite others to the truth by the spirit teaching, and we ourselves need to be taught by the spirit in all things here. Hence all the time for personal-language-and companion study I´m teaching an investigator right now. His name is Fernando. We have taught him 3 lessons so far. OH yeah, did I mention it is ALL IN SPANISH! ya. its somewhat frustrating, but so cool at the same time. We placed a book of mormon on the second visit, and yesterday he told us he read some and he feels God can answer his prayers. however, he was raised catholic and doesn´t pray like us. We have tried teaching him how to pray, but with the language barrier it´´s been really difficult. so hopefully we will get that when we teach him tomorrow night again. He did commit to come to church though which I´m excited about.

oh, a few have asked about the mtc food. well, let´s go to the scriputues for that answer. Jeramiah 4.19
My bowels my bowels! I am pained at my very heart. my heart maketh a noise in me I cannot hold my peace, because thou has heard, oh my soul, the sound of the trumpet, the alarm of war!

thank you for the letters, dear elders and the packages! I can´t wait to open up the presents. you are super clever mum. have fun with all the kids home. aka kelsey and brett. i bet christmas will be a blast, but we are having a fantastic time here.read matthew 1.21 and isaiah 9.6 in addition to luke chapter two. and have a merry merry christmas!
love you!
herman aguas

Thursday, December 15, 2011

mum & dad

- I'm alive! Barely. I am so tired that i'm pretty sure the muscles in my face have forgotten how to function. Luckily, it's great here. It's such a happy place (it looks like a mini temple square with all the lights) and people are so welcoming.

 It's only been 2 days and i feel like i have been here for weeks (besides having no clue where things are). I could go into long stories- but maybe i'll save that for email because i still need to read with my roommates, write in my journal and maybe sleep. (we have a service activity at 6:00 am tomorrow... no bueno) <-- spanish!

so here are the highlights.

-My companion. No worries, we went to highschool together and played violin together. People are floored when they find out. Her name is Hermana Spencer and i have the hardest time not calling her Anna. Love her.
-Besides Hmna Spencer, I have 2 roommates. Hmna Baker (American Fork) and Hmna Butt (Tuscson, Arizona!)  They are both going to Kirk's mission (Chile).
-My district is HILARIOUS. The elders are a riot. They are the only reason i can stay awake.
-I have already seen Rachael Garder, my efy boy, the kid who got set apart after me, Court Iorg and Rickey Callister.
-8 Elders ran up to Hmna Spencer and i and started speaking spanish. (knowing we were new) all we said was "Por Que?"
-All my classes..(besides workshops) they only speak to you in spanish. i can get the basic idea, but speaking is completely different.
-I'm teaching my first investigator, Fernando, tomorrow.. get this, completely in spanish!!
-We play this game called "try to guess people's first name"... pretty humorous.
-Met my branch Pres. today. He's fantastic. Also, the 4 of us sisters are the only ones in our branch. Represent.
-I'm so tired. ( I hear it gets better sunday )
-The Provo Temple is closed, so I can't go again until Jan. 3rd, I think :(
- I had 3 hours straight of spanish today. I'm going to explode! (they say if you get headaches, it's a good things. well- way beyond that)
- I have lots of stories. and i know i could write more.. but i'll tell those on P day.

But, i'm doing great. I'm happy. This place really is so special. I'll learn spanish one day..

te amo!
Buenos Noches!

love, Hermana Aquas.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

 Kaitlyn made it to the MTC in one piece. 
And now we are anxiously awaiting her first email or letter to let us know how she is doing.
But for now, we will continue to stare at these pictures for long periods of time wishing she was here.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fellowship of the Unashamed

I am a part of the Fellowship of the Unashamed

The die has been cast. The decision has been made. I have stepped over the line. I won’t look back, let up, slow down, back away or be still.

My past is redeemed, my present makes sense, and my future is in God’s hands. I am finished and done with low living, sight walking, small planning, the bare minimum, smooth knees, colorless drams, tamed visions, mundane talking, frivolous living, selfish giving, and dwarfed goals.

I no longer need preeminence, prosperity, position, promotions, applause, or popularity. I don’t have to be right, first, the best, recognized, praised, regarded, or rewarded. I now live by faith. I lean on Christ’s presence. I love with patience, live by prayer and labor with the power of God’s grace.

My face is set. My gait is fast, my goal is heaven. My road is narrow, my way is rough, my companions are few, my Guide is reliable and my mission is clear.

I cannot be bought, compromised, detoured, lured away, turned back, deluded, or delayed. I will not flinch in the face of sacrifice, hesitate in the presence of adversity, negotiate at the table of the enemy, ponder at the pool of popularity, or meander in the maze of mediocrity.

I won’t give up, shut up, let up or slow up until I have stayed up, stored up, prayed up, paid up and spoken up for the cause of Christ.

I am a disciple of Jesus. I must go till He comes, give until I drop, speak out until all know and work until He stops me.

And when He returns for His own, He will have no difficulty recognizing me. My banner is clear:
I am a part of the Fellowship of the Unashamed.

-author unknown

Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Grandpa wrote me a letter yesterday. It was written on his type writer, and I would smile every time I saw his hand writing, because I could sense his funny frustration for each typo. That's what I love about my Grandpa, you can always guess his reactions, and they are always hilarious. And I just love how he calls me "his lovely".
He gave me a few quotes that he himself had received as a missionary, and I thought I would share one.

"I had only traveled a short time to testify to the people before I learned this one fact, that you might prove doctrine from the bible till doomsday, and it would merely convince a people, but would not convert them. You might read the bible from Genesis to Revelation and prove every Iota that you advance, and that alone would have no converting influence upon the people. Nothing short of a testimony by the power of the holy ghost would bring light of a testimony by the power of the Holy Ghost would bring light and knowledge to them...Bring them in their hearts to repentance. Nothing short of that would ever do." -Brigham Young, Oct 7, 1857

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dear Elder, by Al Fox

Al is so lovely, and I admire her so much. Also, I love that most of this is filmed either up the street from my house where I took my mission pictures, or downtown PG. It makes me love it even more having it tied so close to home.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My best friend Rachael just entered the MTC today. Right before she left, she wrote me to say she would be waiting for me to come, ready to scream my name when she saw me. She was able to do the same thing about a week ago when we went to the temple together. Rach entered into the celestial room right before me and waited for me to come,  as soon as I found her she gave me the biggest hug I could have ever imagined. All she could say as we laughed and hugged was "we made it Kait, we made it!".

I still have a week to prepare and plan, pack and say goodbye. It's such a surreal feeling knowing I'm taking such a big step and commitment, but I couldn't be more at peace. Because I know that in a few days I'll be able to say, "We made it Rach. We finally made it on our missions."

And I feel like that is what heaven will feel like. When we've done all we can do, and finally pass that point of change, we will see the ones we love most and have an overwhelming sense of joy as we can look at our Savior and Heavenly Parents and say, "we made it".

I cannot wait.