To be put simply, I love this gospel. Within it I find simple truths and tender mercies that not only help me in a spiritual sense, but as a human being. This is a church that offers compassion, forgiveness, hope, and charity. A place for refuge, service and respects the role of motherhood. It is a gospel which allows us to be unique, create, and study. It not only fits one mold of person and encourages us to progress. As the Article of Faith 13 says, "if there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report, or praiseworthy, we seek after these things."
Seek. Our church asks us to seek. We may feel the pressure to live a certain way, or fit a certain lifestyle but we must realize we have been given the special gift of agency, the ability to choose. We are able to investigate, seek, study and search to know if what we are taught is true. I have taken it upon myself to become one who questions and investigates, and ask through faith and prayer if this church was for me. And I have been converted. I strive to continually be converted to this Gospel, and I have received my answer that I know this gospel is restored to it's pure and full state.
I believe that Joseph Smith was prepared to be a key instrument in that Restoration. That through the power of God, and God's will, he was able to translate a precious book. A book that contains all things we need to know if we are open to the spirit teaching. This book, the Book of Mormon, testifies so much of God's love for us and can guide us through any trial or circumstance in life.
I believe in the privilege of prayer and in temples. There is so much power in seeing your friends and family in that celestial room knowing you have made it. That you are in a place where you can receive pure guidance and strength from the Lord. But most of all, it is a place that demonstrates just how much God loves us, and how he pours His blessings upon us. They truly are heaven placed on earth and the way for me to be with my family forever.
But most of all, I believe in God's love. I know that I am one of his divine daughters, and that He knows me perfectly. He created me in such a way that I could excel in areas, and become humbled and strengthened through my weaknesses. He gave me His son, Jesus Christ, who followed His Father's will and offered himself up on the cross to perform the Atonement. Through Him I am made clean, and through Him I am able to enter into my Heavenly Parent's presence someday. He is the same yesterday, today and forever and will always want to comfort me and help me achieve all things.
I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, a gospel where our message is that God Loves Us. And because I have received a personal witness of that love, I know that this church is true.