Tuesday, January 31, 2012

dulce corazon

*this is kelsey. the italicized section is the dear elder email my mom sent kaitlyn after she "accidentally" stalked her at the temple.*

Hola Hermana.

I may or may not have seen you Sunday on the Temple grounds...don't freak!!!!

I did my little drive by like i always do when I visit my mom and dad ...going to do a little shout out to you and send my love, when low and behold a sea of missionaries are walking down from the temple. Oh my....what do I do now. You are right, it is like the armies of Helamen....I drove slowly...drove up past the temple and there you were on the temple grounds almost ready to cross the street...but not yet....I was like oh no.....I drove by and watched you(stalking?) I was toying if I should stop, wave whatever....but I knew that I had to be obedient, because that is what you are doing and I am such an obedient girl too(darn it!)

But I felt like Heavenly Father gave me a glimpse of Heaven to know that you are doing great. I know you are...but I feel like it was my gift.

So it was around 4:10...if that was you great... if I was seeing things....still great......It showed I had willpower where I would normally have malled you!!! It is a good thing Kelsey and McKay were not with me because this may be a whole different story.

Anyway, it was great seeing you. It was my gift and a tender mercy in my life.

I am doing really well, and am very happy.

I love you so much and so proud of my missionary daughter serving the Lord,

Loves and Hugs


I hope you felt the love at 4:10!


YOU SNEAKY MOM *now is the time where I refer you to a youtube video: "Jimmy Kimmel: Sorry kids, I ate all your candy. the last part"
so, I have a story for you.
Last Tuesday I was walking out of the temple after finishing a session. And I won't lie, we missionaries always look around to see if we know anybody. It's provo. It could happen. So as I'm walking out by the fountain I look to my left, and I see a girl. She looks at me in the same way. Before Hermana Spencer realized what  was happening, I had ran away from her...booked it to the girl and attacked her. She did it likewise. And it was my friend Elysse from EFY! I died. really, DIED. I was giggling and screaming and on the brink of tears all at the same time. It was so good to see someone, and I was like "IM A MISSIONARY NOW!". We talking for about 20 minutes or so, and it was so fantastic. I have a picture of her on my memory card...so make sure you get that pic up so she can have it too!
*Shout out to Elysse!!! I LOVE YOU! team A and team T...except...not really :) maybe we'll go country dancing when I get home
second story.
on Sunday, I was walking back from the temple *and about 12 people can testify to this* and I said, "uhm....that's my car....no really...I think that's my car. that's my car. That's my mom. Guys, my mom is stalking the mtc. That's my mum"
I thought I was just thinking things, and we didn't think too much about it, but I told everyone I'm like "pretty sure that's my mum"
SO THEN...monday night I get your letter which said IT WAS YOU! I busted up laughing. I knew you would see me eventually. Hna spencer and I stick out because we both have green coats. So I will have you know, that was me, I saw you...but we saw each other at different times...and we both knew it. I think it's hilarious.
Hope I wasn't doing something too stupid when you saw me :) I was talking to a few british elder's right before that.
Mum, I've seen a TON of people from PG here, and yes I saw the Heder boy. I don't think he knows me...but I see him around. I've also seen Elder Thurgood, Winston Surhiez, Hailey, Rachael, KaLee, a few girls from school, Braxton Atterton, Ryan Christiansen, and 4 kids from efy!!! (one was one of my boys) another was Trent Harrison, who we were participants together when I was 16. Alec Curtis (who I have a picture with where i'm wearing tye dye)..we were participants when I was 18..and yesterday I ran into a girl Anna McKay who we were participants together when I was 15! it's crazy. and I know there are more, I just can't remember. Sister McKay is actually the companion to one of the girls I hosted.
After 7 weeks I FINALLY met someone going to my mission! (2 sisters actually) One is the same mission, Tucson Spanish..so she'll be here for awhile. And then the other girl I actually hosted. She's going to Tucson English speaking so she leaves the same day as me! Her name is Sister Chidester, and I'm almost positive that we'll be companions for our flight (since I wont be flying with Hna Spencer). She and I clicked really fast and she said as I was leaving "you've been such an answer to my prayers...because I didn't know if I would be able to do this. It's been really rought, but you are exactly what I needed and I'm really excited now". She's about a year older than me, and I hope I see her before we head out.Which by the way, no I haven't gotten my flight plans yet. I think I leave either the 13th or the 14th, but I don't know when yet. And I DO get to call at the airport. I'm not sure how long yet...because some people leave at like 3 am and it depends on how long I'm at the airport. but i'll let you know as soon as I find out. I should know by next pday. which by the way is my last one here! but yes, send the calling card!
quick scripture and then I get kicked off. (today is super busy. we hear the prophet is coming, so we have made out specific game plans to make sure we get a seat. it's called operation profeta...and it's quite intense) but I was reading in Alma 17:9 where when I Liken it to myself it says:

"And it came to pass that [kaitlyn] journeyed many days [on her mission] and [she] fasted much and prayed much that the Lord would grant unto [her] a portion of his Spirit to go with [her] and abide with [her], that [she] might be an instrument in the hands of God to bring, if it were possible, [her brethren, the children of God], to the knowlege of the truth, to the knowledge of the baseness of the traditions of their fathers, which were not correct. And it came to pass that the Lord did visit [her] with his Spirit, and said unto [her]: Be comforted. And {she was} comforted."
pretty sweet right. I love the scriptures. Well I must depart. Operation profeta is in full force and I WILL NOT be in overflow.
love you all! thanks for everything! and yes mom, I will be sending stuff home, probably next pday!
love you. be good. remember, sending me letters is vital for your salvation!

hermana aguas.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

called to serve our king.

So the other night, the mtc decided to get a bit creative and shake things up (which I was super grateful for, I was on the brink of sleeping through an entire devotional) and they had us sing called to serve. But instead, they did a different piano arrangement, and had us sing really quietly like we were marching. They put up a picture of Helaman's army and they said "there are 2000 of you. There were 2000 strippling warriors. YOU ARE THEM" and when it came to singing "Called to serve our King" we all stood up and sang the last verse again, just singing louder than I have ever heard in our life. Sounds cheesy... but, I didn't cry at my farewell...and tears came to my eyes when we did that. So so so cool.
Well, good news on this end Julio AND Georgina were both baptized this week! Glory hallelujah. I was a little nervous about Julio during our last lesson, because he had slipped up with the word of wisdom, but we talked to him about it and how nobody has perfect days, but through Jesus Christ we can be forgiven, and we can committ again to obey with exactness. I'm so glad it worked out. We are now teaching a woman named Andriana, our first lesson was last night so I'm still trying to get to know her. She is very proud of being catholic though, and she's been dropped by like 4 sets of Hermanas...so somehow we have to figure out a way for her to trust us. Who knows.
Also, NEWSFLASH the gift of tongues is real. On Saturday I tought 4 members in the TRC, and one of them, who was from peru, asked if Hermana Spencer and I  were in the intermediate class. And then the two guys after that, were my age and reminded me so much of Erik and Kirk so I was just joking around with them a lot during the lesson. Just not even worrying about my spanish. When we came out Hermana Spencer was like "Hna, your spanish was incredible in there! Look at her go". Don't get too excited though, The Lord knows how to keep people humble, because the next day I had to take a speaking assessment test and I forgot everything.... mehr.
Also, our district was getting a bit of "cabin fever" aka, too much time staring at white cinderblock walls in our classroom...so we took a little field trip during our down time. (we usually walk to the temple, but some missionary slipped on the ice and so we weren't allowed to go) Instead we walked around the mtc, found a piece of ply wood (there is tons of construction here) and played snowball baseball. Then there was a mini snowball fight and then more baseball.  We were in the way back of the mtc, where people's backyards meet up so a few people came by and said hi. It's weird to know the outside world is just right there. It would be so easy to get away. But I love it here, so we decided to stay :)
Also, two of our elders are leaving today for guatemala. It was super sad last night saying goodbye. As Elder morrow was praying for how grateful he was that we've all been able to learn and grow together and rely more on Christ everyone was on the brink of tears. It's crazy how close you get to people here. KaLee Mortenson also left today, Hailey Wankier leaves next week, Rachael Garner the week after that and then it's my turn. Can you even believe that? I have less than 3 weeks left...a normal missionary stay. It's bittersweet..but I'm so beyond ready for Arizona. I watched a mormon message the other day (which by the way, watch it...because then you can see why I am so excited) but go tolds.org and watch the mormon message of the El Salvador temple dedication. Just listening to the youth speak spanish and their entire culture gets be so excited. Arizona here I come!
Also another thing I encourage you to read (if you can find it) is Elder Bednar's mtc address on June 9, 2009 called "recognizing the spirit". It's all about how you can tell if it's just your thoughts or the spirit. And it's incredible. If I have time I might write down a few quotes at the end
But I've had this thought this week, which I thought I would share.
I have grown to absolutely love personal study. The other day I spent over an hour just studying my Patriarchal Blessing, and yesterday an hour on 2 chapters in 2 Nephi. It's not normally like this, but I have learned so much from it already. But I wish I would have realized this earlier. For people who struggle with studying scriptures- don't force yourself to read. You will get bored with reading, the words on the page will all blend together, and  you will lose motivation to ever do it. Take a step back. Go to another source of scripture. Listen to talks by General Authorities. Even if you can't get yourself to do that, go small. Watch Mormon messages. Then listen to Authorities. Take notes on what impacts YOU. It wont be graded, it wont be seen. Only by you. It is your own source of personal revelation. Then with that revelation and personal revelance, you can study the scriptures they mentioned in their talk. Even if it is just one verse or one chapter. Apply EVERYTHING they said that applied to you in the scriptures. If you don't think it applies, try and find a way it can. Scripture are for our profit and learning. We must liken them unto ourselves. And by doing these things you will recieve personal individualized answers to you.
It is so cool. So will you commit to do it (I hope everybody is nodding their head). I know that you will find a better understanding of yourself and the Savior if you do that. No longer will you always turn to worldly temporary answers, but you have your own personal guide on how to survive life with your good buddies the scriptures, the apostles and your patriarchal blessing. Your own personal D&C. I know it's impacted me on my mission, and has made me realize how individually God loves me. I am his daughter, and He wants nothing more than to give me every happiness...and the reason I am on this mission is to find my brothers and sisters, and let them know they can have that too. It's already there, they just don't know it yet.
I love you all and hope you have an incredible week. I would love to hear from all of you, especially if you try this and have experiences with it. I draw from your strenght and love.
love you!
hermana aguas

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

como se dice, sippy cup?

aka "how do you say sippy cup"
Life sounds great back at home..seems like everything is getting back to normal for the most part. And I'm so glad you saw Sister Melick. I stalked her on wednesday so I could give her a hug. I may just have to do it every wednesday, but I'll for sure do it the week before I leave. Which p.s. I've been her five weeks. that's crazy business. when did that happen?
And thanks for the month package. you sneaky mom. Hna spencer's fam sent food too so we had a fiesta. chips, salsa, diet coke and homemade cookies. Hna Baker and I were making a video and she started laughing and sprayed us all with diet coke. I was in tears. I don't know if I've told you much about hna baker, but I adore her. seriously, if I had to be stuck on an island with three people it would be her, hna spencer and hailey wankier. I would just laugh myself off the island. So, hna baker talks in her sleep...and at 2 am this morning she started talking in her sleep. Except she was reciting Doctrine and Covenants 4...in spanish! I was just giggling in my bed like none other.
Really, I'm convinced that the mtc should not be this fun...but somehow it is. Joy in the journey right?
Since I last emailed there has been a hot dog eating contest. Elder Lebaron finished 3 and started dipping his hot dogs in water to get it down. He had the hardest time not spewing over everyone. Elder connors finished four, and was having the mental battle...and elder henze finished 5...I think? he was just cruising. it was disgusting. and it wasn't those dinky hot dogs either, they were the huge brotworst style. sick nasty. let's just say they were sweating hot dogs and trying not to die all during russel m. nelson's talk.
which, by the way was so great. He actually answered specifically something I was praying about in my patriarchal blessing. it was NUTS. I walked out thinking "wow, super glad that a general authority desides to mosey on by the mtc on a lovely tuesday and speak to my soul. no big"
I got a calling! I'm music director. I'm still trying to figure everything out...it's not hard at all, but they expect to have a musical number in a few days..and I'm fresh out of ideas. I may even get desparate and just go up to the pulpit and sing. that's what happens when there are four sisters in the entire zone. not a big deal.
We are starting to have espanol fiestas. aka they are called "english fasts" where you aren't allowed to speak any english for the entire day..but we decided to be optimistic and call it a party. I probably sound so funny, but esta bien. (it's all good). but at lunch a teacher sat by us and heard us speaking, he asked how long we had been here. When he heard 5 weeks he started laughing.
not really sure what that means.
oh mom! there is a talk you need to look up. It's by Jeffrey R. Holland.. I don't know the exact title, but it's something like "my mission and yours" and it's him addressing the mtc while Gordon B. Hinckley was prophet. It blew my mind. you should find it and have everyone read it. I think they boys and kelsey would really like it.
he said a quote in it, from a french poem that says
"come to the edge" he said. "no, we'll fall"
"come to the edge" he said "no, we'll fall"
"COME TO THE EDGE" he said...so we went to the edge
and he pushed us
and we flew.
we need to GO THERE to create miracles.
He also talked about Salvation, and he said something along the lines of "Why is it so hard? why is this mission so hard? why aren't people just coming to the font? Well...why would it be easy...when suffering in Gethsemane wasn't easy. When dying on the cross wasn't easy? We all need to feel a little bit of the garden, and carry our own cross to learn"
it was way powerful. So i suggest you find it. Well I'm out of time, sorry there wasn't much in here. But good news Georgina and Julio have baptisimal dates! miracles happen!
Love you,
give everyone (especially Grady) a kiss for me!
Hermana Aguas

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hey Family.

This is going to be really quick because I have no time. I have to leave in 30 minutes and my hair isn't dry and i'm in sweats-- but it's ok, because i'm going to the temple.

Anyways- thank you so much for the package and the stamps. I was just about to go buy some (yes, i'm already out) when you sent me some more, so it was perfect.

And mom- you really don't need to send me food! I still have food from christmas that I don't know what to do with. I'm never in my room.. so i never eat it. I appreciate it though. Packages are so fun here.

Oh and the pictures were great. Could you send me the one of Heather Foster and I at my farewell and the one of Nate and I standing by each other (not the close up) ?

so Mikayla and Megans weddings sounded fantastic! Wish i could have been at both of those sealings - but the MTC is a pretty good excuse.

Haily Wankier (efy) and Kalee Mortenson came in this week  and I stalked the drop off curb for over an hour- waiting for them. I attacked them when i saw them and when Hailey, Rachael and I gave a huge group hug it was super cool because 7 months ago we were all talking about mission and now we are all at the MTC!

Speaking of that- i've been here a month? ok- when did that happen?!

Oh mom - I said the prayer in sacrament meeting entirely in spanish. In front of everybody. You would be proud.

Oh! The story of Hna. Flirt
So there is this sister- who the elders (every elder at the MTC) Just flock to. After awhile we started calling her Hermana Flirt (don't know her and not in a mean way.. but in a funny way) well- the other day i'm talking to my district at lunch and Hna. Spencer gives me this strange look. I turn around and Hna Flirt is in my face. She's like "i know you." I looked confused, but realized she looked familiar too. long story short - after 10 minutes of guessing we realized that we played soccer together.. when i was on that purple team! Her name is Sydney and we were way good friends. All these memories started coming back and i realized how much i loved her. She's going to Ukraine on her mission and came in the week after me. Bt out of all the missionaries in the MTC, she recognized me when I haven't seen her since JR. High. It was so funny.

Then everyone laughed at district meeting because i'm friends with Hna. Flirt.

Well, its 2:40 and I need to go to the temple now! I sent you a memory card of the pictures i took before the broken camera, so i hope it finds you safely. Love you!

Oh! and dad- thanks for sending some love. i needed it that day!

love, your daughter Hna. Aquas.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Elder Swag

Sadly mum, I'm "not allowed" to tell you the EXACT time I go to the temple. However, I will say that I attend a session at the provo temple EVERY tuesday...in the afternoon, and by the time I get out of a session it is sunset. So, you do the math :P. And you better believe I scope out the seiling rooms. I told hna spencer "this is where my parents got married, let's sneak around!" oh missionary humor. we enjoy our good clean fun.

stories. let's see.

So on sunday, we were doing our annual temple walk after church and meetings, and we ran into an elder from Mexico City, Mexico. He is going to Kentucky on his mission learning english, so we told him if he helped us with our spanish, we would help him with english. He taught us a few phrases...more like slang, because our teachers never tell us words for "awesome" or things like that. Well, obviously, we took it upon ourselves to give him a cultural experience. We taught him how to introduce himself to americans by saying "Hello, my name is elder Swag". And we said when he says goodbye, he needs to say "Teach me how to Dougie". After he mastered those two, we then told him some "kentucky specific" things he NEEDS to know. So we taught him "Where is the chicken?!" (chicken. Kentucky. aka kfc)
He caught onto that one, so he started saying "Where is the house of Colenel Sanders? Where is you Colenel? I want my chicken!" It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny. (that was necessary). I took a video of it, so I'll send it to you soon. I cannot wait to get into the field and just be surrounded by that.

mum, remind me to tell you the story of Hma Flirt. That needs to be saved for a letter.

On a more serious note. Did I tell you we got a new teacher? she's been out of town all of christmas break, so we finally got her back when the new semester started. Her name is Hermana Mullen and she is literally the answer to my prayers. I understand a gagillion times more spanish with her and she knows how to be stern in a sweet way. I actually look forward to doing language instruction when she teaches. (say what). anyways she was talking to us and bore testimony which really made us think why we are here, and that this is OUR MISSION...that even though we have a schedule, we have agency, and we choose what we do with it. It made me feel like I had a little more control over my mission which is nice. I can't really describe how incredible it was, but maybe I'll have you guys read my journal sometime and you can see everything she said. She ended by saying "what would you do to bring someone unto Christ? Anything?....But would you do Everything?"...I don't know it was way cool and exactly what I needed.

I also have a new investigator, named Georgina. She's 80 years old, from the dominican republic. She speaks absolutely NO english, and her husband died so she is living with her son and two granddaughters. She's really lonely, and doesn't have a ton of energy. She get's bored REALLY easily too. If she's bored she's play with her hair, she has even fallen asleep mid sentence with some other elders. It's ridiculous. I even asked someone if she has A.D.D because one day she was crouched up on a chair, (like how jared sits when he's typing) and had all her hair in her face and slurring all her words. Anyways, I just had to describe her so you understand the importance of our lesson last night. Well, in all our lessons, she's been bored. She just never paid any attention. Yesterday while we were preparing our lesson for the plan of salvation, I just sat back and stared at the wall thinking of Georgina and how on earth we were going to get this woman interested in a message from two 20 something year old girls. After a few minutes I turn to Hna Spencer and said "We need to bring in pictures of our family". We decided to only teach part of the lesson, about how we lived before we came to earth and how, despite sickness and death how we can be with them again. Basically the entire lesson was us showing pictures of our families (I even brought pictures of Grandma and Grandpa Davis and Grandma Chris....since she lives with her grandkids) and us bearing testimony of how much God has blessed us because we can be with them forever. And that we can be happy knowing we have a purpose here one earth, and in the life to come. And you know what? She LISTENED. the ENTIRE time. She talked to us, and opened up, and she asked if she could learn more about "this plan". We are going back on Thursday to teach her about the Atonement and life after Death. I think after that we'll really focus on temple work too, so she knows how her and her husband can be together forever. I think if she gets excited about the temple, she'll realize she does need to be baptized into our church (she has a problem with our baptism, because she was baptized into the catholic church...and says because she did it with Faith in Jesus Christ it's the same, and that her Pastor/Priest has authority) ANYWAYS. It was just way cool being able to recieve revelation like that. And it was so simple, but it made all the difference. I'm not saying it will work everytime, but advice I would give to missionaries, ALWAYS carry around a pic of your family, because people cannot disprove your family or your testimony. Also, revelation is the coolest thing ever on a mission. That's also a whole other topic in itself.

Well, I love you all! I hope Kelsey is posting these on my blog. I sent something special in the mail for you guys today, so hopefully you get it. It's the envelope with green pen on it.

love you. be good.
and mum could you get me Ron and Collette's address? I've been meaning to write them.
Hna Kaitlyn Waters

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

p.s. the big news...besides antonio. is that at the end of this month the whole FIRST PRESIDENCY is coming to the MTC. the PROPHET is coming!!!!

Happy New Year!

Megan sent me an invite as well with an invitation to go to the sealing, so make sure you tell her I will be thinking about her and wish I could be there for the sealing. And also that I adore her invite. I'll have to write her, probably next pday because today is SO beyond crazy. I don't think I'll get everything done. But guess what?! The provo temple is FINALLY open again, so I'm going to go do a session later today. Bless this day. I've missed the temple so much.

Also thank you so much for the package, the pictures and the camera! I'll have to send you a memory card soon so you can see all the crazy business going on over here. And it made me so happy being able to see all the pictures from Mikayla's wedding. It was bittersweet seeing my best friends all dressed up for it, and knowing I wasn't there. But I'm so happy for her, and she looked so happy. I thought about her all day and the day she went through the temple.

this week tons of funny things have happened like awkward marriage conversations with the Elders and mixing up the wrong words in spanish...what was supposed to be harmless actually meant something completely different (I'll spare you the details) but it's been a good week. It's getting strange because all the people I came in with, are now leaving because it's been 3 weeks and they are english. whereas us language missionaries are 1/3 done. It's really bittersweet, but we all say we will write and catch up when we all get back. We only have 2 elders leaving today for the Guatemala mtc, and two more leaving in a few weeks. Then there will be 7 of us sticking it out until feb 13th.

New Years eve was awesome. We celebrated at 10:15 with all your party supplies. I took the christmas lights and made a giant ball, and that was our ball drop...then we passed around a bottle of bubbly and pretended those prouline's were cigars. Yay for the joys of being a missionary. I'm super glad we didn't stay up, because everyone who did were regretting it big time during fast sunday. which by the way, I have BIG news...which I'll give to you at the end of the email. hopefully I don't forget. but when I say big, I mean MONUMENTAL!

So on Saturday, I had some incredible experiences. I've been really worried and frustrated about the language. This week....this week it was just hard. We had a lesson with our other investigator Antonio and the first lesson was okay, but the way we conveyed ourselves, we were really pushing him towards baptism. More like dragging. The second lesson, was a trainwreck. It started well, as we were talking about the Restoration and Joseph Smith. We had just finished the verse where it says "This is my beloved Son, Hear Him!" and Antonio just started asking questions like mad. And i had NO idea what he was saying. absolutely no idea. He tried so hard to reitterate himself, but nothing. He knew no english. And he got frustrated and I got frustrated. He had to leave, with no resolution and I walked out of that lesson feeling empty. I was so upset because the only thing keeping me from helping him come closer to Christ, and answering his questions...was the fact that I couldn't understand him. I couldn't convey to him the importance of the first vision, and what Joseph saw. It was not a good night.

The next day I went to a workshop, where I was able to teach in english to another Elder who has been her 2 weeks longer than me. He told me after that I have this indescribable thing about me, where he felt he could confide in me. Even though I only met him 10 minutes previously. He told me things in the lesson that he said he has never told anyone. He then gave me some great advice about the language and said basically...that as long as I study the gospel and know of His word...it will be conveyed when I teach, no matter how awful my spanish is. I liked what he said, but it didn't internalize until that night. Antonio, by a miracle, had us come back. Our lesson was so simple. We went in and immediately answered the question he had been asking and we had him read the last part of the first vision. We then said that Joseph was able to go to God with his questions and problems and that God really answered him.

I prayed that we would have love and understanding in this lesson, and that God would hear us. When we asked Antonio if he ever prayed, he said that he has but never received an answer while attending the catholic church. We taught him how to pray, simply by opening with "our dear Heavenly Father" or "Dear God" and ending with "in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen" We said everything else comes from feelings from your heart. Questions, thoughts, gratitude. problems.
Hna Spencer then shared an experience she had where her prayers were answered and recieved comfort about serving a mission. The spirit immediately came in, and even though we had to sometimes talk to each other in english to figure out things to say, it allowed the spirit to speak.

I then felt prompted that he needed to pray with us right then. He was really hesitant, and didn't know what to do. We asked if he wanted help, so we started him out..and he prayed. The spirit completely guided the lesson, and I was on the brink of tears his entire prayer. As soon as we said amen, he stayed hunched over and neither one of us said a word. He seemed confused and in deep thought. I asked "Antonio, what are you feeling?" He said after a moment that he felt good..happy and tranquil.

After a moment of soaking it in I said that that feeling of peace and tranquility was the Spirit. The same spirit that helped Joseph Smith. The spirit that helps know the feelings of our hearts and if the church is true. If Joseph saw God, and if the book of mormon is true. Hna spender than said she knows God speaks to us and helps answer prayers and questions. She knows that He will answer Antonio's questions and concerns. We both looked at each other and knew what we wanted to say.Hna spencer said "Anotonio, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the proper preisthood authority of God?" Antonio looked shocked and started rubbing his knees. He then looked like he was really thinking hard about a million thing. Neither of us said anything. We just let the spirit be there and held our breath. He then said "I believe Joseph smith saw God. I believe God can hear me. I believe NOW in the spirit. Yes. Yes I want to be baptized" as soon as I started  saying something he said "after the last lesson, I wanted nothing to do with baptism or the church. But tonight I felt it. I want to be baptized"
so now we are preparing him for January 17th!

I'm getting kicked off. But I've never felt that way before, I was so moved by that experiene. That no matter how awful we have been in our launguage and teaching before, the spirit will ALWAYS prepare them in His time.
love you all! talk to you soon. WRITE LETTERS and dear elders.
p.s. mum will you get kayci stringer's address?
hermana aguas.