Monday, November 26, 2012

"Do you believe in Reincarnation?...because I wanna come back a thigh master"

Uhm, first of all....I'm freaking out. I've been waiting all week to finally be able to snag a computer and hear from Kelsey. I basically ran to bed last night, just so I could wake up earlier and the entire walk up to campus I was like, "i need to record my reaction. i'm gonna freak out. I'm not allowed to scream in libraries right...oh gosh. oh gosh. oh gosh."
I may or may not have skipped over President's email...just so I could check kelseys.

BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIJOLE!!!!
I'm so stinking excited. We both got states with "A" was meant to be :P haha. Also, I've already told Kels this, but she has successfully made me cry. Which is a challenge. Thats only the 4th time in 11 1/2 months. and the third was this week with Cody. Man, I must be loosing it or something. (smiley face)

also, I already apologize if this email suddenly halts. I'm talking to kelsey now, and my little fingers just can't type as I my brain is going.

alright... other things


one breakfast appointment
"cocktail hour" --non members...we drank gatorade
THREE thanksgiving dinners
three desserts

I had a coma/ thanksgiving hangover all friday.
it was bad.

buckle up sister...those southerners are gonna deep fry everything.
deep fried twinkies anyone?

After all the festivities we had this amazing lesson with Cody. We were talking all about the priesthood, and some other awesome personal things. There was this moment in the lesson where none of us were saying anything, and this line from my blessing popped into my head..and then I felt, "you thought you were here to save them...but some, like him, are here to save you"
it was...incredible. to say the least. I can't even describe what went on in that lesson, but I can't deny that spirit. Or how much Christ loves us...or how He will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to take care of us.

We woke up at 4 am...drove 4 hours to Tucson. had a 3 hour training. drove 4 hours back, and still miraculously made it back in time for our dinner appointments and splits. loooooooooooooooooong day.
doing it again tomorrow.

We got in touch with this girl Whitney, my age. We all instantly clicked. She's been hanging around the institute for about three years, and is friends with all the ysa members. Tons of missionaries have talked to her, but she's only let 2 teach her. They never got past a second lesson..and nothing has really happened from it. She came to institute where Elder Brubaker had us to an impromptu Plan of Salvation lesson. She came up after and asked if she could have a lesson.
We taught her Saturday, and while talking to her we asked if amongst all the missionaries if anyone had given her the book of mormon. They had, but after talking we found out no one had explained what it is. We taught her all about it, and she got super into it...and then somehow it turned into a law of chastity lesson (on a first...say what?!) and she loved all of it. She actually said, "oh i'm so excited!"... ding.
she told us that she's going to start reading the book of mormon (which she has never done) and that she'll text us summaries. then she asked if we could teach her again.
We taught her last night about the restoration and she agreed with it...and was getting excited too. it all made sense. She has to leave for a few weeks, and we were really sad to see her leave for a bit. In this past week we've gotten really close. but she said, "we can have lessons on the phone. and you can text me scriptures to read"..we told her if she found a chapel out where she's at we will :)
I adore that girl. instant friends.

oh, another thing that made my week. We ran into a guy the other day on the street, named Jesse. We asked if he was excited for thanksgiving, and he just got this sad look on his face and said it wasn't going to be a good one cause of things going on with his family. I asked if we could bring something over and he's like "yeah! yeah I would like that"
We made all the food you sent me, potatoes, corn bread and pumpkin bars and brought them over to his house. His mom answered the door and she's like, "are you the nuns from the bus?" we just started laughing and she said, "jesse has been talking non stop about you you're so pretty..and the nicest people he has met. he was hoping you would really show up...and you did. he's going to be so excited". so we had an awesome talk with his family. They invited us to have thanksigiving dinner with them, which we totally would have...if we didn't already have three set up. But it made my whole day-- and yeah, we finally cleared it up to them that we weren't nuns.

well. life sounds super exciting at home! keep all the updates coming. love you dad keep going strong.
loved the pics you sent of my little Grady..and i'm excited about Mrs. Clause. I tell people here. no big deal.
I live in a christmas snowglobe anyways.

love you all! HAPPY DECEMBER!
hermana aguas


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