Monday, November 19, 2012

"you hang out with the guys in the black suits right?" "ya!" "you mean like the Vulturi off twilight?!"

basically i'm gonna give blips cause I've been having major comp issues.
we had a training in Benson Arizona on Wedesnday where Elder Bradley Foster of the 70 gave us a training. It was awesome, and we ended up talking about how personal our relationship with our Heavenly Father is. Some of the best parts (besides the spiritual stuff) was driving 3 hours with the elders, trying to throw/dodge sunflower seeds we threw at each others cars, they sang happy birthday to me at the meeting, and I got to see my buds Elder Maughn and Elder Densley again!! oh, it's been too long
We saw Cleophus the other day, aka rafiki. He was asking me when I get to see you all again and I said in July. He said, "really? that's too're super funny and have a warm personality, and I bet they miss you a lot." Then we started talking about his birthday this upcoming week and he said that he wasn't born in a hospital and so nobody really knows how old he is. He could really be 5 years younger or older than he is. And then when he came to the states they told him they didn't have a birthday, so he just picked one! He just fell over laughing saying, "I don't even know my own birthday! and my passport says a different day, so I'm a little confused".
I also asked what he wanted me to make him for his birthday and he said, "i don't know. I want to eat like an american. so uh..maybe ice cream and boofalo (buffalo) wings"
so to add more of the new mexico experience. there are parts that are straight out of little house on the prarie. Really, you just walk into some peoples places and they have those campling tin utensils as their normal things, with a blazing fire, and we eat sloppy joes out of a dutch oven. pretty sure it was their own cow as well. oh the stories that were told in that little cabin. We're spending christmas there :P
Ps, no mom we're not spending thanksgiving at the mission home. we live 4 hours away. the members/ysa take care of we already have 2 thanksgiving dinners set up, and all the food you sent me, we are making and taking it to this guy Jesse who I met on the street the other day who can't afford thanksgiving. He's super sweet and I thought he was gonna cry when I told him I wanted to come visit him on Thanksgiving.
remind me to tell you about the dog who ate a mans finger, and the deer hanging out of little metro car.
all people say to me is, "welcome to silver city"
it is nuts here. so funny.
have a very very very lovely thanksgiving. i'm heading over to northern tucson tuesday (look for me kayci rae) but then heading back to nm that night. i'm excited, and remember everything we're grateful for. especially the restored gospel, which makes it possible for us to receive revelation and be sealed to our families forever in holy temples.
man, the gospel is so cool.
also, i've decided they should make the book of mormon into a movie. everyone would watch it and love it.
just sayin
love you!!!
good luck friday dad!

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