Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kaitlyn's surprise transfer for 19ers

lifes pretty crazy. as always. I sang in sacrament the other day with sister rupp. President was there, and right after he pulled us into another room. he told us that we weren't going to be working together anymore cause sister rupp is training, and that he wants me to open a brand new ysa area and train. so here we are...super bummed im not with her anymore. the aps kept saying, "i cannot believe we split you up...hopefully this will be good. i can't believe we split that up" BUT I feel real good about where i'm going...and what's happening, so I can't complain.
anyways..met my new comp today! her name is sister shrader from kaysville utah. she's one of the 19ers... I'm gonna be covering east tucson and rincon (back to my OTHER old area) doing all ysa. I'm still at the I'll still be with Rupp and the APs all the time..just a diff apartment, and area and comp. if any of that makes sense.
also..pretty sure the next few transfers will be even crazier..but i don't know all the details yet..just that i'll probably be doing a lot more crazy stuff real soon.
also...i'm really tired and can't even think.
So many good things are going on in the 1st ward (my last ysa ward...i'm now in 2nd). we just had a lesson with aaron yesterday, and prophets is what made things start clicking. he started understanding authority and prayer...and it was so so awesome.
I really wish I could just record everyone's AHA moments and send them...but by the time I get to the comp to brain is fried...and I can't fully explain how cool it is. still pretty bummed i'm not teaching him anymore. or vince. or elliana...and everyone else...but at least i'll still see them at the everyday. :P good times.
have I ever told you I love ysa.
because I do.
anyways. sorry this is short. I have to go wander around and try and find my apartment..
because..we have no phone. no map. no real directions.
just a key and an address...and a "good luck sister waters"
haha i love my mission.
love you all...
ps i'm SUPER stoaked about everything that's happening in the fam :P
keep me updated.\
enjoy the pics
hermana aguas

Monday, February 11, 2013

"sister killpack.. we need to cut some of sister waters and sister rupps hair.. so i can clone them" - president killpack

we're pretty tight with the Killpacks.

I wrote an entire story...then realized, it's really sacred- so remind me to tell you about my february dream...where Sister Rupp and I both woke up feeling the same way...when I get home. ok?

great..glad we are on the same page.

so President gave this training the other day...and I wish I had my notes so I could tell you..BUT one of the biggest things I remember is that sometimes we dance around our doctrine, and when people ask us questions...we tell them something so they think it's somewhat similar to theirs..and that it's not "too different" to scare them off....BUT WE ARE DIFFERENT. It's maybe not what they want (right now) but what they need..and if they recognize that difference, the elect will follow. (if you build it, they will come)

Well, we had a girl come to church yesterday. She said afterwards to me (we've never taught her before)..."I just have one question. I was raised Catholic, and we baptize when they are babies. But you don't do that. You would think we would be more similar because we read from the same bible...but you guys are so different. How do you guys do it? Why are you so different?"


I briefly explained baptism, and our belief in Christ..and guess what?
she loved it.
and wants to learn more.

I love the gospel.

but like I explained to kelsey..this email is gonna be a short one. but I love you! thanks for the package! its definitely going to good use. IT'S ALL GOOD IN THE HOOD. happy heart day!
love you.!!!

hermana aguas

Monday, February 4, 2013


I'm sore, stiff, hurting, and so tired...but I'll try to make out a coherant letter.
I'm so stoaked about yesterday. This whole week, we've been working really hard on being diligent in our lessons and working on visiting every member in our ward. After church EVERY single lesson planned for the rest of the day contacted us and told us that they couldn't make it. we were at about 15 or 16 lessons, and wanted so badly to reach the 20, because we had made those plans and goals...and it was completely achievable, before everyone dropped. We started praying like crazy. We were hitting up less actives, and struggling members. At 7:30-7:45ish we are at 18 lessons, and we had a practice to sing with our zone at 8 so we had no idea how we were going to get it. We both prayed over and over who we could help strengthen that night. We decided to go visit a less active who we had a hard time contacting, and she was home and willing to have a lesson right then. We taught the atonement and had an amazing talk about repentance and how it releases us and allows us to find happiness. ( ps I realize that in my haste of writing this I sound like we aren't sitting and having meaningful lessons, but all of them were super powerful...and I loved all of them, which isn't always the case)At 8:15 we head to the singing practice not knowing how we will reach our last lesson. We walk into the church, and tell all the elders our situation. They were all trying to rally together to figure out who we could teach..because they know we are working our tails off to teach in this area...and we get a text as we are talking to them from a a girl Christine. She is a recent convert of almost 3 years, and all she wants to do is serve a mission. So she gave up and sacrificed so much in preparing to serve, and as she started doing her mission papers her parents said it would be the worst decision she could ever make. After lots of this influence, she decided she couldn't tear her family apart, so she decided not to go. (this was before we met her) her text she said that the promptings to serve wont leave...and she doesn't know what to do, and she really wanted to talk to us. We asked if we could meet at the stake center, and we had a lesson in the chapel all about the holy ghost, and personal revelation. It was one of the strongest times I have felt the spirit, as the three of us prayed in the chapel and just asked the Lord for guidance and peace about the people we are supposed to be. I left feeling so good knowing that God really does want to help us in everything, to help strengthen other peoples faith...but also to help build our own confidence in being obedient in His work. was so cool

Needless to say, we were pretty exhausted afterwards.
We started teaching Aaron last week, like I mentioned. He's super funny. and then Vince is still a stud. He came to church yesterday all dressed up in a suit, like he already belonged.
I'm gonna cut this short so I can email Kelsey-- but everything is going great! hope all is well with you!
love you.
-hermana aguas