Monday, October 29, 2012

"Que Paso" "that sounds like pasta"

Hey familia!

 As for how the new age is affecting the mission.'s gonna be going crazy. President told me when he asked me to train that, "we're training those who are going to be training the young missionaries. so train them right, and quickly". The way we do training, is a trainer trains for 12 weeks (two transfers) and by the end of the 12 weeks, the new missionary, if asked...should be able to train. That's the program I used with Hermana Hallett, and now I'm doing it with Hermana Sanchez.
Our compliment (aka, how many missionaries we are supposed to have) is 190. I think we currently have 178 missionaries. by January, we are supposed to have 210...most of those being sisters. But they just told us two days ago it was bumped up again to 250! Which means we have to open up 72 new areas! I don't know how we're going to do it..but we are!
President just invited me to go to this big leadership conference and training for a few of us missionaries, just so we can get all ready. so I'm actually heading back to Arizona this week (just for a day or two) and then back to NM. 
needless to say, it is CRAZY awesome.

We've been trying to do a lot of work on Campus. WNMU reminds me a lot of Snow, except its a University. The President of the school gave us full access to everything, so we get to hang out with the students wherever, and then contact at most of the activities. The institute is this really tight knit group of kids, like a family, and they've already welcomed us in. And they are so excited about doing missionary work- so I've really been trying to "train" them into finding/ teaching machines...and convert that whole campus. It's going well so far, and a few of them have talked to me about wanting to go on missions and what they need to do to prepare.

I'm teaching this guy named Cleophus. He's from Kenya, and he is a STUD. We were teaching the restoration, and hermana Sanchez was talking about how Christ came to the earth and while here, established a church. Before she could go on he interrupted, turned to me and said, "I have a question. How can I KNOW which is Christ's true, original church?"
I got the biggest smile on my face and I said, "well we're going to tell you!" Hermana Sanchez then shared the first vision and we talked about the book of mormon. He was super accepting to all of it, and now he's praying to see if he needs to be baptized.

What else. What else. I love New Mexico. The weather is SO much better, the leaves change color, and the people here are SO friendly. Just a small town where everyone knows each other. Worlds different than Tucson. I still have the crazies. Tons of people have been telling me its hippie town and lots of people do, that should be an adventure. We've heard a couple crazy stories from the people here and the elders. Homeless people also like coming up to us, then when they find out we dont have money start yelling at us. I ran into one of them later and gave him a hot dog, and he wouldn't look at me. I kind of laughed on the inside. Also...I'm like the ghost of Silver City. Almost everyone I've met has said, "I've seen/met you before"...and then when I explain that I just moved here a week ago they say, "that's so odd..because I know I've seen you". I'm now using it to my advantage and leading it into a Plan of Salvation lesson :)

But really, I feel so good here. I've loved my other areas, so much...but this place I've gotten the feeling over and over again, that THIS is the place that I was meant to go. This is the place that I'm supposed to be. It's a little bit of a bummer that I don't get to speak spanish all day, but we're still finding some...and so help me, I'm gonna teach Elder Chamberlain spanish by the end of this transfer! I don't know. I can't describe it- but I know there are people here that I'm supposed to meet--and I better be doing all I can so that I can find them.

Tell Heather Pack she was the first person I thought of when I heard New Mexico. What town is she from?

Also, this is a random favor, but could you send me a blank personal progress book? I was explaining it to Hermana Hallett because she's a convert, and she said she would love to do it, so I wanted to surprise her and give it to her at Thanksgiving.

well love you! have a good halloween!

-hermana aguas

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