Wednesday, October 24, 2012

lack of communication

So...sorry about the whole not emailing till wednesday thing.

but surprise

We were waiting Sunday night to hear if we were being transferred. All night. Hermana Hallett and I both wanted to stay because we have had crazy success lately and really wanted to stay with our people. Usually we get calls NO later than 10:15. if you dont get a call it's a good thing. 10:30 rolls around, and nothing. We started celebrating that we got to stay together, and stay in El Dorado.

10:45 comes around (remember we're supposed to be sleeping at 10:30) and we get a call. Elder Johnson said Sis Hallett was leaving. (we thought if it was anyone, it would be me cause I've been here longer). We talked for a minute, they said I was staying, and we hung up. I hurried and called Elder Banner, my district leader, to tell him the news and the APs call us again. I answer and Elder Johnson said, "Sister're gonna hate me,'re moving too."


but it gets better.
he said, "Sister Waters, President needs you out in New Mexico, to pink wash (take over an elders area), and to train again. Also, you're going to be over an english ward, a young single adult branch, and a spanish group"

So, here I am! I'm with Hermana Sanchez. She's from St. George and I really like her. There were no sister missionaries at all in New Mexico, so...we're opening it up. And the closest sisters are AT LEAST four hours away.  I'm in this little snow globe of a town called Silver City. Just this little college town in the middle of nowhere. The stop lights are turned side ways, so they look like sixlets candies, you can walk on a street, feeling like it's flat and then two minutes later you'll look down overlooking the town. The people are super quirkey and I feel like I'm in an episode of the twilight zone. and I LOVE it.
We don't really know anything that's going on, but HEY...we'll figure it out. also, I have a hunch that i'm not going to trust the post service that much, so mail may take longer than the usual. Just as a heads up.
I'm so stoaked though. It's nice to be on campus again, and I get to do a lot of work with the institute. (YSA AND still doing spanish? what could be better?)

Sadly, I'm really really going to miss El Dorado. We've been teaching the most incredible people-- which sadly I haven't written too much about because of lack of time.
but a quick recap on some of the best.
Jesus- we met him in the parking lot and he's like 'MORMONS! COME TEACH ME!". we taught him, the next day he came to a baptism, came to church and LOVED it...wants to keep coming, bring his family. He's been reading the book of mormon, and said he knows it's all correct and wants to be baptized. (this is all within a week!) he is THE FUNNIEST person I have ever met, and he's kind of a spaz. but I love it. when he found out I was moving he's like "BUT WHAT AM I GONNA DO?! who is gonna baptize me?!"
so great

Bella- has the most beautiful spirit I have ever met. She has this relationship with God that is absolutely incredible. As soon as I gave her a book of mormon, she just started beaming, and she's like "hold on". She ran to her book case, and there she pulled out three copies of the book of mormon and a triple! She said they were her old boyfriends and she's always wondered what they were, and as soon as she saw us she wanted to hear more. She loves the fact that we have continued revelation and modern prophets. She has a 9 year old boy who is extremely gifted and when she was talking about raising him as a single mom, she was basically quoted from the family proclamation for what she wants. she is perfect.

and then there is dear, dear mexican cowboy Marcelino. He was the hardest to leave, although it was a close race between him and Victor. When I found him, he had no relationship with God...and now, he loves the plan of Salvation and he's growing in his faith like crazy. He says that he hardly ever talks to people, but he feels really good talking to us. He didn't know we were leaving, but when we went over to say goodbye he said, "wait, before  you say anything..I have a present for you." he pulled out of his sleeve these straw weaved flowers that his mom made for us in mexico. I really didn't want to leave then. Right as we were heading out he said, "by the way...I love your book"

ahhh...and so many more, but I just don't have time.

well I love you fam. oktoberfest looked awesome!
enjoy halloween!
-hermana waters

p.s. MOM IT'S COLD in, it actually feels like fall. AND some, not a lot, but some trees change color. I hear we may even get snow in december!!!! YES! peace out tucson, i'm in New Mexico now!

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