Monday, November 5, 2012

"Everyone wants to be on the Jesus Team"

Dear Family,

I have some very important news. My investigator, Cleophus, sounds like Rafiki. 


We had an AWESOME day the other day. So we had an appointment with Cleophus for Saturday and he cancelled on us Friday night because he had a commitment come up. I was super bummed because he said that he's been praying about whether he needs to be baptized again (he's catholic). Well, Saturday morning we go walking towards campus and Hermana Sanchez just yells "CLEOPHUS! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"...and there he was, just chillin!
We set up another appointment for an hour later at the institute. We got there, and we forgot the keys, so we just went and had our lesson on a bench under all the trees. We were talking for just a little bit and he turns and asks, "How do you baptize?"
We pulled out a picture/pamphlet of Jesus Christ being baptized, and we explained it a little more. He was really quiet and he started reading the pamphlet. He went over "Why do I need to be baptized?" and "What is the Gift of the Holy Ghost"...then by divine intervention it turned strait to, "How can I know?". He then read a part that said, "when you are baptized with the proper authority, all your sins can be washed away"...he asked "what is the proper authority?" We brought it back to Joseph Smith and he asked if he could be baptized again, and how long it would take to prepare. We extended another baptismal date and he said he needed to pray about it. I asked if we could pray right then, and so he said a the middle of all those trees...asking to know where the Lord's kingdom is once again..and the spirit was SO strong. He said amen, and said that he felt better and less confused.
oh I loved it.

We also have this other kid named Robert, who we've been trying to teach...but just have never been able to meet up with him cause he is super busy with the football team. When he's not playing, he's either working out for football or watching football. Last night we were at the institute and we're like, "we really want to meet up with Robert" but his football game was going on, and he just couldn't get himself to leave. after a few minutes his friend had given up and was saying that he wasn't coming. Then Hna Sanchez and I, almost at the same time said, "what about halftime?". We took preston's phone and called him, just asked him to come over for a few minutes. AND HE SHOWED UP. and we started talking, they played a little bit of pool as we were talking, and he stayed. Then Cleophus showed up and started listening/playing too. With both of them, Robert decided to miss the game he was watching (big deal for him). And he's coming back!

I love the YSA

as for other events, the leadership conference was cool. looooooooooong drive to tucson, but we had four sisters in our jeep so that was fun, and then we had a giant sleepover with six of us. Makes me kinda nervous to go back to college, not sure living with 6 girls is my forte. but then I got to see a bunch of my friends at the training, so it was worth it.

halloween was good too. Hermana Sanchez and I dressed up as Elders for the halloween party. What made it better, was that was the first time the ward saw us--broke the ice real quickly :)    The members are spoiling us here..its pretty great.

yep. life is good. How is everyone back at home? can't believe brett is done with soccer! tell everyone I say hi!
love you...have a LOVELY november!!
hermana aguas

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