Wednesday, July 17, 2013

leave of absense

Although there has been a sudden absense of letters since my sis Kelsey left on her mission, I promise I was infact, still alive. But I got home on June 26th. Scratch that, I came back to my house the 26th. That place in the picture is my home. For so many reasons.

I'll admit, my letters.emails.all form of communication was next to non existant my last few months. (sorry friends and fam) But my mum insists I update this. Possibly tell stories. Update my sister's.

But really, I'll probably spill it all on my other blog.

but then again, even that makes me somewhat queasy. I guess I can make exceptions though, just to talk about that great adventure.

anyways, no promises. But we'll see what happens.

PS. if you're one of the lucky ones who does get called to the great ATM, somehow stumbled up this place, and have questions, let me know! I'll gladly talk to you about it all.