Tuesday, September 11, 2012


So once again, i'm left with ten minutes to tell a 45 minute story.
first off. didn't get transferred. still with hermana hallett. temple was amazing.
So this week, I've been praying a lot. And let me tell you this, the power of revelation is real. And the Atonement can do all. My friend described the atonement as "being thrown through everything, being torn apart, and hung out to dry thinking that you don't have anything else and nowhere to go...and then the atonement takes it all away, and puts you in a place better than you realized you were capable of going."
The Atonement is the enabling power, that allows us to progress. We are placed with certain people to mold us for the next step, and then realize we need to progress more as a new spiritual being. The moment we stop progressing, the moment we stop becoming Godly.
and (like I said, 45 minute story in about 45 words)
but I have felt the spirit more in the past few days than I have my entire mission.
and I can't even describe how badly I want people to feel that.
doesn't matter who you are. bring all unto christ.
everyone is in your life for a reason. every one. and most don't even realize it.
hermana waters

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