Thursday, December 15, 2011

mum & dad

- I'm alive! Barely. I am so tired that i'm pretty sure the muscles in my face have forgotten how to function. Luckily, it's great here. It's such a happy place (it looks like a mini temple square with all the lights) and people are so welcoming.

 It's only been 2 days and i feel like i have been here for weeks (besides having no clue where things are). I could go into long stories- but maybe i'll save that for email because i still need to read with my roommates, write in my journal and maybe sleep. (we have a service activity at 6:00 am tomorrow... no bueno) <-- spanish!

so here are the highlights.

-My companion. No worries, we went to highschool together and played violin together. People are floored when they find out. Her name is Hermana Spencer and i have the hardest time not calling her Anna. Love her.
-Besides Hmna Spencer, I have 2 roommates. Hmna Baker (American Fork) and Hmna Butt (Tuscson, Arizona!)  They are both going to Kirk's mission (Chile).
-My district is HILARIOUS. The elders are a riot. They are the only reason i can stay awake.
-I have already seen Rachael Garder, my efy boy, the kid who got set apart after me, Court Iorg and Rickey Callister.
-8 Elders ran up to Hmna Spencer and i and started speaking spanish. (knowing we were new) all we said was "Por Que?"
-All my classes..(besides workshops) they only speak to you in spanish. i can get the basic idea, but speaking is completely different.
-I'm teaching my first investigator, Fernando, tomorrow.. get this, completely in spanish!!
-We play this game called "try to guess people's first name"... pretty humorous.
-Met my branch Pres. today. He's fantastic. Also, the 4 of us sisters are the only ones in our branch. Represent.
-I'm so tired. ( I hear it gets better sunday )
-The Provo Temple is closed, so I can't go again until Jan. 3rd, I think :(
- I had 3 hours straight of spanish today. I'm going to explode! (they say if you get headaches, it's a good things. well- way beyond that)
- I have lots of stories. and i know i could write more.. but i'll tell those on P day.

But, i'm doing great. I'm happy. This place really is so special. I'll learn spanish one day..

te amo!
Buenos Noches!

love, Hermana Aquas.

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