Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I'm going to try and make this letter shorter because i only have 25 minutes left of P day (well until i actually have to do stuff) so i'll try and whip stuff out. Mostly answering questions.

MTC choir: no mom, it's not in spanish. It's for everyone who wants to join in the MTC, so it's in english. I actually really like it, despite my singing abilities, but they haven't kicked me out yet, so I figure i'm good! As in where i stand, not good at singing. I'm convinced that if they added a few instruments, that's what heaven sounds like.

My branch presidency. My Branch President is Pres. Claybaugh-He's great and his wife reminds me of you. Then we have the Menloves and the Wasburns. The wives adore us (because there are only 4 of us sisters in our branch) I think both of them used to live in Pleasant Grove a long time ago. So we chat about how great it is, how we joke that they need to smuggle in Taco Amigo.

I laughed when you said you drove by or near the MTC because Hna Spencer's family did the same things. When I was walking to the temple I actually saw a car that looked like ours, but i knew it wasn't you guys. I actually talked to a family at the temple on Sunday. And they used to live in Arizona so they told me a few things and they said I would love it.

Shoot- I forgot I have to get ready for the devotional. Maybe i'll write after. If not, love you!

Love, Hna Aquas.


how is the spanish coming? well keep me in your prayers that i can retain everything i'm learning, thats the biggest struggle... but i know i can do it eventually.

going into my 3rd week!

spiritual thought from devotional:

"your patriarchal blessing is like your own personal section of the doctrine and covenants"

"you may not have only been called to serve your mission because of the area, but you may have been called there because of your mission president."
-willian r. walker of the 70

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