Tuesday, December 27, 2011


This week. I´ll give a run down. to finish the 12 days of christmas it went

On the 12 days of christmas my mission gave to me
(one of the) 12 apostles speaking
11 missionaries in my district
10:30 bedtimes
9 hours of studying (at least)
8 doctine fundamentals
7...well...you read the other ones last time
and the perfect companion for the mtc

this past week we taught Fernando almost everyday. Hna Spencer and I gave him a book of mormon, and after a few visits we committed him to baptism! He said He had been thinking about it for awhile, and if he recieved his answer that it was true..that he would be baptized on Dec 30th. He then prayed for us, and it was the most beautiful prayer I have ever heard. And even though it was in spanish, I understood it perfectly. He said He was grateful for the scriptures and the guidance it has brought to his life, and he wants the Lord to bless him to find an answer. He said he was grateful for the missionaries and to bless our families. It was such a sweet sweet prayer. but then, the next day...they told us we weren´t teaching Fernando anymore, because...well. He is our teacher. (big shocker...good thing we found that out BEFORE we even taught him) When he came in and started teaching in ENGLISH, hna spencer and I just couldn´t stop giggling because it was SO weird to see him actually speaking to us. He served in Nashville Tennessee, and when he found out I was going to Arizona, he came up to me (mind you, I´m still thinking of our super reserved, timid investigator) he made the rock sign and in a fake rock out type voice he´s like ´´STATESIDE SPANISH!!!!´´ it was hilarious. He has actually taught me a lot...so I feel a little more at peace about this whole thing. I still can´t speak a ton of spanish, but I can understand a lot, and he told me that he always felt the spirit in our lessons, which is why he committed to getting baptised. For others, he wouldn´t even pray. which reminds me, we did a door approach yesterday with another teacher, and we got in immediately. He told us after that he was planning on being super hard on us and not letting us in. and that we would have to keep knocking until we got in, but hna spencer and I were just laughing the whole time because we kept speaking spanglish...and our laughter is what got us in. He said ´´i just couldn´t look at you two smiling and being happy without wanting to hear what else you were going to say´´lesson learned. all I have to do is laugh on my mission and i´ll get in doors.not really...but I thought it was funny. Also, someone told me, I might just get in because of my blonde hair and blue eyes. they said I would have for sure gotten in if I had gone anywhere in south america.

what else what else. We had some incredible devotionals this week. i´ll probably have to write you letters about those though, because heaven knows I can go on forever about all of that stuff. but one of the speakers was a producer of Mr. Krugers Christmas, and he also helped put together preach my gospel. I was laughing during his entire talk...and the whole time I was thinking THIS IS THE GUY WHO PUT TOGETHER PMG...God really does have a sense of humor.
So Christmas eve.Everyone was super happy. We ran around yelling Feliz Navidad to everyone. It was a super relaxed day. Still had classes and whatnot, but a lot of things were closed, because everyone wanted to be home with their family, so we had a lot of time to just study. We went to a workshop where we learned about personal revelation, and the whole time the teacher played christmas and instrumental music. It calmed my soul like none other...because, we can´t listen to music here on our own. however, i may or may not have found out a way to listen to church music during online study. hopefully its not breaking any rules. Because otherwise I would fall asleep during online study. grammer...not my favorite.
we then had a christmas fireside where they had a musical nativity. I´m sure it wasn´t meant to be comical, but you have to realize missionaries were acting it out, and it just came off really funny. Like Mary walked out...and when it said she gave birth to Christ she pulled him out from under her chair...who does that-. it was beautiful though. then we watched a christmas carol. The international missionaries were sitting behind us, and all the asian sisters had NO idea what was going on with the ghosts, so they had their eyes covered, and all the missionaries from mexico were going up behind them saying ´´oooohhhhooohhhhohhh´´ like a ghost. What a great sense of humor they have. I can´t wait to meet more down in AZ. then we got gormet popcorn, the really sweet stuff. and one of them from mexico turned and said ´´this is your popcorn. in my country it is buttery and salty.´´ INSTANT laughter. Note to self watching movies in a room with 2120 people ages 19 to 20 something...is probably the funniest thing you can ever do. then we opened one present and had a nativity acted out on our floor. everyone dressed up in sheets and odd costumes...humorous. and super ghetto. loved it.
hna spencer and I also hijacked a violin and played for awhile. I never realized how much I missed it until I got here. I hope I can track down some in the field, otherwise I might explode.

I figured since my last email was mostly spiritual stuff, i would give you more of the humorous side. Let me tell you, it would take 5 hours to write all the funny stuff...so ill just write you or have you read my journal sometime. thanks for the letters...keep em coming! I love hearing everything. mum i´ll hopefully remember all your questions and answer them in my letter today.
oh, i am getting kicked off.
te amo!
hermana aguas.
p.s. tell dad I wanna see him doing the dance game when i get back.

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