Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My best friend Rachael just entered the MTC today. Right before she left, she wrote me to say she would be waiting for me to come, ready to scream my name when she saw me. She was able to do the same thing about a week ago when we went to the temple together. Rach entered into the celestial room right before me and waited for me to come,  as soon as I found her she gave me the biggest hug I could have ever imagined. All she could say as we laughed and hugged was "we made it Kait, we made it!".

I still have a week to prepare and plan, pack and say goodbye. It's such a surreal feeling knowing I'm taking such a big step and commitment, but I couldn't be more at peace. Because I know that in a few days I'll be able to say, "We made it Rach. We finally made it on our missions."

And I feel like that is what heaven will feel like. When we've done all we can do, and finally pass that point of change, we will see the ones we love most and have an overwhelming sense of joy as we can look at our Savior and Heavenly Parents and say, "we made it".

I cannot wait.

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