Tuesday, December 20, 2011

i Mi Familia !

Hola. Como esta?

I'll just go in order of journal entries.

As soon as you dropped me off I got my tag (where i saw Sister Melic.. she also said my farewell talk was the best farewell she has ever been to.. I think she was just trying to make me feel good.) And I ran into some other ladies you know mum. I put my suitcase in my room and they said "this is your roommate Hermana Spencer". We both gasped and said we went to High School together.

*pre story*
The night before, Nate Jensen said "Anna Spencer is going to the MTC-wouldn't it be funny if you were comps?"

When i got my books I found out where we were! Weight lifted off my shoulders.

Then I went straight to class (I had been at the MTC for 15 minutes) and it was all in spanish. None of this half english half spanish business. No. All in spanish. It was so crazy.

Orientation we sang Army of Helaman. But they changed the words so it said:
"And we are now the Lord's missionaries to bring the world His truth"


That night we had 3 investigators (spoke english - thank goodness) we taught in groups of 30 so it was more like a workshop. They were never resolved but it was really cool to see and listen.

Longest day of my life. 3 hours of spanish. Brain exploding. Investigator preview. Exhausted. Met branch Pres. hilarious Elders. So tired. Can't comprehend time here. Headaches = working hard. So tired. spanish. spanish. spanish. I was completely overwhelmed and frustrated. I was counting my blessings when that day was over.

*Funny story. So we got a video introducing us to our investigator Fernando. They gave us the impression that he was really an investigator and could speak no english (as well as other things regarding religion, family and past)

Hna spencer and I were walking around and i saw him. I sad "Hna Spencer, is that Fernando? She said she thought it was. We went  up to him and asked in spanish what his name was. He turned and we saw a teacher badge and he said "Brother Baker" in English. We said "no, usted priemera es fernando?" (Is your first name fernando?) He turned bright red and said no. Then we wet him- and it was the same guy! Everyone and i mean everyone is trying to convince us he's really and investigator, especially my teacher, who is my age. I'm like "NO! HE SPEAKS ENGLISH! HE'S A TEACHER HERE! WHEN HE RAISED HIS HAND WE SAW HIS GARMENTS!"

Can't get anyhing past Hernama Spencer and I :)

Speaking of that. Its her birthday today.

Service. Spanish. Spanish. Spanish. Taught Fernando. Tanked.

Went to buy a lanyard but the morning before, an elder smacked an elder in the eye and had to get stitches, so they are banned from selling them here now. Also, did you know we aren't allowed to listen to music here at the MTC? Major bummer.


4 square is the celestial sport here. It's one of the only sports the sisters can play with the Elders. It gets super competitive. By the end of 9 weeks i'll be pro.

The Elders and I had an awesome conversation and basicaly I learned that God needs me to speak spanish. Even if I only teach one person in spanish - I need to have that skill so i can do it. It's probably the only thought that keeps me going through language study. It's just not sticking yet.

Had an awesome visit with Fernando where we gave him the B.O.M. the spirit was strong and I understood most of what he said. I just can't say it back to him yet.
Oh, language barriers.
But Hna Spencer and i were litterally skipping down the sidewalk after.

Oh! And we got a paper christmas tree hanging in our room!

The answer to my prayers. Finally I was able to slow down and breathe. We went to sacrament. The prayers and talks were in spansih, except for when the Branch President and his wife spoke and I was amazed how uch i could understand. Also, I counted 42 Elders and 4 Hermanas. Ya. (I'm one of the 4_ and that's all there will be for awhile. I'm ok with that. The Branch Presidency Wives spoil us and always give us "hugs from mom" i love it.

Then we watched music in the spoken word christmas special. The spirit was so strong during it and i saw a ton of people I recognized performing in it.

Relief Society at the MTC is fantastic. If it was like that in singles ward - more people would go.

Then we were able to leave and go on a temple walk. Glory Hallelujah. Freedom. I'm sad we can't go inside because it's closed right now- but the walks are great. More class..Online.

I joined the MTC choir! NEver thought i would say that, but I did. They may have me play violin here too-so mom could you maybe send me the music to "how great thou art?" (Oh! and the choir director was a session director at EFY one week-so we talked for awhile)

Then more study and devotional! It was all about feelings and emotion in conversion. I took 5 pages of notes. That's how much i loved it.

anyway- i live for sundays. because now things are becoming incredible.

It's gotten to the point where i have only cried twice, and it's from laughing so hard. I love the people around me.

My brach Presidency rocks. 2 of them used to live in PG. I tell them to smuggle me Taco Amigo, but they can be released if they do - though, they eat in honor of us.

Tell McKay good job on scoring 8 goals! (but he could get more if he starts playing to feet and stops trying to make only pretty goals. ugly goals still count)

I'm glad you saw the Robinsons. Ryan wrote me the best letter! It's actually the first one i got and it helped me get through my toughest day.

Also. The MTC really is hogwarts. My key would never open the doors. (luckily I have a companion) So I started saying "Alohamora" and it has worked every.single.time! Also, you can only walk in the buildings if you have church clothes, so on P day when you can wear sweats/jeans... to get to laundry and such you take tunnels! Hogwarts I tell you.

Te amo!
love, hermana aguas

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