Sunday, March 31, 2013

"what could successfully make my breath smell like pinesol"

March 18th

Hi fam,
Hope you had a good st patricks day. did you get to go up and visit the cemetary for Grandpa Jack? You didn't mention it in the email, but I figured you probably did.
this week was amazing. I don't really remember why it was so good, but I finally felt like I got back in sync again--which was much needed.
I think I told you a little bit about Yoda, but if not, she's a girl I'm teaching. 22, and an incredible artist. As in, she recieved a $32,000 scholarship to an art institute based on a portfolio of her work. anyways, just thought I would throw that out there. We taught  her the plan of salvation and she LOVED the spirit world and the whole concept of premortal life. She had so many questions and she said, "i have never heard any of this, and I've studied a lot of religeons. None of them fit, but it's like you guys picked my brain for everything I subconsciously believed...and put it all out into a lesson". She then started talking about how she feels like something has been pulling her the sin and do bad things, like it was some sort of influence, and wants to find some sort of "armor" (her words, not mine) to help her to stop her from doing it. ding ding ding. holy ghost. We talked about it and then we committed her to be baptized right then at the end of the first lesson. She said, "yes. yes. This is what I want. I've felt something lacking, and I think this might be it. What do I need to do to really be committed to this?"
Then we went back and going over all her questions, and she said, "I really like this. But when does Joseph Smith come into play?" (she had heard about him from her grandma or something). We taught the whole restoration and she's just was saying "" during the entire first vision. at the end she said, "I believe that could have happened. But I definitely want to pray, and read more of his words...because I feel like I will know more of who he was as a prophets if I read his words (by their fruits ye shall know them)"
she has started to read the book of mormon,  and she came to church yesterday and loved it!
love her.
Right after, we were on cloud 9, and we decide to go visit a girl from the unbaptized list we got from bishop. We have been looking for her for weeks, and could never get anyone. We finally found her, and as I was trying to discern what lesson or thought she might need to hear I just blurted out, "what do you think about baptism?". She told me how her mom is a member, and she had been preparing a year ago, but got so busy it never happened. I then asked if she wanted to get baptized and she said, "yes. when do you think I will be ready?"
oh man. it was so great. Sister Shrader walked out and she's like, "do you normally do that. Just come out and ask?"
good times.
anyways- this week has been great. I wish I could tell you more but I'm getting kicked off!
love you. have fun!
-hermana aguas

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