Thursday, March 14, 2013

(March 4th)

lots of cool funny stories this week. hope this make sense.
I contacted one of those guys who flips signs to get you to buy pizza or whatever. he's been doing it professionaly for 7 years. and he's jewish.
I stalked someone for 10 minutes, wrote down their apt and car make. (i'll tell the full story later)
i'm super creepy. but its all for the gospel.
a man did kung fu outside my window the other night.
I got a call Monday night from President. He said, "sister waters...I have something for you. A methodist group gets together every week to compare and contrast their beliefs with another religeon. They've been studying the LDS church for the past 5 weeks and want to talk about the life after death. Could you and your companion come speak with us at their next meeting?"
I was like...WHAT THE?
President came over the next day and we had a comp study together, and decided that in order for us to understand life after death, we have to know where we came we were going to teach plan of salvation.
Oh my gosh. It was so cool!
the pastor got up and started talking and she said regarding life after death..."we just don't know. we don't have any tools or knowlege of what happens. and we just have to go by faith."
it was so comforting, as we testified about who we were before, what we are doing, and what happens after and realizing WE DO KNOW. we have modern revelation, we have a prophet, we have the tools to understand where we will be and who we will be with.
they had tons of questions for us after...and I felt on top of the world. The spirit was so strong.
I texted president when we got out and said, "Hey President, did you know the church is true? because it is"
We also had stake conference, and one of the speakers talked all about finding out our identity and divinity. loved it.
and...oh my goodness. I had the sweetest (as in, coolest/most rewarding) experience.. So when I left El east side...I left A LOT of people I loved. All my investigators and converts...and I think I wrote a huge email about all of them when I was in NM. Anyways, most of their baptisms, I just barely missed. BUT NOW I'M BACK IN EAST DOING YSA. and at stake conference...I saw ALL OF THEM. they all ran up to me. gave me hugs (even the guys..that was awkward). Bella started crying and saying she was in heaven. Victor got the biggest smile on his face and asked where I was now. Jesus is like COME OVER AND SEE ME! Mario was saying he and his mom are soooo happy. the members were freakin out. Evie wouldn't let go of me.
and I felt home. I felt so good. all the stress and disappointment and frustration...just melted.
Bella told me, "when you left...I cried and cried. but I still knew this was the truth. And seeing you again, was the biggest answers to my prayers. you are the only one who could have gotten me into this gospel. You were the only one who knew my spirit enough to allow the Holy Spirit to change me."
cloud 9.
this church and this gospel is it. I have a whole thing I wanna talk about..and i'll probably have to write a letter. but I just know it.
i love this. i love all you.
be good. have fun.
go give em heaven kelsey!
hermana aguas and sister waters out to save the world :P
love-hermana aguas!

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