Thursday, March 14, 2013

(March 11)

This week has been awesome. Even Sister Shrader turned to me and said, "this week just felt/feels different...kind of freeing". It's been so fun. We found a new investigator. Her name is Yoda (I know right?) At first she wasn't for it, but after talking for a few mintues she completely opened up and said she needed something more in this life, and she needs something to believe in. We are meeting with her tonight, and praying she continues to have an open heart.
We've also seen crazy miracles with Less Actives. We were knocking and started talking to this 18 year old girl...after a few minutes she said she needed to go back to church and that she was lds. We taught a lesson, and she got all excited again as we explained the need and blessing of the sacrament, and she said "i'm gonna miss getting dunked like the first time. Maybe i'll go take the sacrament then jump in my pool!"
We also got a referral for a new move in, Jessica, who came to the baptism. She was baptized when she was 8...but then her parents split, she moved in with her dad and hasn't been to church since. We've been teaching all the basics, and she's clinging to the atonement. She asked us to introduce her to everyone at the ysa and she loves every part of it. She said, "so many things have been happening these past three days...and I really feel like its because I'm believing in God again."
Camie, another LA has become friends with Jessica, and now both working on coming back. It's been so great to see the progress in a week.

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