Monday, July 2, 2012

I wanna give president killpack the kim possible ring tone...he's prez kp

I just have to get this out of the way...McKay I'M SO GLAD YOU LOVED EFY and said Hi to all my friends and kids :P I expect you to write me all about it, send pictures (real ones) and send the cd por favor. ok great, that's out of my system!
This week..blew my mind. Besides seeing miracles here and there, I don't think I've ever felt so much sucess in my area before. Sister Miller and I worked like crazy, which included sweat seeping through our clothes (it's a miracle people let us in), getting kicked out of complexes, and following a deaf guy for two blocks to give the asl elders a referral. let me tell you, tracting in 110 degrees makes you a little crazy. Sister Miller has already started a quote book of all the things i've said, and Im not sure I can be held accountable for all of them.
good news is, it's totally worth it. There was an accident on the road, and instead of waiting in traffic, I turned another street. We found these hidden apartment complexes of GOLD. We didn't have time to tract them just then, but we went back with a member later. When we got there, we found out it was a gated community and only residents can get in. Nobody was in sight to piggy back in, so sister miller said jokingly "we can't expect miracles to happen without praying". So I say a prayer. We turn the corner. A woman Gloria opens the gate at that exact moment, and was holding it open for us...JUST WAITING FOR US TO COME IN. She didn't even know we were going in. The member who was with us got all wide eyed and said, 'you have powerful prayers Aguas"
We also had some crazy awesome lessons with Victor. We watched the Restoration video with him (request from him) and focused on prayer. He then was telling us that ever since he's been meeting with us, he's felt like things are finally good. He wasn't sure if that was a coincedence or not, and we're like 'DEFFFFFFFFFINITELY NOT!"  He invited us to dinner for that friday,  and we gave him a Book of Mormon. Sister Miller was  a little nervous because all the other times they tried he wouldn't accept. But he took it! The next night we did a follow up and invited him to be baptized. He said yes, but wont say a for sure date yet until he goes to church first. He then showed us a text that he supposedly sent us that said, "I took you to dinner to give you something in return, but instead you gave me something better. The word of God". We got him to church after a dramatic phone call, and our phone going off in church, running out during testimony meeting..and getting him inside the chapel all in one piece (he fainted last time he went to a church). He told afterward that he thought we were gonna be all strict and uniform in the church..but that we are actually fun, friendly and loving. and He loved it!
also, our other investigator ran away during church. and we never found her.
not so sure what to do about that...
Well, i'm outta time. have a VERY HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY. I've already gotten offers to blow a little kid's foot off with a bottle rocket, so....we'll see how mine goes :P
love you!
love, hermana aguas

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