Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Elder Deere is Racist" "Even though Deaf isn't a Race

Hey hey,
Sounds like 4th of July was great! Were you able to watch the parade with grandma and grandpa...or is that the 24th? I don't even remember. President Killpack invited our zone over for a barbeque and to watch fireworks. With 16 elders and 2 sisters, President had a little too much fun with the grill and basically torched everything. Then we had this awesome training all about desires and how we can have faith like the brother of Jared. We then went onto his back porch, which looks over the entire city and watched fireworks. Last time I was on that deck was my first night in the field, and now i'm hitting 7 months. It was super cool. Definitely a good fourth of July.
I also got to speak in a deaf branch on Sunday. (made me think of you Kels!) It was all about charity, and it was just so peaceful being in a room where the spirit could speak so strongly. Everyone was so nice to us and  I loved watching them pray and do hymns in sign. I told them my sister learned a little bit of ASL in high school and they just lit up...hear that sister. keep it up, deaf branches are awesome.
The Elders also had a baptism on Saturday in our branch.There's a less active family, who the elders started teaching their 9 year old daughter. She completely fell in love with everything and was baptized. Elder Serrato and Elder Rusk spoke, and then I was able to play the violin with Sister Miller singing. President Killpack and Sister Killpack even showed up...Evie, the little girl got up at the very end and bore her testimony. Pretty sure every single person in that room was filled with tears. It was probably the purest, most sincere testimony I had ever heard..and right after she came up to us and gave us a big hug. Sister Killpack turned to me and said "and THAT is how you establish a church."
as for funny things that happened this week, I ate soggy indian donut holes...at least, that's what they told me they were. tastes worst than it sounds. wait, it sounded gross? ya...it was.
we passed a car full of nuns on Saturday. I turned around just to make sure I wasn't imagining it. Nope. definitely nuns. I may or may not have stalked them. I found way too much joy in that.
door bell ditched elders with mormon.org cards asking if they wanted to be baptized.
a bakery had to get rid of a ton of bread, so they donated it to the branch. they had giant breadstick loaves, so elder rusk, elder serrato, hermano gonzolaz and I all got into a sword fight after church. the church is true.
I was helping arrange flower arrangements at a funeral, and the elders asked if they could be my flower girls. They then put flowers in the hair, took flower petals and frollicked around the church.... OH KELSEY!!!! ONE OF THE ELDERS IS A KASJA KOLSTE CLONE IN MALE FORM...... it's the weirdest thing of my entire life.
he does magic. and it's incredible.
This branch is incredible. We are working with some awesome people. Especially Victor. It's just helping them find faith and forget fear. There's people here who I know are ready, it's just finding them...but the joy is there. Especially through the book of Mormon and the plan of Salvation. and all it takes is a step of faith. Love you all! talk to you soon. Party hard on Saturday. It's my 7 month mark and my miracle family from my last area is getting baptized!!!!
love you!
-hermana kaitlyn waters

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