Monday, July 16, 2012

Heavenly Father. Please bless the food. Er, I mean the people. and Please bless the people who are old. Amen

Hi family.
So to kind of explain the pictures...we were walking around a neighborhood right after a huge rainstorm. The streets were slightly flooded in a few places, and we start hearing all these weird noices. Kind of like a suffocating duck or something. Naturally, we follow it. I didn't see anything, but Hna Miller was like "IT'S A FROG!". it went right past me, so I get the grand idea that I want to catch frogs. (you know, one of those things you wanna tell future posterity) I didn't even know there were frogs in Arizona. I ditch all my stuff, and wade through the water and caught a frog. I'm pretty sure I blinded it with the flash of the camera, but it seemed to get along just fine once I let it go.
also, I taught primary yesterday! One of the little boys was running all around the room and suddenly crashed and fell asleep next to all the chairs. It made me miss those little sunbeams.
Victor is still doing awesome! everyday he opens up just a little bit more. And he told me yesterday that ever since he met us he's never felt better, and he doesn't know how he can ever thank us. He's reading el Libro de Mormon and loving church. The members love him. Now...he just needs to get baptized!
So have I told you about the Zazueta family yet? alright...I'll tell you anyways. They are a family that just moved into the branch about 3 months ago. They have three kids (one is married and lives in pheonix, the girl is 16 and looks like chloe waters and the youngest is Eduardo who is 9). The parents are members, but the kids were never baptized and they havent been to church in a little bit. We've been visiting them and usually Eduardo is all over the place. He barely listens cause he wants to play with his friends. He also has this weird fascination with my eyes. He's tells everyone "Waters, when she wears blue her eyes are blue, but when she wears green they turn green!" anyways... we went over the other day and he invited all the neighborhood kids to come in. We sat in this huge circle, and his sister (16 year old) came and listened for the first time. It was an awesome lesson where the kids asked lots of questions, and we said, " you want to be baptized?" he immediately said, "ya! except that means I cant drink coffee, tea or soda!"
I'm thinking to myself "you're 9! why would you drink that?" but then I told him he could still drink soda, and he said, "really?! then ya. I'm ready! Can I get baptized tomorrow?!"
Finally. someone EXCITED about baptism :P
Then he said the closing prayer. once he finished, all his friends asked if they could pray too. I swear there were like 18 prayers by little kids said that night. Then, his sister who says "I'm kinda doing the whole catholic thing" asked if she could pray. She told us she had never done this before, and she gave one of the most beautiful prayers I have heard. She is one of those 16 year olds who lives the life of a 21 year old, but her prayer was all about how she's so grateful to be back with her family, and for her moms example and for her little brother having the chance to be baptized. She is SO excited for him. And then at the very end she just started crying and said, "wow...i've NEVER done that before".
I have faith that once she see's the example of her little brother, she'll start learning too.
well, I'm out of time. but i love you and miss you all!
tell Frank, Stormy but especially Summer hello for me!
hermana kaitlyn aguas

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