Monday, June 25, 2012

i don't understand fishing metaphores

As promised Mum, I'll tell you a little bit about girls camp. the short story, president called me a few days before and asked if Sister Barlow and I would come speak to a stake girls camp. obviously we said yes! we drove up to Mount Lemmon, and slowly the cacti started disappearing, and there were pine trees. DO YOU KNOW HOW GOOD IT WAS TO SEE PINE TREES!?! It looked like Utah. It was 70 degrees, and pure heaven.
Mum. Dad. Next summer. plan on camping at bear lake. nuff said.
We went up and talked to them about HOW they could introduce the book of mormon to their friends, and they asked us a bunch of questions about us and the missions. Played some of the typical girls camp games and cheers. it was a joy. loved it. Plus it was fun just chillin with President and Sister Killpack all day. Got some good stories out of them :P
I'm loving this new area. It's different getting used to (even though it's about 15 minutes away.) It's more of the downtown city, actually reminds me of Salt Lake, and I have yet to see a trailor park. The members here are absolutely incredible. It's kind of blowing my mind actually. We had a carne esada (spelling?) burrito party, and they had a ping pong battle. The elders and I were going at it, and everyone was crowding around chanting "aguas. aguas. aguas!"
*Dear Dad, thank you for teaching me how to properly hold a ping pong paddle. I never thought it would be so vital in missionary work :P   *
They also just come out and tract with us, which has been super cool.
We had a lesson the other night with a man named Victor, Sister Miller had been teaching for awhile. He hasn't really been progressing, or really doing anything to be completely honest. We decided to start from the basics. Faith. We watched the Finding Faith in Christ Video, and after just taught really simply. One of the members bore one of the most powerful testimonies I have ever heard, and said that there is purpose in Victor being here. Victor opened up, which in itself was a miracle. He was very superficial and wouldn't open up, but he went in saying he feels like he has no faith, because he lost it all when his wife died. But he wants to find more. He then asked about Joseph Smith and the room was flooded with the spirit. I left that room with such a light feeling, and the member was in tears. When his wife saw him she was touched. She said the only other time in their whole marriage she has seen him cry was when he converted to the gospel. Even when they were sealed in the temple he didn't cry.
This branch is incredible.
Which reminds me. We are in the process of turning the branch into a ward! It's crazy train over here, but we're excited...and during all our correlation meetings with the ward mission leader we are making "battle plans" of how are going to do it. The stake president came and spoke with me, and he mentioned that. He said it's going to happen in the next year...if not sooner. Hopefully while we are here.
I personally think they are just trying to get a temple keep your ears open. If you hear any announcements about Tucson Arizona Temple....Well, you all have been warned ;)
The fireside went awesome. I loved playing for it. It's weird. I always got nervous playing at home. But I have yet to get nervous here. It's actually pretty great.
sorry for the short/spaced out email. but we are in the midst of moving from our apartment into a members it's yet again,another busy pday.
happy STRAWBERRY DAYS...greatest holiday of the year.
also. mckay ENJOY EFY...look for my friends.
and if any of you see Nathan Jensen...tell him happy birthday for me! and Becca Davis too :P
hermana aguas

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