Monday, July 23, 2012

"he has a smile like a ken doll"

Welcome home Summer! her homecoming sounded awesome, and I'm glad you all had a good time. And mum, I know her room was redecorated while she was gone, but I'm pretty content with my no drastic changes please :P
Lots has happened this week that has really made me think about you guys. The other day I had a random feeling to make cupcakes for a few people. (What the random? I did that when I was home..not here) But during dinner I made them and brought them to those people I thought of. One of them was having a super bad day and completely turned his day around, and the other just completely opened up and told us all about her marital problems. She had no one to talk to, and completely alone.
I wont go into details but she did say, "it's one thing if he's sick and he actually treats you well or is grateful for you. It's another if he goes the opposite way"
It really made me SO grateful for the relationship that mum and dad have, and that no matter what has happened, or what will happen...that there is selfless love involved and that through the sealing power of the temple, it can only become stronger.
We also had a lesson with Victor talking all about repentance, the spirit completely engulfed the room and he said that's all he wanted. He finally decided he wants to be baptized! The next day we didn't hear at all from him. We were both super worried, but after all our plans fell through and nothing was going right he sent us a scripture Alma 4:33 and asked if he could see us. Luckily all our plans had cancelled so we had time to see him. (God makes some things fall apart for better things to fall together) We had a long long talk and he said, "i'm willing to give everything up. I'm willing to keep going. I just want to know WHY I'm doing all of this."
and it made me think, why am I here? why am I part of the church? why do I stay? what is my motive.
When Kelsey wrote me about Brian Cook, it was a huge blow. but the KNOWLEDGE I have about the Plan of Salvation is my answer and comfort. I know that we are all children of God. That we lived with Him before this life, and though we knew we would have to come to this world and face hard things...we were sent with our own support. Our families. We knew that was the only way we could become like our Father in Heaven and return back to him in a state of eternal bliss.
We are on this earth, and amongst trials and difficulties we are able to find faith, and use repentance. We show our willingness to follow our Savior Jesus Christ through baptism, and have our constant support through the Holy Ghost. and we need to constantly be accessing all those powers.
And even with all those things, we need something more. Someone more. We have Jesus Christ, the Son of God who came down to this earth himself to take care of us. He felt all our pains and our weaknesses just so he has the right to encompass us in his arms and let us feel his infinite love. Because we came to earth we know there is a physical death. We don't know when that time will come. For some, it's a full life. For others, like Brian, it's a little shorter. But because Christ was resurrected, he overcame death...and made it possible for us to overcome it as well.
We have the knowledge that through priesthood power and promises we make in the temple, that we can be bound here on earth, and more importantly bound in Heaven. We can stand at the judgement seat of God, with Christ at our side and a power that will help us achieve our highest Glory. We know that if we do everything we can here, we can live in the presence of God and Jesus Christ once again. But because God is a loving Heavenly Father, that's not all. He knew heaven wouldn't be a heaven without our families, so he can give us that too.
God restored His one and only church again on the earth, so we could access the powers of heaven, be sealed as a family in the temple and have peace of mind that no matter what appears to be unfair here, will be nothing in comparison to eternity.
This is the reason I am here. Because I know I can live with all of you, all those I adore, and those whom I will adore....FOREVER. only here we can obtain that.
Brian is now a missionary, and helping others find that. He's happy and in a state of rest and peace. I hope everyone else here can find that same peace.
I love you all, and hope you have an excellent week!
good luck Kenzie leaving on your mission!
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