Tuesday, September 4, 2012

can mexicans be mormons?

So, the other night around 9 we were driving home. Hermana Hallett was looking out the window and said jokingly, "hey that guy walking by in and out looks like he speaks spanish, we could talk to him".
I just look at her and say "ok!". I cross all lanes of traffic and drive across three parking lots (illegally. what?) just so we could "conveniently" get out and pretend like we were walking the other way to walk into him. Because, you know, we are creepy/stalkers at all.
Right as we park he walks infront of our car, we jump out and yell "HEY DO YOU SPEAK SPANISH?". oh so discrete.
He's like "no, but my family does".
"well where do they live?"-hermana hallett
by this time, we are hitting exhausted hyper and being complete spazzes. It was great. We start talking a little, and he says, "I have a strange question, but can mexicans be mormon?"
I just start laughing and say, "YA! THEY ARE MY BEST FRIENDS".
I'm not awkward.
I gave him a mormon.org card with our number. quick contact. goodnight.
the next day we get a call. I answer in spanish and he's like "Uhmm...this is the guy who you talked to last night"
"ya. so I was wondering...are you like, hard core mormons?"
We talked for a little bit, and I expained what missionaries do. He said, "I've never really been religeous, but lately I've really been thinking about looking into it. Then I ran into you two..and I was wondering if maybe I could learn more?"
*cue happy dance*
I did have to explain that we only speak in spanish, but he could meet with other missionaries. We had a few appointments set up, but he was never there. We were kinda thinking that it would turn out to be a dud...but he called the other day and said, "hey, I'm so sorry for all the things that have happened (insert his story). But I would love to hear more. can you meet right now?" we were at a baptism, so we invited him. As soon as he got there, we passed him over to the elders, and they taught him the Restoration. As elder Maughn started to say at the very end "Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ?" he immediately responded, "yes!"...
"and...be baptized?"
he still ended up saying yes :P
oh it's been good. he's a stud. and I feel super lucky to be even part of that story. hopefully this is just a "to be continued"
well, there's your story for the week. I have more, but I"m outta time.
head to the temple on thursday...then some awesome stuff going on this weekend. I'll fill you in later!
praying for you all...
hermana aguas
ps congrats Jessi!

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