Monday, August 20, 2012

skydiving by immersion

Just so you remember, I'm still completely me out here: here is a phone conversation that happened on friday with the zone leaders. *dedicated to elissa butler*
"Hey, do you have any appointments tomorrow night after six?"-waters
"Uhm, not anything we can't change. What's up?" e. serrato
"Well, we wanted to go skydiving tomorrow, and you're invited"-waters
"sweet! let's go"- e. serrato
"oh, and maybe before we can have a baptism interview for Victor?"- waters
"dang. can't we do it after? I don't wanna wait"-e. serrato
"what if we die? then all the spanish speakers will be gone, and no one can do the interview for him"-waters
"well. Let's skydive over a lake. I'll do the interview on the plane ride. President will fly so he can give the go ahead and be the presiding witness. Elder adams will jump out with victor and do the prayer really quick and when they land in the lake it will be by immersion"-e. serrato
I'm sold.
anyways, We had zone conference this week. Sister Hallet and I sang with the zone leaders there, then President gave this amazing talk about the Atonement. I forgot the notes I took,but maybe I'll write them next time. It was definitely a good boost to get you going again.
Victor has been doing good. We hit a few speed bumps the other day. But nothing we can't fix. He and I had a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG conversation saturday night trying to see how he's coming along to get him ready for baptism. He's a little nervous, and I'm just trying to make sure his whole heart is in this. I'de rather give him more time and keep him strong than just dunk him and loose him after a little bit. But last night, after I was really frustrated over the whole situation he texted this to us as we were praying:
 "I asked God to take away my pride and He said that's not something He can do unless I give it up to Him. I asked God to give me happiness and He said that all the happiness and blessings depend on me. I also asked God to take away my pain and he said my pain, suffering and worries are to make me mature and to become closer to Him. I asked if He loved me, and he said Yes, but all I have to do is open my eyes and thank him in order to find a greater love"
that brought some peace to my soul.
Also, on tuesday, pretty sure we knocked about 250 doors. We found a ton of crazies. One guy just got surgery because he tore an artery on a table during a fight, another woman answered the door and when we said we taught a message all about Jesus Christ she got all mad and said, "YOU DON'T PREACH ABOUT JESUS YOU TEACH ABOUT JOSEPH SMITH" and slammed the door. that was fun. Then we knocked into this hispanic man who said"i HATE the bible. it's stupid. It's all up to God" So I started going into the whole approach of gospel of Jesus Christ, we base off of His teachings and not by mans...etc. and he's like "NO! I do not believe in Jesus Christ. He is a business strategy." big blow. We talked for almost an hour and he kept saying, "you are young! I have a suggestion for you. Stop listening to your masters and your parents and choose for yourselves what you believe. Find God". He said that about 38 times. over and over again. We then told him we didn't need to wait to be older to choose for ourselves, because God has already given us agency and we have chosen that this is where the whole truth is. He got a little frustrated and repeated his entire spiel again. I was a bit entertained. He did invite us to come back though. we'll see what happens with that soul.
after that we were just praying to find someone. We were knocking for hours and absolutely nothing. The very last door we knocked a woman answered the door and I said "Hi, I'm hermana Waters." and she said "hi! I'm hermana Rosie!" She quickly told us to come in and as we were sitting down she said, "we've been praying all day for God to send us someone...we need comfort and words from God. could you help us?"  We shared a few scriptures and she said, "you're it. You were who we were praying for"
what makes it even cooler, is that her friend who was randomly there, was actually someone we've been looking for for a few weeks! coincedence? definitely not.
and just because I LOVE good news. Remember my investigator Amanda from my last area. If you need a reminder she was the one we had "marriage counseling, and marriage counseling 2.0" with....welll SHE GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY..... I screamed when I found out. I saw elder sharp yesterday at a spanish fireside and when he told him we basically ran around the chapel dancing. it was glorious. oh so glorious.
miracles exist. she's the perfect example of that.
well..i'm outta time. but I love you all and good luck with school and everything.
thanks for the package mum! and dad....i hope you're ready to party hard!!!!
love you!
-hermana kaitlyn aguas

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