Monday, August 6, 2012

"does that mean God was pregnant with Jesus?"

I'm not sure how appropriate that is, but it was probably the funniest thing I could have heard that lesson. We were teaching a bunch of little kids about how we can pray and how Jesus is God's Son. This little boy pipes in and says, "does that mean God was pregnant with Jesus?"
pretty sure this entire email is just going to be quotes from this week:
"I have a 32 pound cat"- woman we contacted in a place that felt like the Truman show
"My mommy told me that when it's raining, it's God wetting his pants"-Ayudi (6)
"what???????"-sister waters and sister hallett
"Dear Heavenly Father. Thank you for my family. And my friends. And my shoes. And my legs. And my stomach. And my face. And my eyes. And my nose. And my mouth. And my teeth to eat. And my neck. And my hair. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen. And THANK YOU FOR CHRISTMAS!"-Marius (7)
"Heavenly Father. Thanks for God. Thanks for ice cream. and food. and all the yummy food. And please bless my mom to be the best cooker in the world. Amen"-Noemy (8)
"Can I help you?"-Ayudi
"ya, say the closing prayer" -sis waters
"you forgot to say thank you for Christmas"-Marius
"Heavenly Father. Thank you for my family. And for our house, and refrigerator. Thank you for my friends. And the sisters who keep my sisters and teach us about God. And thank you for otter pops and cupcakes. Thank you for my mommy who loves me so much. Help me stay close to her. please protect us and let us love each other. Thank you for loving us God. in the name of Jesus Christ, amen" -Ayudi (6)
Don't have much time, but here's a real fast synopsis.
The first lesson with had with Victor after the transfer he was acting all weird. He said he lost a lot of motivation. major bummer. We told him we still wanted to meet and that he needed to keep praying. So after a little missionary pow wow we started texting him scriptures each day about prayer. The other day he was completely different. I've never seen him smile so much and he's like "i'm so happy! I have reason! thank you so much for giving me everything!" He told me about how he has been praying, and just asking and asking not sure what to do. one day he walked in his house and he saw his book of mormon of the table. He opened it up, and saw an answer. Then he felt like he needed to keep reading. And he found another answer. Pretty soon all he wanted to do was keep going. He prayed about baptism and got the answer that he WANTS to be baptized september 1st. He still needs to sort a few things out, but now he has reason. he has faith and hope and he has the DESIRE for all of this. I told him the longer he waits (since he was supposed to be baptized in about a week) the more satan has time to creep in. He said, "i know. I know there will be temptations. but now I have faith, when before I had none. It doesn't matter what gets in my path, It wont stop me. I have reason now."
shoot son. get him in the water. I was so happy!
Also, remember the whole drama throwdown last week with eddie? well, we've had some awesome lessons with him and his mom, and the other day his dad came and talked to us for the first time! the next night he appologized for how he acted on sunday and said he gives us permission to take eddie to church. so guess who came to church yesterday?! ahh it was awesome. (he definitely needs to learn reverance though)
and his little neighbor noemy, we are teaching the whole family now. And honestly, it is the greatest feeling in the world teaching an entire family who actually wants this. Noemy leaned over to me yesterday and said "when can I be habitized?"
after she kept saying it I'm like "OH BAPTIZED!!" then little ayudi got up and bore her testimony...
little 6 year olds bearing their testimony in spanish is the greatest thing ever.
outta time. but I love you. bear lake looks like bliss....
love you,
love, hermana aguas

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