Monday, August 13, 2012

"did you know parmesean cheese is made from eggplant?" - elder adams

"Heavenly Father, If we believe in you, you can make all the hurt go away and make us feel better. But if we're bad, you'll probably tell Santa Clause not to give us presents. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."- Sayudi
Hola Familia-
This week (I feel like I always start that way. oh well) we had a sisters training, where all the sisters in the mission got together and went up to mount lemmon to hear from President and Sister Killpack. I didn't even know they did things like that. My mission is the coolest. So we all headed up in 3 big vans, I was driving one of them and I had all these flashbacks of yw where everyone was just squealing and giggling. It cracked me up. We had a blast up there, and I (at least) recieved tons of personal revelation which was a big was all "do we put our faith in other people's agency to choose to listen to our message, or do we put our faith and trust in our Savior's atonement?"
It was better phrased, but you understand the idea of it.
We've also been teaching this guy named Freddie. He is 30 years old and only keeps to himself. His dad passed away awhile ago, and ever since then he's kind of just become introverted and doesn't open up to anyone. He locks himself in his room all day, and doesn't even talk to his family. Only his dog. We found him while trying to contact a former, and his brother was outside speaking spanish on the phone. The brother told us to try freddie but we probably had no chance getting in. We saw him that first time, and we said a prayer with him, and he said we could come back. We've been going over a few times, and slowly he's been coming out of his room. he's even come outside to talk about the book of mormon! His mom came to church yesterday, and I think they are slowly seeing how the gospel gives hope..even with the smallest things.
Victor is doing awesome. Satan has been working really hard on him, and tons of things are coming up. (I hate that devil) but he's realizing just how strong he is and how much he wants this. He said, "I always feel good around you two. Why can't I just take you everywhere?"
Dulce completely opened up to us the other day, and so we're really focusing on her relationship with Heavenly Father. She's been raised with tons of difference religeons, and so now being a mom of young kids she's confused as to how she should raise them, but she's super open and I have a ton of faith in that family. Also Sayudi is probably the funniest little girl I've ever met. I was leading music in church yesterday and she, from all the way in the back was making these big gestures to lead with me. At the end she ran up to me and said "did you see me?! I was copying you!"
This week should be awesome, we have zone conference this week, where they're having me play the violin again and then we are having a mission president fireside with all the spanish branches in tucson (so I'll see people from my last area!)
OH! I almost forgot. So this guy Billie called us the other day. He had been in contact with the missionaries about 5 months ago, found our number and was interested in meeting up. He's currently living in a men's shelter, so we had to meet up at a park. We met up, and he walks up to us, covered in beads and medallions, rings and bracelets, and a cane. He's like 30 years old. He sat down and he told us how he's been trying to learn all about different religions and lifestyles, and so he's been living in a shelter to see it from their perspective. We talked all about the restoration and then read from part of the introduction in the book of mormon. I asked him "how does it feel to know that God's kingdom is once again established on the earth?" and he's  just stared at the book and said, "daaaaaaaaaaaaang. that's deep. I wanna dive into this right now". He said he wanted to come to church with his new "missionary friends" and be baptized in september. unfortunately he speaks english, so we have to pass him off to other missionaries...but it was an awesome lesson. as we were walking back to the car sister hallett was just giddy. she's like "awesome. AWESOME. that was so cool. HE WANTS TO GET BAPTIZED". I loved it.
anyways, outta time. but I love you. LOVED the pics kels sent me of grady. especially in the hammock. good luck with school everyone!
con mucho amor
hermana kait aguas

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