Sunday, June 24, 2012

"i receive all my inspiration from Adam Sandler"

I met a guy on the bus yesterday, and after he told me he was working on becoming a professional bowler and was stung by a scorpian...he told me his dream was to do stand up comedy. He did some for me, right there on the bus. I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. Not because he was funny. But because I didn't understand ANY of it.
Anyways. HOW IS EVERYONE! How was fathers day? I hope dad got my card. If not I'm gonna have an issue with the post man.
well...time for the news. I got a call on Sunday night saying to pack my bags. I'm now senior comp and a follow up trainer in east tucson, serving in the El Dorado spanish branch. So uh...I'm the one who is supposed to know how to do everything and know spanish? shoot. But I'm excited. Hermana Miller is my comp and she's from Salt Lake.
So this week, was one of those weeks where a lot of it is "I'm gonna have to tell you this after the mission" BUT my biggest miracle of the mission happened...YESTERDAY.
Back in March, during the whole "night of the pastor" incident, President Killpack told me just to go out, work hard and find the people who ARE ready for the gospel. Sister Wheatley and I did just that, and we found a woman named Maria. It was one of the first contacts that I did completely by myself in spanish and she said to come back, but only when her hubsand isn't home, because he's not into religeon.
She and I taught her a few lessons, kind of spacey, and we weren't sure if anything was really clicking. She unloaded that she was having all these marriage problems, and that her husband drinks, and they'll probably get a divorce. Sister Wheatley left and I kept teaching her.
She's always been praying for patience, and that her family would see a "change" in her. She actually would put our pamplets around the house so her family would notice and ask. Everyonce in awhile her girls would listen in, but not really say anything. Her husband started criticizing asking why we were coming over and saying she doesn't need any of this.
She almost dropped us.
Last week (not sure If I told you this story) but we went over really late one night and she was in tears. Her husband had left and everything came out. She didn't know if he was coming back, but at the end all she said was, "I want more for my girls. I want the best. And it's through Jesus Christ that I can find that". The next day, her daughters listened in, we gave them Libros de Mormon and THEY SAID they wanted to be baptized! the thing is, you have to go to church before you can be baptized and Maria works almost every sunday. But miraculously a member offered to take the girls whenever they wanted! Maria said, "my girls might be able to go to church before I can, but even if I can't go and I have to wait to be baptized...they still can!"
 On Sunday, we were looking around and didn't see them. I was pretty bummed because I knew it was going to be an AWESOME meeting. After the sacrament Hermana Barlow said "look back" and maria was there, with her two daughers Karla and Yahaira, her two granddaughters AND her husband! As soon as sacrament meeting ended, the members just stole them from us and basically turned it into a party. It was amazing. The members did all the magic.
I went back to say goodbye to them, and the husband started to talk to me. he said, "I loved your church. I really enjoyed being there. I've never liked going to other churches because I could feel the hypocricy, but there...everyone was so nice. And unified. And they cared about us, they didn't even know us. I loved it"
he then told me everything he learned and what he loved, and he and his wife just kept smiling at each other! He then asked me about the temple, and we just started talking about all the blessings for the family. He asked me why I had to leave, and they were asking me to come back for the baptism. (this means i'm gonna have to get sneaky :P  )
It was the absolute BEST way to leave. I'm so sad I won't be with them anymore, they are the reason I didn't want to leave...but MAN....I couldn't have asked for a better family to teach or a better miracle to end on.
I'm out of time...but I love you all so much.
I'll try and send out a letter, but today is crazy and I'm not sure everything will get done. but I love love love you all!
hermana aguas
p.s. Jared...I saw 2 pak on the bus yesterday. I wanted a picture SOOOOOO bad
pps glad you loved the girls camp pics mum...i'll write more about that next week hopefully
ppps yes I still get to play in the fireside. I'm only a few minute away. just another area :)

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