Friday, June 8, 2012

there are ninos in the calle

sooooooooooooooooooooo que paso?

Have you ever been staring at a computer screen and completely blank on everything you were going to write?
Alright, well that's me right now. All I can focus on right now is the man sitting in front of me saying in a raspy/serious voice "I smell fire. *another sniff* I SMELL FIRE".

It's okay. there is no fire around us.
sometimes i'm really concerned for the future of Arizona

onto mission news. We are starting to teach English classes! Which I am super excited about. Technically we are starting tomorrow, but we only put up four posters so far, and before we even left the first store we had people calling us saying they were SUPER interested and that they are inviting other people to go with them. PARTY IN THE CHAPEL.
but not really

Presidente Lopez (branch president) also asked me to play again either this sunday or next sunday just incase I get transferred. His daughter has a violin so we started messing around on it, and pretty soon we were teaching the elders and presidente how to play the violin. I loved it. I'm playing again on June 24th for a mission president fireside, so that will be a good change too

*the man just said, "she pulled me close......oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*
I'm starting to really rethink my computer choice

Man my thoughts are all over the place right now. I blame the sun. I think it's melting my brain, and it doesn't help when you are out knocking the streets of mexico all day. good news is, we found this awesome little mexican shop which sells horchata, mexican ice cream and my favorite, agua we have a little bliss every once in awhile. 

shoot. times up. just know that it's great out here. hard. hot. sometimes slow. but worth it. I'm looking for way the spirit is leading us, and it just reminds me how much God's hand really is in EVERYTHING. Even if we don't see it for a little while.
The book of mormon is AWESOME. if you don't believe me, read it. especially when you get to third nephi. sometimes I wonder how people can't believe it. 

love you all. 
go read a conference talk and eat an otter pop.

and happy birthday Matt!

hermanita aguas

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