Tuesday, May 29, 2012

i pole vaulted once. -Pres. Killpack

Hey Hey family,
hope everyone had a good memorial day! Well, I have interesting news. There was an early transfer the other day and my companion, Hermana Acevedo, whom I adore...was moved. I guess God decided that having partners in crime on the mission is a little too much fun. (kidding) So, I have a new companion now! Her name is Hermana Barlow (and she knows Jared!...well, she's seen him at UVU once upon a time) So just to save you some confusion in the future, there ya go.
I had kind of a "spirit slap" the other day, which just keeps haunting/prompting me.  it's how crucial opportunities are. I felt like I was kind of hitting a rock wall. This walls name is called "spanish and talking to people". Just wasn't working for me. But then Hermana Acevedo and I had a long talk, that had NOTHING to do with that subject, but I just felt like "God is not sending you out here to fail. He's just waiting to turn you into something, something you've been asking for...so do it!"
After a few more experiences like that, I've decided I'm just going to take control of MY area (since, currently I'm the only one who knows it) and make things happen. It's been a super cool experience, and The Big Guy upstairs and I are definitely having some good long chats as of late. But welcome to the mission!
I met this man the other day, his name is Ronald. When I went up to him he was disassembling door knobs for scraps of metal, and he was a bit annoyed because he thought we were selling something. I told him we were going around offering service to anyone who needed it, and he starts spilling his story of how he just got out of the hospital after 2 years and how he's lost almost everything. He started relating himself to Job. I asked him if he ever read the story and he said, "I just started getting so depressed with all the bad things that I stopped reading". I don't remember what I said, but he suddenly got really soft and said, "would you like to sit down?"
that's one of my favorite things in the world. Is when you can literally SEE the change in people.
We talked for awhile, gave him the book of mormon, and as I was getting up, I decided i'd make it into a movie moment. I shook his hand and said, "you wanna hear a secret? Job ended up being blessed with more than what he had originally...just because he was faithful"
He started crying and said, "well, in that case, I don't think it would all fit in my apartment!"
Leave it to me to attempt to be cheesy :P I hope the elders take care of that one.
Also, the other day Hermana Barlow and I were singing in a fireside in the east zone. (quick tangeant, MATT I FOUND "ON THE BORDER"! It's in the east zone, and it was sunday so I couldn't stop to eat there, but I found it...and I'm already making plans) anyways. we misjudged how long it would take to get there, and we were there 30 minutes early. I had my violin in the car, so Hermana Barlow (who also plays violin) and I just chilled in the parking lot and played. President Killpack drove up and heard us playing and told me that I need to play at more things. He also said I should play on street corners while my comp hands out pamphlets and BOMs. I'm still considering it :) this mission is turning into a music mission and I'm loving it. who would have thought?
Well, time to go hit the pavement...BUT so glad you had a good anniversary, tell Ashli congrats and that I love her at her wedding, tell Kayci Rae that she needs to write me (kayaks? what???), super glad you saw alexis and that she's leaving on her mish soon! and happy summer to mckay!
Love you all!
xoxo Hermana Kaitlyn Waters

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