Monday, April 9, 2012

we watched a blind man chase a chicken

it's a new tradition. Instead of hiding eggs and getting baskets, we watched Randy, and blind man, chase his chicken.
how's that for imagery? 
sometimes I can't believe my life.
Well. I hope your Easter was wonderful! I've decided from now on I'm calling it Pascua. I'll save you the explanation as for why, but let's just say the spanish translation is a lot more focused on Christ than the word easter. We had an awesome program for sacrament, with a musical number that was unreal. And then we in sunday school we watched Bruce McConkie's talk about he resurrection. It was paired with a video of the crucifiction, and it was super powerful. Antonio had a really rough time seeing it, but it touched him. A lot!  He said that was the best part of the entire day and that he wants more pictures of Christ in his home. Which leads me to the good news....drum roll please.... HE PASSED HIS INTERVIEW! so on 21 de Abril, he will be baptized a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and confirmed on 22 de Abril. He's already telling his friends about it, and that this is the only true church on the earth. So proud of that kid. He already wants to be a missionary.
Pretty much that whole process has consumed my week,. I was so exhausted last night I collapsed on my bed and passed out for 30 minutes while Hna Wheatley did calls. So I don't really remember much that happened this week, other than the hilarious things...which should probably not be published on the interweb :)
so maybe I'll just do a bunch of shout outs?
ok great.
1st. Bobby. GOOD LUCK IN AFRICA! Let me know if they let you ride zebras or elephants. If so, I will gladly trade you my car.
Kirkles. make sure you check your mailbox. I wrote you an epic letter a few weeks ago. hopefully you got it.
Kylie. so glad the papers are going well! you got my letter right?
Elissa Butler. enough said.
Erik Kolste. that's way fun you saw him mum. can you get his address (SUU or Home, doesn't matter) for me
Matt: kudos on the pink cake. and how was mexico?
McKay and Kelsey. videos work here. SEND SEND SEND. (wow. I sound like I'm on price is right)
Brett: WELCOME a few days!
LaLa: congrats on your mission call! that's where my brother served his mission. You will love Florida!
Heather (Stacy): guess what happens in a month?
So, uhm. remember how this email is awfully short? It's alright, I'm over it. But I do have one thought before I wrap this up.

Every Easter we get the wonderful opportunity to celebrate. It amazes me how many people don't realize the reason we even celebrate, when really we should be yelling to the world that Christ was resurrected. How amazing is it that we get to celebrate Christ's life? Well...we don't only have to celebrate it on Easter. We get to remember Him, every week during the sacrament. Every time we take the bread and water, we are remembering His sacrifice for us, and that we, like Him, can live again. To find rest in Him (cue Mindy Glendhill's song "I will rest in you") We are in such a unique church, because we remember Him this way. Every week. But remember, that's not enough. It should be everyday. We should work everyday to be better and keep Him the focus of all we do. To be an EXAMPLE of the BELIEVERS.
welp, that's my soap box. i'll whip out some better stories later!
loves!!! good luck with all your sugar highs.
-Hermana Kaitlyn Waters

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