Tuesday, April 24, 2012

there were sometimes I couldn't face Goliath on my own

Mikayla Shay, name that song.
Thanks for the love, letters and prayers. Life is crazy, nuts and so good...but welcome to the mission. This week has been non stop finding and contacting, talking to everyone and we are meeting some awesome people.  Like Maria and Fransisco. Maria said "I love my life, but I'm looking to change. It's time to change" and Fransisco, when we showed up for the second lesson he said, "get me ready for my baptism in May". His friend Brian is still in shock though, because as soon as he found out we were also called Mormons, he's like "no your not. you're not mormon mormons, you're normal. You're not the same religeon as those guys riding bikes in white shirts right?" We just laughed and said we were the girl versions. he was speechless.
Hey, my goal is to astonish people.
mission accomplished.
But not really, cause I still have my whole mission to serve :P
Here's some little miracles and tender mercies this week:
Janaika, she's in the picture with all the little kids. We saw her in the street and she said "are you blood sisters"...we just laughed and said no. And she kept asking all these questions about God and what not. Then after about 10 minutes Hna Wheatley said,"Wait, Janaika. You're Janaika! we've been looking for you!"
apparently, way before I came two sisters taught a lady who was babysitting Janaika. Janaika heard the first vision, and told the sisters "when you said that story, I felt a boom in my heart."
they've been looking for her for months, but since she was being babysat nobody knew where she lived.
...and she found us...
now we always see her in the streets, and she says to all her friends "I don't wanna play. I wanna talk about God"
now all those kids come up to us and ask questions about how they know if God is talking to them, how to pray and what happens when their pets die.
all those kids will be baptized someday- too bad none of their parents know they are talking to us.
another tender mercy.
after that whole dramatic thingy (whatever you call it) with Antonio, Hermana Wheatley and I were just drained. We went to go see the Hoyos, whom we haven't seen in FOREVER... we walked in and there was this overwhelming peace in that home. Dayra (the mom) was just so willing to talk and to learn, and you could just see her love in the home. It's one of the only places I feel GOOD here. completely safe, and at peace.
I had a good talk with President about it a few days later. There's just been a lot of things going on, that have brought me down to my knees and reading the scriptures, and the talk was definitely needed. He asked me how I was feeling spiritually and I told him about the peace I felt. How in a moment where I should have been at a complete low, the spirit made me feel like there was no burden.
He said, "I've been thinking about you and what's been going on. And those feelings affirm that you have done everything right, and you are doing EVERYTHING you are supposed to be doing"
I respect and love President Killpack so much. We also had dinner with him the other night, which was hilarious. Pretty sure I see him more than the average missionary.
But the best thing, was going to the temple today. We took a little 2+ hour road trip to the Gilla Valley. It was so refreshing to get out of the city, and see a temple again! I forgot how kind temple workers are, and one of them is a Waters, so naturally we talking for a long time. I don't know what it was, but something about this session...things just clicked. Mum, you know how I just love asking and learning and everything to do with the temple, but some things just stood out and I just felt...ah I can't describe it. But I just felt, there is so much more. How loving our Heavenly Father is, and how much He is just WAITING to give us. I definitely had a good chat with my Father in Heaven in that Celestial room. And that same peace came back. I recieved so many answers. I felt like I was home.
I had the hardest time leaving that celestial room, and I almost died taking off that temple dress, but I know that it's just added strength, and that there is a lot more for me to do.
I am also praying that sometime in my mission I get called to serve in the Gilla Valley, so I can be near the temple. So help me, I'm gonna live in the temple someday :) Not really, but you're gonna have a hard time keeping me from there when 2013 comes around.
what else. oh, have I told you how much I love the Hoyos? I'm a sucker for their little girls Shayla and Kayla
we knocked on their door sunday morning to see if they were coming to church. Their hair was all done and they were in cute little pink dresses. Shayla (4) said "I'm going to a party!"
her brother Miguel (8) said "no you're not. we're going to church"
she also thinks that I paint my hair because it's not brown like everyone else's in mexico and she always says as she brushes my hair, "your hair is kinda beautiful. but really. it's beautiful"
also. I ate cactus the other day. Ya, those green prickley things. I should be on fear factor. 
Keep loving life and GO TO THE TEMPLE LOTS ( I know you are mum). It is my own heaven on earth, God's house and a place of peace. Anybody who would deny themselves of that needs a big reality check.
Well I love you all, and have fun with the birthday girl this week! don't eat too much cake.
Also...what part of Arizona are grandma and grandpa in? make sure they take some of this heat back to Utah. We're getting over the hundreds these days. (come July I.Will.Die.)
aka hermana aguas

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