Monday, April 2, 2012

I swear he's a reverse warewolf...he changes at sunset

HOW WAS CONFERENCE?! I hope everyone watched, and if you didn't...make sure you watch it online!
I hope you not only listened to the words said, but the impressions you recieved. I also hope that everyone recieved the same inspiration and felt a burning in their hearts when they heard David A. Evans say that you need to write letters to the missionaries. It's something tangible showing that you love them.
if that's not a prompting from the spirit saying, "write Kaitlyn. write Kaitlyn." then I don't know what is :)
and man...some moms were super lucky. having their missionaries singing at conference. has that ever happened before? I saw about 4 of my friends, and yes I saw Lindsey Kindlespire! A few people laughed at me when I started freaking out that I saw people. also...I went through temple withdrawals again when I saw the Salt Lake temple.
This week has been such a rollercoaster, but full of miracles. To go into big stories would take too long but I'll give you the gist.
We have been teaching a woman and her husband, Elena (G-unit) and Gabriel. The other week she told us she wanted us to teach her daughter blanca who doesn't believe in anything. Well, we went by to visit the other day and Blanca came in and started talking. This quickly turned to her asking questions about us and so forth. We've done service at her house a few times and it's really impressed her. She used to be really stand offish to us, but now she runs home when she sees our car and kisses us on the forehead like we are her daughters. She has a 16 year old daughter June, who is a lot like me. Really into medical field and whatnot. We talked to them for a little bit, and then June wasn't there. after a 2 hour "lesson" Blanca asked to say the prayer. She said the most beautiful prayer I have ever heard in my life, and basically said, "thank you for sending me these angels, because they aren't like all the other girls you see now. they are good and honest. and the reason why I know they are is because after they left, June told me she could see the honesty in their faces. You could tell they believed every word they say. and when she went to school the next day all she could remember was their faces". Her dad began to cry, and it was a super powerful experience. as soon as we were leaving she ran out and said, "I've been watching you. ever since you've been coming over I've seen how like magic things are turning right. I've watching you pray in your car everytime before coming inside, and I always wondered why. but now I know"
It amazes me to know that everyone always notices. That we are a "peculiar" people. That we always need to be reflecting Christ's countenace, because people WILL notice. And they will wonder.
It's like what Niel A. Anderson said "What think ye of Christ"...well "What think He of me?"
are our actions reflecting what Christ would want us to do?
As for conference, the best reaction was from Antonio. He had a huge trial of faith on Friday and Saturday. We called us friday night asking us to come over the next day, and we found him bawling outside his trailer. I'll spare the details, but it got to the point where I just told him to get up and pray. After awhile I finally got him up and he collapsed, still crying over what had happened. feeling like he couldn't be forgiven. saying he didn't feel worthy to be taught by us. he poured out his soul, (it was nuts) while we read enos and talked about the atonement.
we decided to fast, all three of us, to prepare him for baptism and conference.
Honestly, I was so nervous he would back out of his baptism on the 21st.
the next day we go to conference, and he stayed for both sessions! (we watched it at the stake center)
he asked me if I was tired and I said "kinda" and he said he was exhausted. After a few more questions we found out he had been doing a "complete fast" denying himself everything. He didn't eat. he didn't sleep. He had gone almost two days with without sleep!
He stayed up the whole night reading the book of mormon, and after conference he was in disbelief. He said "I feel like a little child in the presence of God"
this guy is unreal. every missionaries dream
and then a girl came up and asked when his baptism was. He's never remembered before. and we didn't know if he was still going to.
but he said "21st of April" and then in english said "see...I remembered"
after we said goodbye I ran into the relief society room and Hermana Wheatley and I had a dance party. I've never felt so happy on my mission as I did yesterday.
I KNOW there is so much power on this earth. And it it through the words of our beloved prophet and the apostles. Because they are speaking for our loving Heavenly Father. The words being said are what Christ needs us to be. Uctdorf said it best by saying "this gospel was designed to change hearts", and I have seen first hand that it does. The atonement is real and it heals.
Make sure you apply what we heard in conference. It was so much about faith, love, deliverace and healing. this is not a gospel of despair, it is completely of hope. And this session of conference prooved that.
well I love you all! remember to follow the words said at conference and to write me!
happy conference. AND HAPPY EASTER!!!!!
remember His Sacrifice, and how it was especially for you!
hermanita Kaitlyn Waters "aguas"
p.s. good luck on your farewell Bobby!

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