Tuesday, January 17, 2012

como se dice, sippy cup?

aka "how do you say sippy cup"
Life sounds great back at home..seems like everything is getting back to normal for the most part. And I'm so glad you saw Sister Melick. I stalked her on wednesday so I could give her a hug. I may just have to do it every wednesday, but I'll for sure do it the week before I leave. Which p.s. I've been her five weeks. that's crazy business. when did that happen?
And thanks for the month package. you sneaky mom. Hna spencer's fam sent food too so we had a fiesta. chips, salsa, diet coke and homemade cookies. Hna Baker and I were making a video and she started laughing and sprayed us all with diet coke. I was in tears. I don't know if I've told you much about hna baker, but I adore her. seriously, if I had to be stuck on an island with three people it would be her, hna spencer and hailey wankier. I would just laugh myself off the island. So, hna baker talks in her sleep...and at 2 am this morning she started talking in her sleep. Except she was reciting Doctrine and Covenants 4...in spanish! I was just giggling in my bed like none other.
Really, I'm convinced that the mtc should not be this fun...but somehow it is. Joy in the journey right?
Since I last emailed there has been a hot dog eating contest. Elder Lebaron finished 3 and started dipping his hot dogs in water to get it down. He had the hardest time not spewing over everyone. Elder connors finished four, and was having the mental battle...and elder henze finished 5...I think? he was just cruising. it was disgusting. and it wasn't those dinky hot dogs either, they were the huge brotworst style. sick nasty. let's just say they were sweating hot dogs and trying not to die all during russel m. nelson's talk.
which, by the way was so great. He actually answered specifically something I was praying about in my patriarchal blessing. it was NUTS. I walked out thinking "wow, super glad that a general authority desides to mosey on by the mtc on a lovely tuesday and speak to my soul. no big"
I got a calling! I'm music director. I'm still trying to figure everything out...it's not hard at all, but they expect to have a musical number in a few days..and I'm fresh out of ideas. I may even get desparate and just go up to the pulpit and sing. that's what happens when there are four sisters in the entire zone. not a big deal.
We are starting to have espanol fiestas. aka they are called "english fasts" where you aren't allowed to speak any english for the entire day..but we decided to be optimistic and call it a party. I probably sound so funny, but esta bien. (it's all good). but at lunch a teacher sat by us and heard us speaking, he asked how long we had been here. When he heard 5 weeks he started laughing.
not really sure what that means.
oh mom! there is a talk you need to look up. It's by Jeffrey R. Holland.. I don't know the exact title, but it's something like "my mission and yours" and it's him addressing the mtc while Gordon B. Hinckley was prophet. It blew my mind. you should find it and have everyone read it. I think they boys and kelsey would really like it.
he said a quote in it, from a french poem that says
"come to the edge" he said. "no, we'll fall"
"come to the edge" he said "no, we'll fall"
"COME TO THE EDGE" he said...so we went to the edge
and he pushed us
and we flew.
we need to GO THERE to create miracles.
He also talked about Salvation, and he said something along the lines of "Why is it so hard? why is this mission so hard? why aren't people just coming to the font? Well...why would it be easy...when suffering in Gethsemane wasn't easy. When dying on the cross wasn't easy? We all need to feel a little bit of the garden, and carry our own cross to learn"
it was way powerful. So i suggest you find it. Well I'm out of time, sorry there wasn't much in here. But good news Georgina and Julio have baptisimal dates! miracles happen!
Love you,
give everyone (especially Grady) a kiss for me!
Hermana Aguas

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