Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hey Family.

This is going to be really quick because I have no time. I have to leave in 30 minutes and my hair isn't dry and i'm in sweats-- but it's ok, because i'm going to the temple.

Anyways- thank you so much for the package and the stamps. I was just about to go buy some (yes, i'm already out) when you sent me some more, so it was perfect.

And mom- you really don't need to send me food! I still have food from christmas that I don't know what to do with. I'm never in my room.. so i never eat it. I appreciate it though. Packages are so fun here.

Oh and the pictures were great. Could you send me the one of Heather Foster and I at my farewell and the one of Nate and I standing by each other (not the close up) ?

so Mikayla and Megans weddings sounded fantastic! Wish i could have been at both of those sealings - but the MTC is a pretty good excuse.

Haily Wankier (efy) and Kalee Mortenson came in this week  and I stalked the drop off curb for over an hour- waiting for them. I attacked them when i saw them and when Hailey, Rachael and I gave a huge group hug it was super cool because 7 months ago we were all talking about mission and now we are all at the MTC!

Speaking of that- i've been here a month? ok- when did that happen?!

Oh mom - I said the prayer in sacrament meeting entirely in spanish. In front of everybody. You would be proud.

Oh! The story of Hna. Flirt
So there is this sister- who the elders (every elder at the MTC) Just flock to. After awhile we started calling her Hermana Flirt (don't know her and not in a mean way.. but in a funny way) well- the other day i'm talking to my district at lunch and Hna. Spencer gives me this strange look. I turn around and Hna Flirt is in my face. She's like "i know you." I looked confused, but realized she looked familiar too. long story short - after 10 minutes of guessing we realized that we played soccer together.. when i was on that purple team! Her name is Sydney and we were way good friends. All these memories started coming back and i realized how much i loved her. She's going to Ukraine on her mission and came in the week after me. Bt out of all the missionaries in the MTC, she recognized me when I haven't seen her since JR. High. It was so funny.

Then everyone laughed at district meeting because i'm friends with Hna. Flirt.

Well, its 2:40 and I need to go to the temple now! I sent you a memory card of the pictures i took before the broken camera, so i hope it finds you safely. Love you!

Oh! and dad- thanks for sending some love. i needed it that day!

love, your daughter Hna. Aquas.

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