Tuesday, January 31, 2012

dulce corazon

*this is kelsey. the italicized section is the dear elder email my mom sent kaitlyn after she "accidentally" stalked her at the temple.*

Hola Hermana.

I may or may not have seen you Sunday on the Temple grounds...don't freak!!!!

I did my little drive by like i always do when I visit my mom and dad ...going to do a little shout out to you and send my love, when low and behold a sea of missionaries are walking down from the temple. Oh my....what do I do now. You are right, it is like the armies of Helamen....I drove slowly...drove up past the temple and there you were on the temple grounds almost ready to cross the street...but not yet....I was like oh no.....I drove by and watched you(stalking?) I was toying if I should stop, wave whatever....but I knew that I had to be obedient, because that is what you are doing and I am such an obedient girl too(darn it!)

But I felt like Heavenly Father gave me a glimpse of Heaven to know that you are doing great. I know you are...but I feel like it was my gift.

So it was around 4:10...if that was you great... if I was seeing things....still great......It showed I had willpower where I would normally have malled you!!! It is a good thing Kelsey and McKay were not with me because this may be a whole different story.

Anyway, it was great seeing you. It was my gift and a tender mercy in my life.

I am doing really well, and am very happy.

I love you so much and so proud of my missionary daughter serving the Lord,

Loves and Hugs


I hope you felt the love at 4:10!


YOU SNEAKY MOM *now is the time where I refer you to a youtube video: "Jimmy Kimmel: Sorry kids, I ate all your candy. the last part"
so, I have a story for you.
Last Tuesday I was walking out of the temple after finishing a session. And I won't lie, we missionaries always look around to see if we know anybody. It's provo. It could happen. So as I'm walking out by the fountain I look to my left, and I see a girl. She looks at me in the same way. Before Hermana Spencer realized what  was happening, I had ran away from her...booked it to the girl and attacked her. She did it likewise. And it was my friend Elysse from EFY! I died. really, DIED. I was giggling and screaming and on the brink of tears all at the same time. It was so good to see someone, and I was like "IM A MISSIONARY NOW!". We talking for about 20 minutes or so, and it was so fantastic. I have a picture of her on my memory card...so make sure you get that pic up so she can have it too!
*Shout out to Elysse!!! I LOVE YOU! team A and team T...except...not really :) maybe we'll go country dancing when I get home
second story.
on Sunday, I was walking back from the temple *and about 12 people can testify to this* and I said, "uhm....that's my car....no really...I think that's my car. that's my car. That's my mom. Guys, my mom is stalking the mtc. That's my mum"
I thought I was just thinking things, and we didn't think too much about it, but I told everyone I'm like "pretty sure that's my mum"
SO THEN...monday night I get your letter which said IT WAS YOU! I busted up laughing. I knew you would see me eventually. Hna spencer and I stick out because we both have green coats. So I will have you know, that was me, I saw you...but we saw each other at different times...and we both knew it. I think it's hilarious.
Hope I wasn't doing something too stupid when you saw me :) I was talking to a few british elder's right before that.
Mum, I've seen a TON of people from PG here, and yes I saw the Heder boy. I don't think he knows me...but I see him around. I've also seen Elder Thurgood, Winston Surhiez, Hailey, Rachael, KaLee, a few girls from school, Braxton Atterton, Ryan Christiansen, and 4 kids from efy!!! (one was one of my boys) another was Trent Harrison, who we were participants together when I was 16. Alec Curtis (who I have a picture with where i'm wearing tye dye)..we were participants when I was 18..and yesterday I ran into a girl Anna McKay who we were participants together when I was 15! it's crazy. and I know there are more, I just can't remember. Sister McKay is actually the companion to one of the girls I hosted.
After 7 weeks I FINALLY met someone going to my mission! (2 sisters actually) One is the same mission, Tucson Spanish..so she'll be here for awhile. And then the other girl I actually hosted. She's going to Tucson English speaking so she leaves the same day as me! Her name is Sister Chidester, and I'm almost positive that we'll be companions for our flight (since I wont be flying with Hna Spencer). She and I clicked really fast and she said as I was leaving "you've been such an answer to my prayers...because I didn't know if I would be able to do this. It's been really rought, but you are exactly what I needed and I'm really excited now". She's about a year older than me, and I hope I see her before we head out.Which by the way, no I haven't gotten my flight plans yet. I think I leave either the 13th or the 14th, but I don't know when yet. And I DO get to call at the airport. I'm not sure how long yet...because some people leave at like 3 am and it depends on how long I'm at the airport. but i'll let you know as soon as I find out. I should know by next pday. which by the way is my last one here! but yes, send the calling card!
quick scripture and then I get kicked off. (today is super busy. we hear the prophet is coming, so we have made out specific game plans to make sure we get a seat. it's called operation profeta...and it's quite intense) but I was reading in Alma 17:9 where when I Liken it to myself it says:

"And it came to pass that [kaitlyn] journeyed many days [on her mission] and [she] fasted much and prayed much that the Lord would grant unto [her] a portion of his Spirit to go with [her] and abide with [her], that [she] might be an instrument in the hands of God to bring, if it were possible, [her brethren, the children of God], to the knowlege of the truth, to the knowledge of the baseness of the traditions of their fathers, which were not correct. And it came to pass that the Lord did visit [her] with his Spirit, and said unto [her]: Be comforted. And {she was} comforted."
pretty sweet right. I love the scriptures. Well I must depart. Operation profeta is in full force and I WILL NOT be in overflow.
love you all! thanks for everything! and yes mom, I will be sending stuff home, probably next pday!
love you. be good. remember, sending me letters is vital for your salvation!

hermana aguas.

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