Monday, February 11, 2013

"sister killpack.. we need to cut some of sister waters and sister rupps hair.. so i can clone them" - president killpack

we're pretty tight with the Killpacks.

I wrote an entire story...then realized, it's really sacred- so remind me to tell you about my february dream...where Sister Rupp and I both woke up feeling the same way...when I get home. ok?

great..glad we are on the same page.

so President gave this training the other day...and I wish I had my notes so I could tell you..BUT one of the biggest things I remember is that sometimes we dance around our doctrine, and when people ask us questions...we tell them something so they think it's somewhat similar to theirs..and that it's not "too different" to scare them off....BUT WE ARE DIFFERENT. It's maybe not what they want (right now) but what they need..and if they recognize that difference, the elect will follow. (if you build it, they will come)

Well, we had a girl come to church yesterday. She said afterwards to me (we've never taught her before)..."I just have one question. I was raised Catholic, and we baptize when they are babies. But you don't do that. You would think we would be more similar because we read from the same bible...but you guys are so different. How do you guys do it? Why are you so different?"


I briefly explained baptism, and our belief in Christ..and guess what?
she loved it.
and wants to learn more.

I love the gospel.

but like I explained to kelsey..this email is gonna be a short one. but I love you! thanks for the package! its definitely going to good use. IT'S ALL GOOD IN THE HOOD. happy heart day!
love you.!!!

hermana aguas

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