Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kaitlyn's surprise transfer for 19ers

lifes pretty crazy. as always. I sang in sacrament the other day with sister rupp. President was there, and right after he pulled us into another room. he told us that we weren't going to be working together anymore cause sister rupp is training, and that he wants me to open a brand new ysa area and train. so here we are...super bummed im not with her anymore. the aps kept saying, "i cannot believe we split you up...hopefully this will be good. i can't believe we split that up" BUT I feel real good about where i'm going...and what's happening, so I can't complain.
anyways..met my new comp today! her name is sister shrader from kaysville utah. she's one of the 19ers... I'm gonna be covering east tucson and rincon (back to my OTHER old area) doing all ysa. I'm still at the I'll still be with Rupp and the APs all the time..just a diff apartment, and area and comp. if any of that makes sense.
also..pretty sure the next few transfers will be even crazier..but i don't know all the details yet..just that i'll probably be doing a lot more crazy stuff real soon.
also...i'm really tired and can't even think.
So many good things are going on in the 1st ward (my last ysa ward...i'm now in 2nd). we just had a lesson with aaron yesterday, and prophets is what made things start clicking. he started understanding authority and prayer...and it was so so awesome.
I really wish I could just record everyone's AHA moments and send them...but by the time I get to the comp to brain is fried...and I can't fully explain how cool it is. still pretty bummed i'm not teaching him anymore. or vince. or elliana...and everyone else...but at least i'll still see them at the everyday. :P good times.
have I ever told you I love ysa.
because I do.
anyways. sorry this is short. I have to go wander around and try and find my apartment..
because..we have no phone. no map. no real directions.
just a key and an address...and a "good luck sister waters"
haha i love my mission.
love you all...
ps i'm SUPER stoaked about everything that's happening in the fam :P
keep me updated.\
enjoy the pics
hermana aguas

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