Friday, March 9, 2012

"mom. the elders are here!"

Elders. Sisters. same difference. I give credit to 8 year old Miguel for that one.

So this week...

Hermana Wheatley discovered that I take dares. This may or may not be way too much entertainment for her, and it's made my contacting a little more enjoyable.
We were driving behind this car, and a few guys were in the bed of the truck. We got to the stop light and I started waving at them. I pull out a Libro de Mormon and asked if they wanted one. Not a big deal, basically like chinese firedrill....missionary style. I would have gotten out of the car too...except they drove away.
Then there was a man riding a bike on the road. Hna Wheatley slowed down the car, and I got up and reached out the car window explaining and how we have faith in Jesus Christ as he rode next to us. He almost crashed. I would have felt really bad. But he didn't so I feel good about it.
And then I contacted an Ice cream man. First of all, I have NEVER seen SO MANY ice cream trucks ever before in my life. I think they stalk us. I WILL NOT FALL FOR YOUR OVERPRICED SCOOPS OF GOODNESS....anyways, I went up to the window, he thinking I would buy ice cream got excited, I said I couldn't buy his ice cream but I could give him something.

check yes juliet. sometimes contacting is fun, especially to see the looks on their faces.

I've only backed down once, and that was to a cop. Needless you say, he did not look very happy.

Que Mas?

Oh, so a lesson was learned this week. Remember Meth Alley, and how Michelle told us not to go back? Weellllllllllllllll...we went back. Most of the homes were abandoned, and we walked into one. It was completely fenced off with , which is really odd for a trailer. Hermana Wheatley went in first, and I just felt really odd going in. as I was closing the gates I said "I sure hope there aren't ravenous wolves in here, otherwise we wont be able to get out". As I was closing the gate I felt "get out". But I was stupid and continued to close the gate, not all the way though. The next thing I know, Hna Wheatley is running around the corner with 3 giant bloodthirsty dogs chasing her. I swing the gate open and we both get out.
oh dogs. couldn't it at least been coyotes? that would have made this story so much cooler?
anyways. Mom and Jared. Don't worry about me (especially you Jared) We aren't going back there. We had a few more experiences that told us to get out, so we did.
Also, there was a man who was meaner than those bloodthirsty dogs who wanted to call the cops on us.

I'm just talking about Jesus!

Anyways. so that's not following promptings, onto good, uplifting stuff.

All our appointments canceled the other day, which was really frustrating, especially since we had a member with us, but then we found Edgar walking in the middle of the street. I run up to him and we start chatting. He told me that he finally got an answer from God! He said, "when you first told me to pray, I was like okay whatever...but now I know it works! For EVERYTHING".
It's actually a much longer and funnier story, which may have to wait for another occasion, but he's talking to God which is what I care about! I love his family so much, and I'm really hoping that they continue to pray about the date we extended them. He told me if we keep visiting them, eventually it will happen (he's the closest out of all of them) We just have to work through a few things with them.

Que Mas? Que Mas? OH!  I went over to a members house the other night, and their youngest daughter just started to learn to play the violin. She found out I played, so I played dad's favorite song Ashokan farewell. It was a teeny tiny violin, so it didn't sound as awesome as it could have..but I was just giddy to play. Now they want me to play in church. President gave me permission to have it, and Hna Wheatley said sister Olsen created miracles with her violin music. So hopefully I'll either be able to track down one my size or maybe possibly by some great and miraculous miracle, have mine sent here? It was a little ridiculous how much I miss playing..

oh random. but
any future missionaries. If you DO NOT have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. GET ONE. You will hear so many things from people, and hear so much about the book of mormon, that if you did not have a sure testimony of could get pretty shaken up. SO PLEASE read it. Pray about it. Become converted to it.
that's my soap box.

But how are all of you?! Make sure you tell Ashli Stringer congrats of getting engaged! When is she getting married?
Also...I'm writing David today, but that was sure sweet of him what he wrote on facebook. He's gonna be an awesome missionary, his sweet powerful testimony and humility is exactly what people need in their lives, and he's going to love Tallahassee!
Erin Spencer. I already miss you. #tweetingbuddiesagain? 

man. getting kicked off. Sorry not as many stories this week. I'll try and get some good ones out next time. but I have one more grand announcement. wait. 2.
1) GUESS WHO IS NOW DRIVING?! that's right me. the events that led up to this decision. I will leave it to your imagination *cough *cough. parking blocks
2) CHALLENGED. COMPLETED. I finished the ensign. everyone. do it. I'm hungry for conference now.
typical cliche missionary? yep. I'm way passed that.

well. I love you all. you're all super great. everyone go to the temple! (do it for me, i'm going through withdrawals)
choose the right. pray. listen. read the bom. all that good stuff.
oh and you know, feel free to write me letters.
i love letters.

happy birthday jared, on sunday! and momma on monday.
you'll get a better tribute later!

Love you!
-Hermana Aguas

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