Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the place where everything is dead. and if its not, it wants you dead.

that's what the told me when I got into the desert.
oh wait. I'm in Tucson? weird. But I already love it.
First off, it was so fun talking to you guys yesterday even though it was really brief. I'm pretty sure I had a couple hombres peeved at me and sister rupp for using up the phone, but I felt completely justified. Sorry I couldn't hear that well, I'm still recovering from the flight. And the exhaustion. My mission presidents and the APs picked us up from the airport (and you're right mom, Sister Killpack is "hip" and dresses cute. She actually is A LOT like you). Also President Killpack and I have A TON in common. anyways. They took us first to the Mormon Battalion memorial and gave us a quick run down of Tucson's history and on the street we tried talking to people about the bom and mormon.org and whatnot. they avoided us. YAY REAL PEOPLE!
We then went and got pizza. I forgot how good real food tastes. This rough and tough looking man came up to president (mind you there are 11 missionaries then he and his wife) he comes up and says "I just can't get away from you". President asked why...after a little bit he said "I've been a member of your church my whole life. I was born and raised in the church. but 5 months ago I decided it wasn't for me. I just didn't want to do it anymore. I moved in with my girlfriend and I was done. As soon as I made that decision, I keep running into missionaries." President said "I think the Lord is trying to tell you something." He said, "I think so too." President Killpack then asked if he wanted the missionaries to visit and he said, "a set has stopped by every week lately" So president said "here is my card...if you ever need ANYTHING you give me a call" The man started getting teary eyed and said ok. today at transfer meeting, we he told an Elder to go find him.
then we went back had some singing, talking, cookies, interviews (p.s. president gave me special permission to have my violin...i'm still deciding. i'm super nervous about transporting it) then we went on a nature walk. I have NEVER seen so many kinds of cacti in my life. It's absolutely beautiful here. a different kind of beautiful, but I'm just amazed. it also helps that the mission mansion (aka mission home) has a view of the entire city. then we had a big dinner with the senior couples helping in the mission office (again, blown away by the food) had a testimony meeting and watched the sunset then looked at the city scape of tucson. Such a good...LONG...day. But I was out by 9:30
Transfer meeting was today and I met my trainer! Her name is Hermana Wheatley from Heber. Remember how I was super nervous about my trainer? No worries. She is fantastic. She's a ton like me, actually she's the fourth of six (4 boys, 2 girls..sound familiar...oh and they even look like our family, kinda) and is cheesy like me, and big time into soccer. Are we going to play soccer with an investigator Damian. Why yes, yes we are. Baptisms from soccer, I'm a fan.
I'm serving in the valley right now, I'm (pretty sure) I'm serving in West Tucson. I'm here right now, I just don't really know where I am. It's fine. It's more of the city, so I'm not in the flatlands of the desert right now. I get to meet a few of our investigators tonight, so I'm really excited/nervous right now. Except Hna Wheatley already told them I'm new and they aren't allowed to make fun of me. :)   (though some of it will be in english)
We are having dinner tonight with an investigator family. I'm super excited to teach them, from what I've heard they have two little girls who are super sweet. Then we are teaching 3 other families after that. I would write down their names, but I left my planner in the car. A ton of what we are teaching tonight is about the Plan of Salvation focusing on the atonement and eternal families. Hopefully I didn't loose too much spanish on the plane. (Did I tell you I passed a man speaking spanish and I had a freak out because I realized I'm supposed to speak that. It's okay though, he had an argentinian accent--it's harder for me to understand those)
oh by the way. HAPPY LOVE DAY. I forgot that was today, until I walked into the library and saw all the hearts around. As I was getting my library card (are you proud mum?) the librarian and I were chatting and another one came out and she said to her, "you're gonna like this one!". Bless their hearts. I'm also gonna pass around valentines. maybe. possibly. yay for disney princesses!
I don't really know what else to say, it's really surreal right now. Last night when I was just looking over the view I said to myself...I'm IN MY mission. I am actually here. I'm ONLY supposed to be here right now. (Then the tangled song "I see the light" came into my head). I was in Utah, the mtc yesterday, and now I'm here. the mtc seems like a dream right now. I already miss Hermana Spencer, Hermanitas and my elders, but I wasn't called to serve in the mtc..I was called here.
I can't wait to meet the people who I've been waiting for.
love you all! I loved talking to you.
and send my love to all my friends, espcially Heather. (LOVE YOU HEATH!!! sorry I couldn't talk to you!)
have a wonderful love day.
hermana aguas
p.s kayci rae..I met your friend. Elder....S something. sounds german. He was yelling my name in the parking lot and I was standing next to him. good times.
p.p.s my pdays are on MONDAYS now...so make sure you write me before then!

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