Tuesday, February 7, 2012


So, remember how I was supposed to leave on February 13th? Well, I caught bronchitis (remember how I always got it a few years ago). Well it's back and they want to keep me here until the end of February. Aka my whole district is leaving. Aka I'm loosing my companion. Aka I'm not leaving yet :(
I guess I'll just be able to learn more spanish. Maybe I'll just jump into another class and learn portuguese or something. You never know how bad cabin fever is, until they tell you that you really can't leave.
I'm really not sick. I got my flight plans the other day! *it's okay mum, you can breathe now. hopefully you continued reading this email and didn't call the mtc to fight*
I leave Provo Monday morn at 4 am. I don't have my actual flight plans with me, I completely spaced on that front BUT I will write you the exact times. My flight leaves around 7:05 (I think) and so *hopefully...if all goes according to plan* you'll be recieving a call from between 5 am to 7am monday morning. *p.s. did you send that calling card?* 
I arrive in Pheonix around 8:30 ish..and then have about an hour layover until my Tucson flight. But I think it will be just enough time to check in at the gate, so not sure if I can call again. I'll be arriving in Tucson around 10:26.
As far as I know, there are 7 people traveling with me....3 English Sisters, 3 English Elders and 1 ASL Elder. ....only one speaking spanish....this should be good.
quick overview of what happened this week:
our good pals Russel M. Nelson and Jeffrey R. Holland stoped by to visit. Really wish they would have stayed longer. I could have stared at Jeffrey R. the whole time. Oh wait, I did. Pretty sure he saw me too. It would have been super great had I shaken his hand. oh well, I'll have plenty of time for that in the celestial kingdom :)
Christian (have I told you about him?) He's our youngest investigator. 17 years old. Well he's getting baptized on the 10th! *When we committed him I figured we would say the end of february to make sure he was taught everything, and just have other elders baptize him once we left* But Hna Spencer was like "so...you wanna be baptized on the 10th?" Let's just say I exploded with laughter during the lesson. Probably should not have done that. I'll work on that.
Speaking of laughter, we scared the life out of our teacher the other day. Hna Spencer and I always get to class early. Hno Parke was sitting in the classroom by himself, I looked through the peep hole and saw that he was coming to the door. I said "don't go in yet, he's coming". We hid by the door and and soon as he opened it, Hna Spencer jumped right towards him screaming. His face turned white and then red...he was all out of breath and he said with wide eyes, "bueno....buenos dias". Oh that child. our new daily goal is to scare him daily.
I also had a dream *short story* that Hna Mullen took us on a field trip to California to decorate her wedding reception. Elder Lebaron accidentally caught one of them on fire, and burned the entire thing down to stop the wedding. (hna spencer's letter probably has a better version)
oh...and Hno Brown stole my dictionary the other day, rolled away on a rolly chair and started cackling as he did it.
I will be best friends with them when I get home.
In case you can't tell, I love my teachers.
Sorry this is so random, I forgot my journal and planner so everything is all blending together. plus I'm getting super stoaked to head out to Arizona. We have infield orientation this week (and one of the teachers is Izzy's brother) and packing. All on top of all our other classes and teaching appointments. It's muy loco how fast time goes here.
Speaking of which, If you see Lindsay, tell her good luck and that I'll look for her on Wednesday! I'm not hosting anymore, so I'll just have to go back to good ol fashioned stalking.
P.S. did I tell you I bore my testimony in sacrament AND sang for the musical number. MOM I SANG IN FRONT OF PEOPLE. aka, one of my biggest fears. This mission is paying off :P
P.P.S. can you somehow get ahold of Sarah Fisher, and find out if she got that internship in D.C. pretty sure she'll either be finding out, or leaving this next week.
The gospel is so true. And I can't tell you how VITAL prayer is. God has ways of directly communicating with us or through other people. The other day I had a question that I've been wondering about for a few weeks. I hadn't told anybody about it, but I was just praying and was planning on fasting for the answer. On Thursday, Hna Mullen had us teach each other as ourselves. No more being investigators, just us. Elder Henze started teaching me one lesson..and then just stopped on got quiet. He said *completely in Spanish by the way*..."I feel really overwhelmed right now. In a good way. But I feel like I need to tell you your Heavenly Father is SO proud of you right now. And that he's just waiting for you to get out into the field. he is SO proud" He then said something word for word what my patriarchal blessing says and then answered my question. I know there is NO way he said that. It was only through the spirit of revelation and prayer that I was able to  hear those words. The spirit is real, and the church is true. We all have agency to accept that or not...but our happiness will THRIVE and GROW if we accept it.
I love you family (and friends). You are all answers to my prayers. I see every single one of you, and notice how each and every one has helped in some part of my converstion. You are all missionaries to me, you don't need a tag to wear Christ's name over your chest. (even though it is an awesome feeling)
Mum, I think it would be really cool to do something different with scripture study. I know you started over again right before I left..so hopefullyl if you're not too far into it you wouldn't mind starting over. I want you to get a cheap copy of el libro de mormon...and each night you read with the fam have the kiddos and dad mark a verse that has helped them sometime in their life. Whether it was through our tough times, or if it's just a super cool verse. WRITE IN THE MARGINS WHY...and maybe a date? If any of them are favorite scriptures, write their name next to it. You can even have bruce and all those boys write in it when they come over too. Kasja, erik, heidi. All of them. It would just be fun to get a big group marking session. I just think it would be more fruitful in reading and then I can read it (either when you finish) or when I get home. So will you do it? I promise it will be a lot more meaningful, and you'll remember a lot more than running out the door trying to fit in a few verses. I know i have learned so much more as I've done this, and I've recieved a lot more answers.
Well, I am WAY over on my time. But I will HOPEFULLY be calling you on monday, bright and early! ya ya!!!!
dear elder me while I"m here, but other than that start sending mail to tucson.
"so i'm leaving on a jet plane....."
love you all. be good. read the conference ensign. bear your testimony. have a conversation with God everynight.
kait....hna aguas.

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